Sometimes if I write a statement in a focus block that gives me some relief ill feel better,but in my mind if I try to gauge how I'm feeling i would probably say better but not great.

This has me spending a lot of time maybe longer than i would like,with positive aspects and other processes etc trying to get in the vortex or what I assume to be.

Is it possible to be in the vortex and not know it if it's your habitual state.? Also if i feel some relief from vibrational work would that be enough for that day instead of maybe spending more time than I would like trying to feel great.

Sometimes I feel I haven't done the process right if I'm not feeling great afterwards.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, you can certainly get so used to the habit of feeling good that you don't even realize you are feeling good...this is a "good" thing :)

Once you reach that state, you are actually going to find it quite difficult to know whether you are in the Vortex or not because it's only when give your attention to something that knocks you out of the Vortex that you'll really notice the difference.

I use two tests to check for this habitual Vortex state. You don't need to do them both.

  1. Write out a Rampage of Appreciation. If you can genuinely do this without any negative reaction, you are "there".
  2. Try meditating for 10-15 minutes. If you feel exactly the same before the session as you did after the session, you are "there".

You can feel "relief" from anywhere on the vibrational scale, even from the most joyous feeling you can possibly feel because there is no upper limit to that emotional scale.

But you won't feel a "rush" or a "high" unless you are going from firmly outside the Vortex to inside the Vortex. After that, you just feel a little better if you need some fine-tuning but nothing much more than that, which is what you appear to be describing.

There is more information about these ideas in these links:

As far as applying the daily processes are concerned, once I am able to sincerely write a Rampage of Appreciation, I stop all vibrational work.

At that moment, I'm feeling as good as I need to and can just get on with my life knowing I am "tuned-in". If that takes one minute to reach there, that's fine. If it takes 20 minutes to reach there, that's fine.

The Rampage of Appreciation is my target for any vibrational molding session - which is why it's featured so prominently in the Focus Blocks Spreadsheet.

I don't see any point going any further than this (Rampage of Appreciation point) with any daily process really. It means you are aligned with your Inner Being/Higher Self and you are focused specifically on something that feels good while in that aligned state...that's as good as physical life gets :)

Then just living your everyday life will naturally generate more "data" for the processes for you to play with in your next session. Your physical life is really a data-gathering exercise for excuses to feel good (i.e. for the vibrational processes), if you think about it.

That's why Abraham keep saying that the true enjoyment of life comes in the molding of the vibration ("doing the processes") because by the time the physical manifestation comes, you'll be relatively bored of it :)


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Thank you for answering my given me a lot to think about Stingray and now I have two tests I can use to check my vibration.much appreciation:)

(18 Jan '12, 12:37) Satori

@Satori - You're welcome. Glad it was useful for you

(18 Jan '12, 16:59) Stingray

@Stingray - I'm running into something interesting. It is so easy for me to write out an ROA after the rush of relief I feel after returning to the vortex from being firmly outside thereof. I can literally appreciate trivial things like paint on the walls.

However, if I write an ROA from my habitual good-feeling place, I have to spend time (~10 seconds per statement) to think of things that I appreciate, whereas in the former case, I can literally type line after line of appreciation non-stop.

(21 Nov '14, 01:41) WeRadiateBeauty

... ^ I'm wondering if this is something others experience as well?

(21 Nov '14, 01:42) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - Can't say I've ever noticed the effect but I've not been looking for it either. It could be the thrill of realignment phenomenon. Feeling good non-stop for long periods does actually get a bit boring after a while which is probably why so many of us stir up a bit of drama occasionally. It's like food tasting so much better when you are very hungry :)

(21 Nov '14, 09:15) Stingray
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This is a very interesting question!

I can't speak towards the specific practices regarding the vortex, however regarding building up an emotional tolerance I'd say it's absolutely possible and I've done it.

I personally have always been afraid of my temper (some of my family members have held up other family members by the throat out of rage before, etc.) since I was a child. I've been afraid I'll snap and do something like that and actually end up seriously injuring someone. As a consequence, I never allowed myself to get angry at anything.

I went through extreme lengths to make sure I didn't allow myself to feel those emotions, but eventually I slowly started realizing that my emotional dulling was applying to my positive emotions as well. I stopped feeling that burning before events that would normally get my heart racing with excitement. Even special events and surprises would only invoke a simple "Oh, hey, that's really awesome. Thank you very much." My appreciation would be genuine, and I'd be 'happy' about it, but nothing could invoke that "jumping for joy" sensation.

I finally came to the conclusion that our emotions are very similar to every other part of our body, and "if you don't use it, you will lose it." I believe they are just like muscles that must be exercised and given attention, otherwise they will atrophy.

This is why I never wish for a perfect life, nor for a life without conflict, nor do I get upset when I have a particularly bad days. Because without the bad days, how could I ever enjoy the good days?

These ideas are what made me so interested in the concepts behind the yinyang, balance between positive and negative forces (not good and evil, positive and negative, there is a very large difference), and exercising one's humanity. And I think that last bit is the most important part.. If we try to only feel one type of emotion then we are trying to suffocate a part of ourselves, a part that is what makes humans.. well.. human.

Ever since I realized that bottling or rejecting my emotions were both very bad ideas, I have had to slowly and carefully begin to 'restore my humanity' so to speak. Come back down from the clouds, truly "feel" what it means to be alive. It's funny how one can be walking and talking and not realize they aren't even experiencing their own life.


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Thank you for your answer happy you found a way to release resistance:)

(18 Jan '12, 12:51) Satori

Hello Satori, being in the vortex is just another way of saying "feeling great" ... if you've ever seen Gianni Versace the famous italian fashion designer, he was an excellent example, he always seemed to be in the vortex, playful, happy, confident, full of energy ... whether we realize we're in the vortex or not makes little difference, "being" in the "vortex" is what counts.

have a great day :)


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blubird two

Very true Blubird two, thank you for your answer:)

(18 Jan '12, 12:32) Satori
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