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Hello my friends im on sharing mode today so i decided to open this thread to actually give to the world one of the things that i consider the most important skill for any kind of persuit could they be spiritual , career , Wealth etc. Yes im talking about Concentration and Focus.I dont know what is your background in MindFullness but the basic principle is that every thought shape your reality so negative thoughts prevent you from sucess , can damage the world and other people..whats the fun of that?Wouldnt be awsome if we could actually start having choice on shaping our future?Are you the kind of people that cant stop thinking for a minute?Do you normally achieve your goals and stay focus on it?Do you want to change bad habits?

The mind does not like discipline and will resist your efforts to discipline it. It loves its freedom more than anything else, and will try to stand in your way to master it, in any way it can. It will cause you to forget to do the exercises, tempt you to postpone performing them or make you feel too lazy. It will find many tricks to stop and disturb you, but you can and must be stronger.

Im gona post 2 exercises each Week and see the results here in the thread and actually see the experiences you guys are having since everyone experience is different its gona be fun :)

Put your whole attention into the exercises, and do not think about anything else. Be careful not to fall asleep, daydream or think about other matters. The moment you find yourself thinking about something else, stop the exercise and start again. After you become proficient, lengthen the time, and if possible, include another session in the afternoon.

Do not attempt too much at the beginning, and don't try to perform them all at once. Go slowly, without overdoing them or tensing your brain.

If you find it too difficult, or thoughts distract you and make you think about other matters, don't despair. Everyone encounters difficulties along the way. If you persevere and never give up, in spite of difficulties and disturbances, success will crown your efforts. Remember, even those with powerful concentration had to exercise their minds.

It does not matter if your concentration is weak now, it can be developed and strengthened like any other ability, through training and investing the necessary time, energy and earnestness.

In time, you will find out that you can concentrate anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are. You will be able to focus your mind, think and function under the most trying circumstances, while remaining calm, relaxed and collected. The reward is worth the effort a thousand fold.

First Week exercises :

Exercise 1 Take a book and count the words in any one paragraph. Count them again to be sure that you have counted them correctly. Start with one paragraph and when it becomes easier, count the words in a whole page. Perform the counting mentally and only with your eyes, without pointing you finger at each word. ( this exercise will develope a strong gaze by itself so its an additional tool for developing a strong eye contact too :) )

Exercise 2 Count backwards in your mind, from one hundred to one

I will be in touch...


p.S:I dont find myself any kind of "Guru" or Spiritual teacher and neither do i follow a normal man with some experiences in this matter thats all...

asked 09 Oct '09, 17:51

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Thank you Yathnos; I will definitely try this. I've struggled with concentrating most of my life, I've started setting goals, reading more personal-development material, and I've recognized areas in my life that I need to change, but it has been frustrating because of lack of focus and concentration. Thanks

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answered 09 Oct '09, 22:22

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Insist on the exercises and you will see that besides Focus and concentration you will get internal bliss, peace , in the moment ,etc... its a path to enlightment in itself :)

(10 Oct '09, 20:24) Yathnos

I'm looking forward the next group of exercises.

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answered 20 Oct '09, 22:12

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Hi Yathnos, i'll try these exercises.

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answered 20 Oct '09, 23:09

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Thank You, Yathnos,for the loving thoughts and help, appreciate your input.Also from a different point of view at 'focus and concentration. Blessings. ((-;

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answered 21 Oct '09, 04:03

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Thank you... I'll try these exercises, I'm looking for something to improve my life. I'm trying to overcome my fear of driving and polish my English, since because of the fear of making mistakes while speaking English is holding my career.

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answered 22 Oct '09, 02:56

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I'm looking forward to learning more about concentration and focus. I do pretty good and I know exactly what distracts me {at work}. I would love to learn how to be more diciplined in this. thankyou.


answered 12 Nov '12, 08:55

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Thanks, Yathnos I am going to try this and I looking forward to your many other exercises. I need to concentrate and focus more anyway. Appreciate your help.This will be an help to many people I assume as an whole to help improving upon our selves.

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answered 09 Oct '09, 18:09

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