Why do we question our abilities?

When did we learn that we lack the ability to be great?

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This goes back to the fall of man from grace. This act was necessary to create this world. Once man put the question to himself of the origin of his power, that power was lost. We questioned ourselves ever since with the knowledge that something was missing. Our lack of self confidence is a reflection, but we have compounded it with our comparisons of our self with the world. Know that the creation of the Universe is within you. Your only limits are constructed of your own filters. You are a co-creator and the time has come full circle for all to remember, but not abuse our personal power.


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The Knights Alchemy

I choose to believe that confidence is a natural trait that we are all born with. However, due to our environment and conditioning as a child, we begin to believe otherwise.

Something as small as an inconsequential remark from an adult in our life can sow a seed of doubt. Once we begin to let that seed marinate, it turns from an idle remark to a predominant thought that we keep replaying. As we do so it gains more momentum to the point we consistently begin to attract thoughts of doubt which obviously manifest as lack of self confidence.

Often times too, something traumatic can happen in our childhood which causes us to not trust and besides not trusting others, this lack of trust shows up as an inability to trust ourselves.

This being said, we have to realize that it's not about playing the blame game, because those we allowed to affect us really were not aware of what they were doing. And the more we begin to open our mind and expand our own awareness, the more we realize that the beliefs we chose were what componded those doubtful thoughts. And by uncovering and changing those beliefs, we begin to discover the self confidence that is always there and is a natural part of our being.


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I believe that growing up knowing without a doubt how fully loved I am by other selves, has fostered my sense of self-confidence. As a matter of fact, self confidence is one of my fortee'. The way things usually occured is that I'd be full of self confidence than to my surprise I'd read the fear and doubt in another's eyes regarding me. This in turn would make me question myself. But only momentarily.

So being showered with Love for no other reason than for being, is the way to build self-confidence, even if it is you, who has to shower yourself with it.

Thank you, namaste


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The anti-civilization based on the bicameral mind not only accepts outside authority but encourages and teaches us to rely on it. When we rely on outside authority we cut our own authority and become less than what we hold above us. We need their approval, we need their knowledge, their lessons and their permission to do what we want. We see this by extension through government regulation, laws and rules. We see this by gurus we turn to for guidance, the psychiatrist, the doctors, lawyers, the judges and the commissioners, even when we join an organization with anyone that we put in a position over us we are letting our selves be taken over by outside authority. This can not only be people but, luck, a lucky charm, fate, fortune tellers, the stars, the cards, the dice, spirits, anyone or anything that we listen to over our own reasoning and mind we are belittling ourselves.

With all of this against us it is little wonder why many have low self confidence, most probably don't even realize they need no one's approval, permission or guidance. It does not have to be in their fate, they need no astrology, luck or fortune cards to tell them that they can have confidence in their selves. Although there are many Neo-cheaters that would disagree, some cult leader come to mind that would probably disagree, "Did I give you permission to believe in your self? I'm your leader, you believe in me only!" Next thing you know these "leaders" are having everyone kill them selves for some reason or another.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade the phase neocheating was new to me is this what you meant in this link? http://attitudeadjustment.tripod.com/Books/Neo-Tech.htm

(26 Feb '11, 18:18) ursixx

There are a lot of negative things out there against Neo-Tech, Nouveau Tech, The Society of Secrets as a real member that has studied the material extensively I can say those against have not. I will post a free access link that is real. http://www.markhamiltonneothink.com/ http://www.neothinkradio.com/ http://www.neo-techsociety.com/default2.aspx

(26 Feb '11, 23:01) Wade Casaldi

Neo-cheaters are people that set themselves up as an authority over you. They provide you with nothing of value you just have to have their permission their authority to do something. They make you believe you need them. They rob you as you let them of your own rule and in other words you give them your power to control you, your thoughts and decisions based on this outside authority.

(26 Feb '11, 23:07) Wade Casaldi
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It's called limiting beliefs and they are caused by traumatic events in our lives. Something happened or was said that is now a block to our goals. EFT works really well to eliminate emotional trauma that keeps us stuck.


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Matrix Reimprinting is even better for the past traumas.

(16 Mar '11, 13:25) Fairy Princess

The root of the problem of the lack of self confidence comes from nature and nurture. The child that grows in a well balance family receiving love, and proper care during its early childhood years stands a better change of developing a higher self esteem, and self confidence!


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everything has it's opposite polarity and with regards to self-esteem/ self-confidence the polar ends could be excessive pride and constant self-doubt.
there are societal/cultural norms fostering both, however,
it is when we surrender our free will to choose and accept pre-digested standards that
we seem to become 'lost in the wind'


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I think it is based on relativity to others.....


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I agree please elaborate.

(01 Mar '11, 02:13) you

that's all I got!

(02 Mar '11, 21:12) Back2Basics
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