This is weird but true.

I noticed that when co-workers (3 separate people) come up to talk to me about anything, they do this thing where they stretch their arms and I sense a bit of awkwardness. Now based on the 3 separate people on many many occasions the same things occurring, I am guessing it is my vibe making them do that.

So what do I do? Why stretching, what is that all about?

Why am I the leading influence in interactions if I see my self as low on self-confidence, etc ??


I mean stretching in a yawning I'm tired way like out to the side and over the head. But I am 95% sure they are not tired seeing them a few minutes later in other interactions.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I was trying to meditate on this question when it occurred to me I don't know what you are talking about. I don't mean that in a sarcastic way I mean that in an asking for more clarification way. Do you mean stretching in a yawning I'm tired way like out to the side and over the head or do you mean like grabbing one or the other arm and stretching like my arm hurts, my shoulder hurts or my elbow hurts stretch?

There is a huge difference between those stretches, as one could be an energy drain or even sorry about this one, but it is possible 'boredom.' The other could be a more serious draining where as the secondary chakras are losing energy from this drain, have you noticed anything with knees yet, it is harder to spot since we stand on the legs but there would be a shifting or moving of the legs like something is bothering causing pain.

I have just decided to turn this around and look at both from a purely energy point of view after all even boredom is low energy. So now the question becomes how do you feel, are you usually feeling low on energy, depressed, sickly, unhappy, angry, like no one is there or cares etc...

If this is the case I want you to think now how do these people seem to be before you talk to them, are they happy, seem positive, feel good etc...

Here is the thing vampires exist but the life blood they take is the blood of the universe the life force energy. This is not a conscious thing and it happens all the time from anyone depressed or in a negative mood or in pain in some way, mentally, emotionally or physically.

When I was dying in the hospital and I finely decided to stay instead of go I was extremely low on energy, two nurses walked in at that time and my energy shot back up to normal. Both of them looked at the other and said I don't know why but I feel tired all of a sudden; the other said you too?

This was not a conscious thing on my part, it just happened and saved my life at that moment. It took two people to bring me back because one would have been deadly to, but two can function at a loss. Again I have no idea how this happened other than to say energy goes to where there is a vacuum like when someone is being treated, the energy is not pushed on the person it is pulled by where the need is from.

A good example of this is if I am feeling all high and happy there's going to be a great day happiness, and I meet and talk with someone all low and depressed life sucks depression, we talk a while, the depressed guy feels better but I feel worse.

Energy balances constantly, when Jesus had his hem touched his energy went to that woman and healed her instantly. Now this was when Jesus was being whipped while carrying the cross to Calvary, we can only speculate what that energy was doing for him when he had it.

Here is a science experiment to show how energy balances, get two jugs full of water, and a hose and two air tight caps that the hose can go between. Take one jug and empty the water out on the floor, now connect the two jugs by the hose and air tight seal caps, let these sit a few days with out watching them. When you return maybe close to a week you will find the water is now even in both jugs they both have half the water in them.

That is how energy works too, it constantly seeks an equilibrium unless shielded of course. That is why in the bible it talks of the armor of God and the shield of faith, it is to be able to keep your energy to fight the negative and not be drained.


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Wade Casaldi

Very interesting. I don't want to be an energy drain on people. I rather it be boredom. I have had a lot of hard things on my plate in the past few years, that I deal with, I guess it is coming to the point where it's effects are very apparent.

(20 Jan '11, 21:13) Back2Basics

also...see the edit. thank you for taking the time to explain this to me. (I hope you aren't stretching now! haha)

(20 Jan '11, 21:14) Back2Basics

I liked your comment, Wade; very insightful.

(22 Jan '11, 01:23) LeeAnn 1

LeeAnn that was my Reiki Master comment coming through there. ;-)

(22 Jan '11, 02:06) Wade Casaldi
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