I realize this question is similar to one that has been asked previously by Stingray. I apologize for repeating it if it is, but I am looking for specific guidance...for my situation.

I attracted this website and knoweledge about the LOA into my life over a year ago. At this point, I believe that I am a vibrational being, and practise raising my vibration because I want to lead a happy life. I am not using any of these processes for physical manifestations per se, but because I want to be happy and feel joyous more often than not.

Sometimes, however I notice that I need to push myself to raise my vibration, especially when I am feeling less resistance. I have many desires and I trust they will come about but sometimes I become too passive and then become a little confused.

Is it possible that staying happy or joyous isnt enough of a motivation for me to raise my vibration? Does any one else have any experience with this?


asked 28 Feb '11, 21:19

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I used to experience the same thing. I would not feel inclined at all to mould my vibrations until things would really start to fall apart in my life and then I had no choice. However, back then I used to focus more on moulding my vibration about things that were not working in my life.

However, lately, I have changed the way I work on my vibration. I focus more on things that are going well in my life and that I am greateful for, and less on moulding my vibration on things that are going wrong. I have started to notice that I feel less resistance to starting the process and even inspired to do so sometimes.

And no need to say that I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my dominant vibration and an even more tremendous improvement in the reality I am attracting these days.


answered 01 Mar '11, 13:15

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Pink Diamond

Thank you, I will use that approach and see how it works out for me. :)

(01 Mar '11, 19:27) Nikki777

The magic word here is trust, meaning you have to trust and believe in what you desire; also you have to believe that you have already receive it, and it will show up in the proper time. It is therefore wise to avoid any negative thinking and vibration that can block you from manifesting your desire!


answered 28 Feb '11, 23:01

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank You Vee :)

(09 Mar '11, 02:41) Nikki777
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