Even the less sensitive people in the word will sing or dance to the sound of a certain song. Jerry Hicks says in The Law of Attraction that Esther Hicks was less resistant to information on supernatural things when she had been listening to the music she liked.

An amazing thing that I find is, that the same song that makes a person happy can make another person sad, even without these songs being attached to past memories.

Quote Stingray:

If you have a portable music player and you like listening to songs, try arranging your favorite songs into two distinct playlists. The first playlist is for music/songs that always take you from a bad/sad mood into a better mood. The second playlist is for songs you listen to when you are already feeling great and continue to make you feel great as you listen to them. At any time you are feeling out of alignment, listen to a random selection from the first playlist until eventually you sense some relief from your mood and you are feeling reasonably good again. Then listen to a random selection from the second playlist to keep you in that good feeling place. I've been doing this for years and it works extremely well for coming into alignment quickly...but you have to be quite picky about the songs you allow into each playlist.

Music doesn't leave anyone indifferent. It is even used to heal!!! People got out of almost vegetative states because their relatives played the music they liked besides the sickbed!

What are your thoughts on this subject? Why do you think all this happens with music?

And if you feel like sharing what song gets you into a good mood, go ahead! :)


asked 16 Nov '10, 12:33

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I agree with daniele.

Also check out some of the answers to these questions - http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1731/what-is-musics-role-in-spiritual-and-earthly-experiencev

(16 Nov '10, 14:57) Michaela

It is said music bypasses the intellect and goes straight to the emotions. sorry, no reference.

(16 Nov '10, 20:36) Back2Basics

Thank you, Michaela! Also B2B.

(18 Nov '10, 11:57) BridgetJones09

Excellent question/post.

(03 Jul '11, 19:33) Asklepios
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Great question! It is all about vibration. It can penetate us and transport us to whatever level we let it. I personally can't imagine life without music, singing and dancing. I don't have a favorite song, it all depends on the mood I am in........

Thank you, namaste


answered 16 Nov '10, 13:34

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Thank you! :)

(16 Nov '10, 13:39) BridgetJones09

I agree, Daniele! The vibrations and force can really be beneficial.

(16 Nov '10, 19:22) LeeAnn 1

A teacher of the secret, Bob Doyle, explains that music is an example of energy vibration. People relate to music dependable upon their emotional states. For example, if you are in a sad mood, listening to depressing music (eg: slow piano) simply enlargens your emotion and you 'vibrate' on the same frequency as the music.

Mr Doyle, I think is stating, that music is actually not just sounds of notes crafted together. Music is literally energy, as a sound is, as everything and anything is.


answered 03 Jul '11, 13:36

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Since everything is energy, and energy is vibrations, then music is vibration and our bodies are vibrations. We are all at our own vibration. When we hear or sense vibrations that match ours, we get harmonic resonance. That takes us to another vibration, a higher vibration. Then there is sympathetic resonance that changes our vibration to match the vibration of the music. Some music is a lower vibration than ours and brings us down. But for some, that same vibration is higher than theirs, so it brings them up to that vibration. So it depends on our starting vibration as to what will bring us up or down. We also have to be receptive to it. If our vibration is stronger, it won't change much if any. These are the people that can take a whole room down by entering or bring a whole room up. This is how we can protect ourselves from negative vibrations, having a stronger vibration than what is acting upon us. Since everything is vibration, everything is moving and acting upon everything else. We have to pick what vibrations we allow to act on us, and what vibrations we are putting out into the total sum of vibrations.


answered 03 Jul '11, 15:50

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Fairy Princess

Humans feel pleasure when they perceive perfection, moreover, perception of a certain order implies a feeling of perfection. This is true of music and also applies to all natural phenomena...a setting sun, a flower, a leaf...

This explains why for the same piece of music some people like it and others don't, and why for some people it makes them happy and for others sad. It's because people perceive order in various degrees whilst others perceive only disorder, the higher the degree of order perceived the greater the pleasure. Ultimately disorder does not exist, we only perceive it as being disorder...those with a very high degree of perception of order, perceive order in everything. It all boils down to being in harmony with the natural forces.


answered 26 Aug '11, 11:03

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blubird two

Nice explanation, thank you! Do you think disorder, so to speak, it's just a different kind of order, maybe more 'subtle' or difficult to perceive for some ppl? x

(26 Aug '11, 13:06) BridgetJones09

@Bridget-yes absolutely...Eckhart Tolle seems to have reached a very advanced degree of perception at the age of 29 when he experienced an "inner transformation" that put him "in a state of deep bliss".

(27 Aug '11, 07:52) blubird two

Absolutely yes, music is therapy for the body, mind, and soul. It is a very essential part of our life style, customs, cultural entertainment, and learning tool in our society!


answered 03 Jul '11, 23:55

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Inactive User ♦♦

i think that music feeds the ego because of the beat vibes. sometimes the lyrics is empty and we dont even seek the lyrics in the songs but we are attracted to that vibe and thats why i think music feeds mainly the ego. but i think its like a temporary uplift,like esctacy pills, moment pleasure and afterwards we feel repressed/down. thats why, i dont like to listen to music in excessive levels, from time to time, is healthy. i think there are more profound ways that could uplift our spirits genuinely and whole-heartedly, and that is in seeking God and dedicating our lives in doing good deeds, helping out, pondering and reflecting in the Signs and creation.


answered 05 Jan '13, 14:52

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