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I was just going through Stingray's focus blocks which he has explained in manifesting experiment-2 .So.. I thought..To ask this. In my life I have seen many-many .,such law of attraction manifestations where actually "action is insignificant to vibration".., I just wished and it happened. My part in all the process was just to know clearly what I want and to ask it .That's it.., Have any of you here have such things happen to you. Just want to know.., it will increase our faith and confidence in LOA more.. , thank you..

love,light n blessings..

supergirl... :)))

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I believe action is merely an interpretation of energy/vibration. We interpret energy in this "physical realm" in many different ways- we see it as people and objects. We taste it in many different flavors. We smell it, we hear it, and we feel it physically. We move through it and enjoy it through action- sitting, standing, eating, running, driving, thinking, working, playing, etc... The energy is in constant motion and we interpret that as time.

When, for example, you want to get up and get a glass of water. Your vibration shifts into this new reality with the water- the process of getting up, walking to the kitchen, and filling up the glass is how your interpretating the shift.

Whenever you shift, you're always going to interpret it into something believable to you. For most of us, action is the path of least resistance.

I feel for many this question stems from a thought like, "Do I have to work hard to live an enjoyable life?"

I feel the answer is no. I feel I've had too many instances where I was in the right place and the right time or knew the right people. Too many moments are too precise and too random for me to believe in "luck" or "accidents".

The moment you decide you want something, the very moment you feel "I want that!", your energy begins to shift towards it. As long as you allow yourself to "flow downstream", you will be carried straight to it. It's "effortless" action from that point.

The only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves. Action doesn't cause vibration; vibration causes action. :)


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@LapisLazuli- amazing answer..i totally agree with you..,thank you.. :)))

(28 Nov '12, 02:05) supergirl

If the car is going 140 mph and you wish for it to be going 140 mph, there's isn't any action required. And by wishing for it you merely bring your attention to it, only to realize it was already there.

But if you wish for car to be going 210mph, then you have to step harder on the gas pedal.

If you break anything down, you find that everything is ultimately energy. And energy expresses itself in form of vibration. To get higher vibration compared to the current state, the energy has to move faster. And to make it move faster is in other words to take action.

There's no such thing as "action is insignificant to vibration". It's like saying "steering a wheel is insignificant to car turning". Or "pressing remote control button is insignificant to tv channel switching".


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thank u fr ur answer..

(27 Nov '12, 08:09) supergirl
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