Consider: And that the universe was not created by God, because God does not exist?

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a theory is relative to the consciousness that professes the said postulates.
for order to be created from disorder or a random bang does not sit well with me.
the concept of a 'god' again is, to me, close to meaningless with all the variations of it out there.
life continues to evolve in spite of our theories and relative beliefs,
hopefully we as conscious being who recognize our consciousness will begin to see all of our connectedness


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I like your honesty! Thank you.

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Yes,but the scientific belief in big bang is slowly changing amongst the movers and shakers of the cosmic world.

I recently saw a programme where quite a few scientists didnt believe in big bang anymore.

Its not just the religious community who hold varying beliefs.

I think the existence of God will always be a hotly debated subject.The scientific communoty ,even with the slightly out moded belief in big bang couldnt answer one important question.

If the universe started with a massive cloud of gas,which was then somehow ignited....then where the hell did the gas come from...and how was the fuse lit?

With cause and effect there has to be a cause right?

I think in common with many religious people scientists dont like anything they cant explain.So rather than fess up and say " hey, we just dont know at the moment" they will hang their hats on a theory,which however crazy has to be better than saying "we dont know".

But i will say that the science community have served this planet right in line with the creators will. Its Gods spirit which drives them on to learn and to explore and to expand.

This has served humanity well,its increased our standard of living and in many ways enriched our lives.

Well done science, and well done Source for inventing the framework for science to exist.



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Your answer is very informative, and you have touched on some very important points. Thank you.

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Yes. Just ask the children. Most people under 18 (in public schools) have been taught, and therefore believe, that the big bang theory is fact.

My favorite twist on this topic comes from Terrence McKenna. He said that it makes much more sense to place the occurance of the Big Bang at the end of history, when all things become One.

Most likely, it keeps occuring. Kinda like breathing.



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I understand where you are coming from! Thank you.

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