Well this isn't exactly an LOA question, but I think it's not off since it can still be classified under metaphysical stuff.

I am sure most of you have heard of this phrase before, it's a motivational phrase used to make people stay strong to their goals in certain industries - especially MLM, insurance, real estate and sales related jobs or careers.

This also applies to a lot of other hobbies - playing a guitar for instance, learning golf, etc in which most of the cases are true.

But sometimes you may see people suffering because of this sentence, yet they choose to stick through and endure all these suffering just because someone told them that the only way you will ever fail is you quit. These cases are especially true for agents in MLM industries - they may not be seeing fantastic results at all after a year or so, yet they still continue to perservere and choose not to give up because of this phrase.

So is it true that you will never fail at anything as long as you don't quit? Or as long as you perservere through, you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I'm not really quite sure on how to give examples on what I meant by this question , that was the best I could think of. It's just that this sentence or phrase seems to jump at me and seems questionable whenever I see or hear it.

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Everyone's already succeeded in creating or manifesting a life experience for themselves. Within this existential reality, what failure can there possibly be? Even to die is simply to wake up and realize it was merely a dream or a self-created experiential illusion. Failure has never been an option 8-)

(11 Oct '10, 12:42) Eddie

It depends on what you mean by the word "fail."

I was involved in two multi-level companies. In the first, I found out after being involved in the business for two years that the real money was not in the product line, but in the training materials, so I quit, feeling that the participants had materially misrepresented the business.

But in that two years, I learned a whole lot about people, and how to work well with them, a skill I did not have before. I think it's fair to say that this skill makes me more effective in every way.

Did I fail, or did I succeed?

The next business was a financial services business. I was also involved in that one for about two years, and actually made some income from it. But after hearing one too many heads of household tell me that they'd rather spend $40 per month on a big-screen TV instead of investing in their family, I quit that business also.

In that two years, I learned more about personal finances, insurance, investments and how to manage money that I had learned the whole rest of my life. Today, I am probably qualified to help anyone (including myself) fix their financial situation, protect their family, or create a retirement.

Did I fail, or did I succeed?

A few years ago, I told a young coworker (he was about 25 years old) this:

I am going to give you the best piece of financial advice you will ever get from anyone your whole life, and you won't do it, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

Find 100 dollars per month, and put it in a tax exempt account, in a vehicle like an index fund that makes 11 or 12 percent per year. No matter what else happens in your life, do this without fail every month for the next 40 years.

If he follows that advice, he will have a million dollars in a retirement account when he reaches 65 years of age. How valuable is this kind of information? Did I waste my time in the financial services business?

Multi-level companies tell you "you can't fail if you don't quit," because they want to keep you in the game. But after you've been gone from their business for awhile, you come to the realization that there are honorable ways to quit after all. You always have the freedom to decide to change your path.

Incidentally, I believe that, in order to be very successful at Multi-level, you have to be in the Vortex, or tapped into the Source, or at one with God (whatever you want to call it) most of the time, especially when you are working with your downline people. The business model for multi-level is so fragile that it requires being connected to the Divine to hold your organization together.


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Do we succeed at everything we do in life? “NO” Now, if you plan to staying on the job because you cannot find another job and you need this job for money to live on, naturally you cannot quit until you find another job that you like!

It is a known fact, that most people will do what they do not like doing on one condition, that they will be receiving some sort of incentive at the end that will benefit them. Also, based upon circumstances some people may feel inclined to stay in a situation, because, maybe there are at a dead end. Did you ever hear the saying: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, or half a loaf is better than none?

In some cultures people actually apply these saying to their every day life, and will boast about their decision to follow through on them. And they will tell you it was a wise decision, because it paid off in the end, and that they have benefit from the learning experience. So depending on the circumstances that you find yourself into, know that you do have a choice, and if you do decide to stay with something you really do not like doing, always remember there are other options.

The choice to succeed, or to fail depends entirely on your decision, and perception. Because there are no guarantees in life, and what may work for one person may not work the other person, so the question you are asking is not necessarily true!


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Inactive User ♦♦

I think the longer you stick at something,the greater the odds become ,ongoing, of getting what you want. How many times in the bible do the words faith AND patience appear together.



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Monty Riviera

I would like to emphasise on a point here which I think 'Lost and Found' has hinted at above. I used to give a lot of importance to 'Getting the thing' or 'Achieving the goal'.

But then over the years, I realised that I have learnt a lot from my failures and mistakes sometimes even more than I have learnt from achieving/getting what I wanted in life.

So, my interpretation of the phrase 'We will never fail as long as we don't quit' is that we are learning and growing so much from the experiences on the way to trying to achieve certain goals that they cannot really be called failures even if we don't achieve those goals.


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Pink Diamond

You will fail. And those failures will only lead to greater successes.

Much Love.


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jim 10

In life we have to choose our battles and we are not going to win them all. Sometimes you have to know when to let go and let the Universe bring whatever. If you have been planting good seeds, the rewards must come. It is not necessary to try to force things to happen or to stronghold the universe. Actually it seldom works.

The most important thing for each of us is how we are feeling. If it makes you feel good then continue doing what you are doing but when the joy starts to wear off then you have to check yourself and make a bit of adjustment.


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well losing can be winning and winning can be losing. so that you fail or not is not the point what you learn by winning or losing is what make you succed. in that sense it is true. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Once you quit, you have failed. As long as you are still working toward a goal, you have not failed. You might have failed at attempts, but that doesn't mean that you cannot succeed. It is like looking for something, like your keys. It is always the last place you look. Why? Because once you have found the keys, you stop looking. Make sure that your goal is really what you want. If you decide that your goal has changed and you give up, that is not failure. Sometimes, we realize that what we have been striving for, isn't what is best for us. When we realize this, we must act responsibly and change our goals. If we get stuck in the mindset that changing course is failure, then we don't allow ourselves to make corrections and fix our course on better goals. Some parents confuse their kids by not letting them quit things they start in pursuit of something they like better. Kids should be allowed to explore things and not feel like quitting is failure. It sets them up for frustration and confusion as adults who are afraid to change.


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Fairy Princess

Yes this is what I was saying too, I agree with you Fairy Princess. :-)

(09 Aug '11, 00:39) Wade Casaldi

Sorry, Wade, I don't usually read other answers untill after I write my own. Sometimes I do though, but not usually. I am glad we agree any way. :)

(09 Aug '11, 02:49) Fairy Princess

And sometimes I don't read other answers for a while after I write mine. I have not read all the answers in this question yet.

(09 Aug '11, 02:51) Fairy Princess
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No this isn't right imagine someone stubborn that keeps running into a wall all his life until the day that he dies. Was that a success because he kept on trying the same thing over and over? The definition on insanity is continuing to do something the same way and each time expecting a totally different outcome.

It is ignoring what God is showing him, maybe it is better to go over under or even around to the archway than continuing to never give up.


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Wade Casaldi

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