It feels like someones talking to me and i'm talking to myself. I have the ability to change anything I want and see others perspectives. This only lasts moments though. Any ideas why/how? How I could come to it without myself having to be dizzy?

asked 02 Mar '11, 03:41

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Oh yeah! Just breathe and savour and listen. If u want more try hatha or kundalini yoga. Enjoy the rush ._.


answered 02 Mar '11, 04:45

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You shouldn't do that so much, all the blood rushes to your brain and you could get a stroke! Or it is the other way around? It's one of those old wives tales, I don't know if it is true it could happen, but is it worth all that risking?


answered 03 Mar '11, 04:46

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Wade Casaldi

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