I know that the question, Does Luck Exist, has already been asked. I believe luck does exist to an extent, but what is it? Is it a pinpoint of manifestation? Is it God in action? Or is luck just merely a happenstance?

Blessings, and "Good Luck"! (LOL!) Jaianniah

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Was told once :"that there is no such thing as luck ,just wisdom and timing."
So I am still learning and and try my best to be on time.


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Good one ursixx!...

(04 Mar '11, 16:13) daniele

i believe we live in a matertial world, unless someone recently has professed a new hypothesis,
therefore the rules of nature apply and luck is not one of them.
dreams, visions, beliefs though do become and have been part of our complex human mind.
when we believe quick answers are in order, cause and effect are sometimes overlooked and
especially, when it comes to past actions possibly in a past manifested human form the balancing for what was placed into action is forgotten.
but, if you want to believe in luck, so be it


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Napoleon once said "Circumstances? I Make Circumstances!"

If we lived such a belief, being a victim of anything would be impossible. So many place their belief and faith in that they are weak, powerless, only human, everything around them is more powerful than they are. Unfortunately all those things are negative from sickness, viruses, failure, all happenstance of matter that seem to be bad luck.

People place belief in that they need something for luck, a lucky rabbit's foot, a lucky penny, a lucky amulet, a cross worn around the neck, a lucky horse shoe, etc... All of this is belief that we are weak and need some outside authority of luck to counter the outside authority of all the bad things trying to cause us to be unhappy.

All of that is avoiding responsibility and lets us say I didn't chose this, I am not responsible for this, why me, what did I do to deserve this? It is the key belief that we are powerless in a cruel and harsh world, of hate, sickness, meanness, uncaring, jealously, envy, bad luck, curses, evil people, devils and demons wanting to keep attacking us, bad things happen in life, everyone is against me, I could go on and on with negative trash beliefs.

With all of those beliefs it would be indeed a hell on earth for the one whom chooses to believe that garbage. All that we need believe is the Christ within us and all those other beliefs turn to ash. It is the Christ within belief that brings with it beliefs that only good can come and be experienced in life, that we may walk calmly through the worst darkest pit of fear and death and not worry or fear because we carry the Christ.


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Wade Casaldi

Very well put Wade! thank you, namaste

(04 Mar '11, 16:13) daniele
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