Consider: And does all other Universal Laws influences the Law of Attraction at the same time, and is it a closed system?

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the LOA is the most powerful law in d universe...scientists have observed dat d outcome of many of their experiments are affected by wat they think while performing the experiment n wat dey expect d outcum wud b....for example-->

"Scientists have discovered that when firing very small particles called electrons through two slits, if observation was made of the electrons while going through the slits, then they acted as particles. Each electron picked one slit, went through it, and hit the screen on the back. However, if the electrons were NOT observed while going through the slits, they created a large interference pattern on the screen behind, which is the pattern caused by a wave. Additionally, the pattern displayed interference from the slits, which further proves that the electrons passed through the slits as a wave..but werent they observed as PARTICLES when passing through the slits???When scientists made attempts to watch an electron and decide where it would go, they found that wherever the observer anticipated it would show up is where it would show up. The implications of this are equally huge – our expectations, thoughts and beliefs literally form the world around us on a subatomic scale!"

so this means dat the law of attraction can defy any damn law ...even d law of gravity..[ ok nw dat reminds me of Michael Jackson's GRAVITY DEFYING LEAN... :P ]


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WOW! I am not into science but now I have something to share with those that are! thank you Snehal, namaste

(14 Mar '11, 17:15) daniele

hehe...thnx daniele...n namaste 2 u too.. :)

(14 Mar '11, 18:18) Snehal

@Snehal: Very insightful, and informative! Thank you.

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The Law of Attraction resides within the framework of Universal Law. The Universe gives back what it receives; many call this The Law of Attraction. If you journey through life with negative energy you will notice that you will get a negative response from your environment (bad luck) and if you maintain a positive attitude you will attract people with a positive energy. Living a life of purpose and using your energy in a positive way to fulfill that purpose puts the law of attraction to work for you. Yes, law of attraction influences the way the Universe responds to you.

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I agree, and it important to send out positive energy to receive back positive! Thank you.

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I believe the law of supply supersedes the law of attraction. Without the law of supply the law of attraction would only work as long as there is something to attract. Furthermore the law of creation could not work at all without the law of supply.

There is an infinite abundance to supply any want or need, source or God is that suppler, he will not deny that need as long as you keep the faith. Now keeping the faith is not constantly working on something because you have faith, that is not faith. Faith is an assured relaxed knowing that everything is going to be cool, don't worry be happy.

The cool thing is when a want is expressed in the right way it creates a vacuum, this vacuum draws to it the thing that is needed or wanted even if it doesn't exist in that state yet! It will be made and drawn to you, or the parts drawn to you if you can build it.

I just experienced this again myself, I was a few months ago thinking of getting a fold up bicycle so I could use it when I had to work at the fair. The prices were all too high for me, I had no particular fold up bike in mind, I just wanted one. So I had been tossing around the thought of getting one a while without really "working the law of attraction" like was taught in the old books (secret of the ages, game of life, 16 laws of success ect..) and the movie "The Secret" I was more thinking I'll get one of those sometime. Well I was out on the weekend at a flee-market and there it was my fold up bike for $50.


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Great analogy and I can certainly relate to the story of your bicycle! Thank you.

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