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Talking with people today, there seems to be something going on today where people (most I do not know) are experiencing a higher state today. Did you?

I for sure felt something since the moment I awoke.

So I ended the day meeting a couple of great people that I am now friends with, one who is quite spiritual that I was able to really relate with.

Like I said in Stingrays answer, I tend to forget that the chemical factory in our heads often have a lot to do with our feel good state even without it being provoked by our feel good thoughts.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You're probably just having an exceptionally good day today. When people feel good, their world mirrors that goodness.

(06 Mar '11, 01:45) Vesuvius

There's a natural higher vibration available every day to everyone.

It's not a question of whether it is there or not (it always is), it's a question of what you (or anyone else) who chooses to experience it is doing differently to align with it.

Plus, if you are genuinely feeling good, the Law of Attraction is going to start bringing you into contact with other people that match your improved feeling.

You'll find whatever evidence you are looking for :)

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We can not forget that our neurotransmitters play a very large part of our 'vibrations'. Maybe I was just producing various higher amounts of dopamine and serotonin.

(06 Mar '11, 19:25) you

Yes Michael, I too have been experiencing some sort of high energy shift in the past 48 hours. I had to go for a walk on the beach today to ground myself .

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answered 06 Mar '11, 02:03

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Susan 1

With the Tibetan new year (I have Buddhist ties) and the discovery of alien life yesterday, maybe I felt more connected. Thanks Susan.

(06 Mar '11, 19:27) you

I've been riding on high energy since the end of February. I feel like spring is in the air! and just like Susan, I've been grounding myself (too bad don't have a beach around here.) Life is Good!

thank you, namaste

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nice daniele...enjoy..

(07 Mar '11, 08:39) Zee

Thank you zulu :)

(07 Mar '11, 14:12) daniele

Friday was a good day for me and a lot of people around me!

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answered 07 Mar '11, 19:02

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