People are always saying that you should vibrate with joy and energy to get good things drawn to you. It's hard to be happy and energetic and have vitality when you suffer from a chronic illness. Now, I know there will be some people who will say that you've attracted all that to you etc, but I'm not asking about that...... Even if you were able to with time overcome your illness through positive thinking, it could be a vicious cycle when you can't raise your energy enough to even do that.

Just wondering if the fact that you have a chronic illness can affect your manifestation ability due to the inability to vibrate at a high level and what you can do about it.

How can you be happy when in pain?

I feel I have it much harder than most people to remain in a happy state due to my lack of energy and joint problems. I miss out on doing alot of things that could raise my vibration. Any advice? Anyone able to overcome their disease or illness to manifest more in their life.

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Inner Beauty


it's crystal clear my friend ... solve the emotional conflict solitude/fear, and your joints will sing in harmony

(15 Dec '13, 03:53) jaz

inner beauty, he would think that this is an internal situation to be brought under control by the mind instead of external fancies

(15 Dec '13, 05:24) fred
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I hope this helps.

Any physical ailment is symbolic of an inner statement.

Once you understand the symbolic nature of physical reality, then you will no longer feel entrapped by it. You have form the symbols and you can change them. You must learn, of course, what the various symbols mean in your life, and how to translate their meaning.

To do so, you must first of all remind yourself frequently that the physical condition is symbolic - not a permanent condition. Then you must look within yourself for the inner actuality represented by the symbol. This same process can be followed regardless of the nature of the problem, or your challenge.

Your intimate physical environment is, therefore, a symbolic statement of an inner situation. The inner situation is a fluid one, for you are always in a state of becoming. Left alone, you will automatically translate the freely moving, spontaneous inner events into physical reality, therefore altering your environment and changing the symbols.

If however you imagine that the environment or physical condition is the reality, then you feel trapped by it, and spend your efforts fighting a paper dragon. The environment is always altered from the inside.

Source: Seth Speaks (A Seth Book)


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Ive always been a little sceptical of Seth... but whats written above seems to make perfect sense. Very nicely written,very powerful.

(15 Dec '13, 05:30) Monty Riviera

Yah, seth is pretty cool old teacher.. Abraham once mentioned that they are part of their collective consciousness..

(15 Dec '13, 14:05) themaster

Whats old?

(15 Dec '13, 17:21) Roy
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I wonder about the chronic part. The actual labeling, accepting and owning of the word chronic. In conversations when the subject is about your experience with the pain. Do you call it chronic? Do you believe that you can be pain free? Or have you accepted to live with the pain?
As far as you're last sentence in the question about overcoming . I am sure that there are examples of people who have done it. The only one that comes to mind is from I believe was in the film The Secret. A lady was diagnosed with some illness and decided to treat it with laughter. So she only watched old comedy films. She got better. If you do a search for people that have overcome pain . I am sure you will find people in similar situations where they have succeeded in overcoming pain.
I write this answer with humility because I do not know your pain. I write this answer with good vibrations and best wishes along your journey.



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I love that she healed herself through watching comedies! I actually started to try to watch a bit of comedy a few months ago... before that I was really not watching anything on TV or having any entertainment.... but should do more.... great contribution. thank you.

(15 Dec '13, 06:09) Inner Beauty

yep, I agree good point.. drop the label "chronic" how we define ourselves or label our reality is how we create.. definitely important to watch when we are creating unconsciously through poor choice of words/labels :P

(15 Dec '13, 14:09) themaster

yes, thanks @themaster and that point too.....

(15 Dec '13, 17:40) Inner Beauty
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Hi, @Inner Beauty,

This is a hugely important question, and I am going to take my time answering you, because I truly want to help you, and also want to get a little bit into the science of disease, because it does play into how you handle your disease or condition. Despite my reputation being in total shreds here on Inward Quest, I am stubborn enough to try and help you here, and myself, too. I have chronic pain, and also have three chronic diseases which have been linked to genetics, but not wholly. I want to discuss the science first, and then I will address the spiritual side of diseases, and their side effects (like chronic pain).

First, the science:

Three physical factors play into any disease:

a. The personal behavior of an individual- his or her habits, diet, level of exercise, access to medicine, such variants as these, which are very controllable for some, moderately controllable for others, and completely uncontrollable for yet the remaining; and

b. The environment of the individual- geographic location, cultural beliefs and patterns which may affect diet and activity, also economic level, which again affects how illness and disease are treated, if at all; and

c. The genetics of the individual- This third factor plays a significant role in disease and its cures. Monogenetic disease such as Huntington Disease, Down's Syndrome, PKU Disease- are diseases caused by the inheritance of one specific genetic defect from both parents which cannot be cured or changed by any of the above-mentioned variables. If you were to have inherited a disease such as these, present medicine and spiritual intervention will not change or cure these diseases. The spirit can affect how the person handles these diseases, but cannot cure them.

ALS represents a middle category- there is a gene for ALS, but some people get the disease, and remit, or get the disease without the gene. You can read about ALS and its genetics in detail here. This is where spirit plays a key role in the progress of genetic diseases like ALS. Stephen Hawking has shown that spirit and desire can keep a person going long past the normal age where others would have passed on from the disease.

Multifactoral diseases are those diseases which are known to have some basis in genetics, but have many more irregular genes responsible for their etiology. In these cases, such as Type II diabetes and heart disease, it is very difficult to determine based on genetics alone whether a person will come down with the disease, and these diseases often rely on the first two factors- the personal behavior and environment of the person, to a greater or lesser degree. Scientists are working hard to track down what they can genetically about these diseases, for they are costly to society and also very dependent on these outside factors as to their outcomes. For more about this dilemma, read this paper about genome-based prediction of these diseases.

Here is where we get into the spiritual realm. You asked originally how to "raise your vibration" when you suffer from a chronic illness.

Here, I speak from personal experience.

To raise your vibrational levels is not impossible when you have an illness or debilitating condition. It can be challenging, but it is not impossible. I have told many a story here on IQ of my personal battles with my personal dragons, and I admit freely that I have perhaps seemed to not always to be successful. But I think that the first subject I wish to address is the ebb and flow of your own body- some days, I fail miserably at managing my troubles. I have told of these failures, and asked for help with them, here in IQ. What most people do not know is that I do have remarkably great days, days in which I overcome the pain, manage the diabetes, and stave off my problems with my [inherited] funky immune system (PIDD- You can Google that. I do not wish to digress.)

Here, then, is what I have learned:

  1. Educate yourself all you can about what ails you. If there is a support group for your problems, go to it. Read about people who incorporate their illnesses into their lives, instead of letting the problems run their lives.
  2. Hang around with people whose vibrations are already "up there". I personally have found church a great comfort, and feel better when I go to church. But that is what works for me. You might find spiritual people at Tai Chi class, yoga classes, Reiki Shares, online support groups...You know what I am talking about. Generally, I find IQ to be uplifting for me, because when I answer someone like you, I feel better myself. Giving it away helps you keep it!
  3. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Stay away from people who mess with your head, complicate your life, make you feel bad about yourself, or generally leave you with a sour feeling. These people are keeping your vibration down. Flee them like the Plague! Laugh as much and as often as you can.
  4. Distractions: Find your distractions and use them as your best weapon when your pain (or illness) is at its worst. These might be movies, books, hobbies, music, gentle exercise, keeping a pet...You must search for your distractions and use them in your toolkit of weapons to combat your pain. When my leg badly infected and I was bedridden, my dog and cats literally kept me going as nothing else could. I found out quite by accident that I had a ten-minute window where I was pain-free right after I woke up. I raced around- let the dog out, fix breakfast, let the dog in, feed the cats, jump back into bed before the big Whammie came. There is nothing like a dog that needs to go out to get you upright and moving...LOL!

The biggest key is, of course, having a solid spiritual life. I know you are seeking that because you are here. This is good! I have personally developed my spiritual life, because it keeps me going, and also because it makes me feel on top of the world. I pray to Mary often, and when I feel bad, read about the many Christians who have suffered for the Church, and see that I am much luckier than they were. God is all, and everything. You probably already know that. I read, and have re-read two books that are from the late forties-early fifties, which still apply to this subject: Karen and With Love From Karen. Karen had Cerebral palsy, and her mother help found UCP. Karen's whole family supported her and were very Faithful to God's Will. I read these books in my teens, and they still inspire me.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to answer your great question. IQ, as you may have guessed, is one of my best distractions.

Love and Blessings,

Jai ♥♥♥

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Thanks Jai... I really appreciate all you've contributed here. I'm afraid that I'm still not at a stage when I can accept that we create our own diseases. That is a step too far for me when as you say genetics has a large role to play and has in my condition too... but I'm willing to accept that we can heal through the power of our mind. So thanks for the tips.

(15 Dec '13, 06:07) Inner Beauty

Good answer @Jai If I could add to it, I suggest volunteering. Take a break from your own problems & helping others will raise your vibes. It can be lots of fun. I know its cold out; but the Salvation Army needs bell ringers this time of year. You have nothing but time of your hands & there are many ways you can distract yourself in addition to writing on IQ.

(15 Dec '13, 19:54) ele

@Inner Beauty You mentioned you weren't able to find "quality" men. Perhaps you're looking in the wrong places. If volunteering appeals to you, you'll meet like minded individuals. Perhaps even the man you are searching for. If not, you may meet another volunteer who knows the perfect guy for you. If nothing else, you'll make new friends & connections, prob get invited to parties & other outings, all the while having lots of of fun.

(15 Dec '13, 19:55) ele
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It's all about energy flow, stagnant energy creates discomfort and pain ... get the energies flowing more smoothly and the problems and pain will automatically disappear. Personally i find acupuncture very good, other personal favorites are radionics and quantum healing ... whether you're feeling vibrationaly low or high these techniques will stimulate your system.

Deepak Chopra also proposes a few good ways


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"How can you raise your vibration when you have a chronic illness?"

Acknowledge you created it.. it's a good place to start

Shall I tell you how we create dis-ease..? I'm gonna be brief but dis-ease comes from beliefs what often happens is that beliefs about our reality drop from our mental space and it eventually manifests into the physical.. which makes it harder to deal with..

You want to raise your vibration for real?

Do this.. this will help you deal with beliefs, start to like yourself, and you will RAISE your vibration no doubt if you do the work if you as my teachers says "some assembly required"

People are always saying that you should vibrate with joy and energy to get good things drawn to you. It's hard to be happy and energetic and have vitality when you suffer from a chronic illness.

Yah, I agree with you it is hard.. Abraham's emotional scale is helpful to understand how high you can go.. but you can get to the top.. just takes work! :P Anyway honestly.. use the tools.. you will get their fast!

Just wondering if the fact that you have a chronic illness can affect your manifestation ability due to the inability to vibrate at a high level and what you can do about it.

How can you be happy when in pain?

You have to own the pain and your reality.. and yah honestly you asked for a solution I have provided one.. do those meditations, use the tools once a day.. and you will understand how to feel good more often..

Anyone able to overcome their disease or illness to manifest more in their life.

Yes a lot.


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wow, thank you so much - a healing meditation! I will listen and feedback! :-)

(15 Dec '13, 06:10) Inner Beauty

Abraham has often quoted a conversation they had with a lady who had painful arthritis in her hips. They explain that she cannot just choose to not have painful arthritis right this instant, but she can choose to have arthritis and feel fear, or have arthritis and feel hope. And leaning toward hope is leaning toward alignment, and clearing up of the resistance that has led to a condition.

Abraham has also often said that how we wind up with body issues is: first, we accumulate, unwittingly, bits of resistance along our path, and eventually the resistance is strong enough that a condition manifests to match it. But then it is our attention to the condition that keeps it in place. (Which I interpret to mean that if we can successfully remove our attention from the condition, the natural flow of Source energy will return us to good health.)

I basically interpret all of this to boil down to the following: if you can stop resisting a condition, that can be the first step to paying less attention to it, which will help raise your vibration and improve the condition. That is to say, I think sometimes LOA folks think "I need to visualize not having arthritis in hips" or something, but for many people, that can actually increase resistance. Whereas trying to allow the pain just BE can decrease resistance, for example. Does that make any sense?

I hope you find some useful answers for yourself! I do indeed think that having a really compelling physical issue can make it hard to focus on what you do want (=good health), when it's so much easier to notice your physical reality. I think that making peace with where you are can help with that.


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yes,thank you sooo much! Best to just focus elsewhere... :-)

(15 Dec '13, 17:42) Inner Beauty

"I think sometimes LOA folks think "I need to visualize not having arthritis in hips" or something, but for many people, that can actually increase resistance" absolutely - great point.

(15 Dec '13, 19:58) ele

By cleansing the aura, and seven energy centers (chakras); and five elements (panchabhoothas) and their corresponding organs; and activating them and supplying more concentrated energy to them, you can have relief and even complete cure from chronic illness.

There is a special meditation for this purpose. Try this site:


answered 16 Dec '13, 05:56

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T D Joseph

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