Consider: And how important is it to study the word of God, as it comes by hearing and reading?

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I dont believe that unbelief prevents salvation.

If it does then this planets and most of its inhabitants are doomed.If there is one belief system that ensures salvation then it follows that some dont.

IF this is the case im sort of hopeing that Roman Catholisicm is the one true way. With a billion adherants ( loosely speaking ) at least a sixth or seventh of the worlds population will go to heaven.

Also if there is one system of belief to get salvation then it must after thousands of years of various beliief systems seem apparant to God that this one way is leading millions of people,every single generation, into a hell situation.

If evengelical christianity is right then the vast majority of people on this planet are hell bound. This would make earth nothing more than a factory farm for hell.If this is the case why didnt God pull the plug on this world and prevent all these people being born only to go to hell or not receive salvation ( in some minds there is a differance).

Now i know many religious types will say that these unbelievers had every opportunity to become believers, but this still doesnt solve any problems of their going to hell or missing out on what Gods got for them.

Basically i wouldnt bar anyone from Gods love and power because their beliefs differed from mine. Now if a very weak,selfish and greedy person like me wouldnt do that then how could God be credited with this lack of compassion?

Now i will say that belief can and will free a person from many of the things of a negative nature that occur in this time space reality. But ultimately were all one with the Father.There can never be a total seperation.

Source wont deny itself,God wont loose part of Himself,the Father wont loose anyone.



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Monty Riviera

You are a very wise man, thank you for your honest answer!

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Thank you Vee. I wouldnt say im wise,just learning.

(08 Mar '11, 09:46) Monty Riviera

I don't think salvation is dependent on adopting a certain religious belief system - in fact I don't think there's anything we have to be saved from. I think how we live our lives is way more important than anything we study. At best written words act as a guide to point us in the right direction but true faith is more than adhering to a belief and can only come from within.

God or Source does not care what we choose as a belief system but is more concerned how we live and how we treat our fellow human beings. This is why enlightened beings can come from many different cultures or religions - they know that there are many different routes to the same destination.


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You have asserted some very key points and yes, it is what comes from within, and of course how we treat others, very important! Thank you.

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You're welcome Vee :)

(09 Mar '11, 19:18) Michaela

Why must allegory not be truth? This doesn't make any sense. Some of the greatest truths have been hidden by allegory. Do a search: The First Scandal.


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Someone had mentioned “The First Scandal” before, I will research it. Thank you.

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Salvation usually refers to being saved by the life and death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

I don't understand how a person can use the word salvation and not be referring to Christianity.

Therefore, this question to Wade and I seems a paradox. I guess I just have a narrower view of salvation because I am a Christian.

Blessings, Jaianniah


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Yes Jai and I agree on this, I saw this question and was stunned as I am a Christian and when I pointed this out to her she decided to answer it. We are saved by the blood of Jesus for us, as his sacrifice paid to gain our souls back to God.

(09 Mar '11, 05:39) Wade Casaldi

@Jai: I appreciate your point, but the question itself is a matter of interpretation. Thank you!

(11 Mar '11, 06:54) Inactive User ♦♦

@ Jai and Wade, I am a Christian, please do not read more into my questions than it is meant to be. The questions I asked are based upon what I have read somewhere on the Internet, and I believe that we can all learn from it, and I it see as giving all of you an opportunity to think outside of the Box! So, please do not go ganging up on me based upon your own false beliefs, and mistrust. My goodness,it is only a question, and it is not personally directed to anyone person, so you can both show appreciation and send out positive energy on this site to everyone for their great, and hard work!

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I don't mean to offend anyone. But this is how I view it. Only YOU can save yourself, whatever save means to you. This is done with every thought you choose to think, with every action you choose to take. YOU and all that you do and are is what it is all about. By assuming full responsibility for yourself, your life and how you affect others all around you. If reading inspirational books help, then by all mean do it. For me, it is about fulfilling my life's purpouse.

thank you, namaste


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There is a wealth of truth in your answer, I like it. Thank you.

(08 Mar '11, 00:06) Inactive User ♦♦

Youve got a point there Daniele.

(08 Mar '11, 09:51) Monty Riviera
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