When humans fall sick (sick can be any kind and of any degree - ranging from a slight fever to drastic ones like cancer) - can it always be linked back to spiritual reasons, i.e. there might be too much pent-up resistance inside their body and the body is trying to find a way to release it?

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Preciscely. The answer to your question is yes.

If you flow with that belief, you can also add in things in your life that are not physical illnessess as well; Michael Bernard Beckwith has stated that "(financial) debt is a state of unforgiveness." You can see that on The Secret on Oprah.

(17 Feb '12, 11:04) Nikulas
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I think resistance can cause sickness, but I'm not sure if being sick releases it. I think most of the time we fall ill is out of expectation. "Oh its flu season again!" Or, I used to think every time I ate fast food or popcorn, "Oh wow! This is SO bad for me!" Or, when someone worries and worries they 'might' have a particular disease, then fall ill with it... I was in the hospital for two days a few years ago. When I went home, I was totally fine... until someone said "staph spreads like crazy in hospitals!" Then I had to go back a few days later because my finger swelled due to a mild form of staph.

I think still has to do with thoughts and expectation. I feel negativity can cause you to fall ill too, but I'm not so sure it helps in releasing resistance.


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Falling sick isn't the release of pent-up energy. It's the result of negative energy. Sickness is "A WARNING!".....a warning things have to change. Sickness is your immune system getting weak. Any time even get a "sniffle" I immediately think "oh-oh!! What caused that?"....then look at what I've been doing lately / or somebody that had any negativity involved in it and change it.

I use to work a horrible job, started at 7am every morning and could never go home until the work was done, and it was hard labor with deadlines. Sometimes I would work until midnight, or later....and of course have to start the next day at 7am again. I was exhausted, burned out, very unhappy, lost, angry, frustrated....and after a period of about a year and a half I started to get sick every 2 weeks....with the flu!! Deep inside my voice was saying "GET OUT!!" I didn't listen to it then.....

The opportunity came up one day to "get out" safely and I took it. I have been sick only once since then with the flu...that was 10 yrs ago(?).....it was actually after that experience I understood the saying "nothing is more important than your health!"


answered 17 Feb '12, 11:00

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it would be from a neglect
of knowing how your body works
and how its different parts
need to be sustained

could it be pent up impluses
from the more material side
than that of more etherial forms

yes, all blockages ought to be freed


answered 16 Feb '12, 20:30

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