I mentioned a few months ago that I really found this exchange between Abraham and "The Hat Guy" inspirational and oddly comforting.. Looking back I think it really helps me release any lingering shame over "rough experiences". The entire exchange is HERE entitled "The Biggest Missing piece". I'd love to know what others think of this.

Adding link: Biggest Missing Piece DB

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Saw this just last week and its been on my mind a bit. Very interesting piece. Very thought provoking, more in fact than any video ive seen of Ester.

(14 Dec '13, 05:22) Monty Riviera

yah, it's a "good" video

(14 Dec '13, 05:53) themaster
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I watched this some months ago, and haven't watched it since.

Apparently there was some controversy about the guy not removing his hat. Didn't seem like that much of a big deal to me.

What I found interesting when I first watched it was that "new" Abraham seemed to be more caring and empathic than usual - almost human :) - and were seemingly willing to dip down further than usual in their vibration in order to "connect" to the man.

They listened for quite a while initially without interrupting. Usually they try to divert a questioner before they get too dragged down by negativity. I've seen Abraham live three times, and sat in that "hot seat" once myself, and it seemed most unlike them to seem so serious at the start.

But, from there, I thought it was an excellent demonstration of how one can uplift another person simply by holding a vibrational space for them to expand into, and thereby feel better. You can feel the energy flow rising as the interaction continues.

Other than that, it was just Abraham being Abraham :)

Were you looking for something more specific with your question?


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Sight being the highest vibration of our physical plane, I think that Abraham's connection is through the eyes. They could not see Red Hat's eyes until Esther sat down on the stage and looked under the brim of his hat. Then they were able to establish a connection with the "Windows of the Soul."

(10 Dec '12, 19:01) Dollar Bill

Thanks Stingray and Dollar Bill. Both of your responses touch upon something I was trying to define. Great answers. I've been dealing with a few "Hat Guys" myself lately. :)

(10 Dec '12, 19:34) peplumen

I agree Stingray, I saw a great degree of empathy and felt a "bond" between Ester/Abraham and this guy. I almost felt a common humanity between the two, there was love there. I know that's sounds cheesy but I felt it.

(14 Dec '13, 05:24) Monty Riviera

If Ester and Abraham are indeed "separate" entities I wonder sometimes if to varying degrees Esters own input affects the answers given. Does a bit of "her" enter the mix at any time? There seemed to be something a little feminine about the answer and particularly the manner it was dealt with. In a strange way I sensed more of Ester there. And im not saying that as a criticism. The womans gifted.

(15 Dec '13, 05:38) Monty Riviera
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Hi @peplumen,

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to watch this clip - it had been taken down before I had time to see it the last time it was dicussed. Thank you for sharing, I loved it. It is very comforting to me as well.

@Stingray expressed it so well - Abraham were holding a vibrational space for [him] to expand into. Just beautiful, in my opinion, and a great example of how we can reach out to people who are suffering.

It also had the effect on me of making me feel better about my own worst days. I could once have related so well to his painful, frustrated realism. I believe his only reason for being there was the hope that his dismal conclusions could be proved otherwise, and what he received did not dissapoint, I think. It meant that all is redeemable, no matter how bad it may seem to be at the time.

It is something that is so easy to miss about people suffering like this - we none of us want the world to be so awful, as he was seeing it. That's why we are forever trying to peek through the veil and find our own power. The alternatives are simply intolerable.


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Thank you Grace. I love your feedback, I felt a lot better about my own "worst days" after viewing this as well. :)

(13 Dec '12, 15:08) peplumen

What I see in the video clip is a man who is very frustrated with his view of his world. Very unhappy. He said it took him two years to bring this forth to Abraham. He felt that Abraham's message was naive, ineffective and weak because so much suffering was taking place in Red Hat's world.

Why the suffering? And Abraham's answer to him was that Red Hat was focussing on that suffering and the harder he focussed on it, the greater his pain. Red Hat had the wrong metaphor. Was using his tools in the way that perpetuated hs suffering.

When I was a child my mother found me in the back yard with a pair of pliers locked on my left thumb. I was screaming and crying, suffering. You see, I was squeezing the pliers with my right hand! Somehow I locked into the idea that squeezing (problem solving) was the way to get rid of my pain, but it only perpetuated it. I was using a tool in the wrong way.

To some of us, the world is a place of suffering, mighty suffering and we want to find a key to solving this pain. We seek, like Red Hat, teachings that should solve this pain. External teachings. When these teachings "let us down" we blame the teacher. Blame Abraham.

It seems backward that we should focus inward when the problems of the world are out there!

But if we continue to focus outward, on suffering, on finding someone to blame, the situations cannot help but intensify.

Abraham asked Red Hat, "Are you happy? Do you experience joy in what you are bringing forth?"

Too many of us reply, "How can I experience Joy when others are suffering?" On IQ, we are learning the answer, that experiencing personal joy is the only way out of this dilemma.


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Dollar Bill

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I think that pliers metaphor is incredible. Thank you.

(13 Dec '13, 18:32) corduroypower

is this what you refer to? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-yhCO76xEU well the guy with the red hat say that it is a curse. but everything is a benidiction and a curse. i will give you a quick example of this: if you know the truth about something even if it is bad or does not suit you. you can make a choice,to change the part that is no good. then the problem is solved. and the curse is lifted. the problem is when the choice is not your in this world and this big system(monopoly game). because those people that have the big salary and high position do not see what you see. they are blind and lead the blind. what do they care about? money,material gain, power, desire. all that for the little ego. they do not care about the poor or about the suffering and inequity in this world. other wise they would do their job properly to solve all conflict inequity and problem. what can the poor do to change is situation for himself and other? and what can the rich do for other? is that what is missing to solve the equation?

so let there be light, Be the light that you can be ,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

This man has great compassion in his heart. Abraham doesn't care about that. Abraham wants people to just be happy and ignore the problems of the world. Just pretend everyone is happy and worry about yourself.

Abraham is a trickster because even he/she/they admit that Actions, Thought, and Emotion goes together but then when it comes to things like this Abraham says don't act in Compassion just be in the vortex of your own VIRTUAL happiness.


answered 21 Dec '13, 12:28

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