Consider: And are there other Universal principles that we need to know about to get result and to manifest our desire?

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When one begins a journey inward the study of LOA opens doors,creates more questions about ones true self and nature. The realization of "like attracts like" and manifestation is just the threshold to more possibilities. And it seems that those of us that are here now might have found LOA as another stepping stone on our stairway up to enlightenment.
To some It might be the first step.The mastery and acceptance of LOA may take longer with a lot of people so the time they spend on this may seem as they only focus on it. .
Yes there are many principles and practices that are great to study/ learn (EFT, Christianity,Tao Te Ching,The Temple of the Jedi is very long list)
LOA is an aid and a help to all positive beliefs.


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You have covered many important points, thank you!

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