I have been reading a lot about universal laws, consciousness, subconsciousness and the Super Conscious mind and how one can harness it to create things beyond our concepts of what is possible or to just create an amazing reality.

In this article Chuck Danes mentions Henry Ford as someone who did that.

Are there any current "figures" who are not necessarily all about the spirit world who balance this in their lives with amazing results?.... and what are their results?


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In the computing world: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Apple languished until Steve Jobs came back from retirement to bring the iPod and iPhone to the world.

And we all know what Bill Gates did.

You don't accomplish such things unless you have vision, and the ability to share that vision with other people and get them excited about it.


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(13 Sep '10, 18:26) Back2Basics

we all are, but not at the same rate, nor for the same values


answered 13 Sep '10, 23:16

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Everyone! Were all creating our own world or microcosm.

Some are creating a different one.Maybe a better one wheather they know it or not.

To answer the question specifically i would site Richard Branson.

I like the Gates answer too,i also like some of the things hes doing with his wealth.



answered 14 Sep '10, 08:27

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Monty Riviera

Bob Proctor and most of the other people who acted on the movie The Secret. Tony Robbins, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracey


answered 25 Oct '12, 23:04

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