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If you are new to the Mind-of-God, please read first this link, and then you can move on to understanding how being part of The-Mind-of-God works with the Law of Attraction.

I now understand that the Vision given to me was channeled from a Higher Source deliberately, so that all might understand how thought creates reality. By seeing the Mind-of-God, I saw directly how thought instantly creates reality, and how thought surpasses even the speed of light, which exists as the supreme height of the physical plane alone. To understand this idea alone, read Cory's recent question here about how thought might create parallel realities. Especially read Stingray's answer to Cory. Than you will really understand just how fast the speed of thought goes...

Thought surpasses and co-exists with what you call "The Physical Plane of Existence". To really grasp and enjoy the fruits of the Law of Attraction, you must first see how thought goes out into the whole of existence, and instantly is converted to energy which goes out into the spiritual realm.

If you now understand The-Mind-of-God, you know now that every thought you think instantly and without deliberate effort goes forth into the Universe and becomes energy. This energy you do not have knowledge of in the Physical Plane. This energy is beyond the Physical Plane. It moves instantly, faster even than what you know as the speed of light. Your thoughts are everything you are right now. If you want to change what you are, you must think, with great care and purpose, different and new thoughts.

This Truth underlies the Law of Attraction, and explains exactly how it works.

To connect with yourself, and to start thinking this new way, you must reach your Higher Self, or what you might call that part of you which exists for all of eternity, both as a physical being at times, and as a non-physical being at other times. You are always connected to this part of your spirituality-always. You may want to deny this, but it is the Truth. You may ask: How do I reach this part of myself? How do I begin to change and connect to my Higher Self?

You do this most easily through deliberate and constant daily meditation. There is much information about meditation. Choose whatever method works best for you, with the purposeful intent of reaching The-Mind-of-God, and thus reaching then the ability to change your reality with the Law of Attraction.

It is vital to begin at once to change what you think, even when not meditating. Your goal is to reach Joy, and when you find your own particular Purpose and Joy, you will enter what Abraham-Hicks calls "The Vortex", and your reality will instantly and without effort, begin to alter immediately. This is a powerful Truth. This is actually wired right into both the Physical and Non-Physical Planes of Existence.

Once you understand how fast and immediate your thoughts move out into The-Mind-of-God, you will understand on a new and fabulous level just how easily you can change your Life.


Thanks to Cory and Stingray. :o))


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jai, what may seems expedient for more self-consciousness to one may not apply in the exact same way for a comrad. besides the different proximity of place in space there are other individual variations. the concept that there is loftier guidance to assist balancing earthly oppositions is on target though

(16 Feb '12, 19:49) fred

@fred 1 - Thank you so very much for posting this comment, and pointing out this possibility...I can only tell what I am receiving from who-knows-where-or-Who, though..."I tells it like I sees it"....Thank you so much also for reading, and thinking about what I wrote as deeply as you did. Peace :o)) Jai

(17 Feb '12, 02:44) Jaianniah

@Jai - space/time/thought // source energy/electric/magnetic ?

(17 Feb '12, 03:58) blubird two

@blubird two- verrrrry interesting comment! Good point and comparison...very thought-provoking! Love, Jai

(17 Feb '12, 04:04) Jaianniah
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Yes Jai i believe what you say is absolutely correct, though my terminology of the "mind of god" is very different ... for me "the mind of god" or source energy is natural living spiritualized energy that manifests itself through the LOA, that is, through two forms of energy as described by Chaumery and de BĂ©lizal, pure magnetic and pure electric which combine together to form the complete electromagnetic spectrum ... these three energy forms are interdependent can be represented as an equilateral triangle, in other words one cannot exist without the other two ... let's keep in mind that these two pure energies, electric (male) and magnetic (female) are essentially living and spiritualized forces, the material energies are just aspects of them.

The undefinable "god" part would be "above" thus forming a tetrahedron ... these concepts can be interpreted following our individual belief systems, here is a tetrahedron of awareness for example

And yes i agree that deep daily meditations together with an allowing state of mind automatically brings beneficial changes.

have a great day


answered 17 Feb '12, 00:58

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blubird two

Thank you, blubird, for your answer. I will investigate the "tetrahedron of existence"...I know that this may sound silly, but have you actually read the original Mind-of-God posting? What I saw was fabulous and beyond my ability to describe...I did my best to help everyone "see" what I saw. The reason I ask about this is because I think we are both describing the same thing in different ways. Love you, Jai

(17 Feb '12, 02:38) Jaianniah
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