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Consider: Do you see the role you play in your life, your job, or some other person, who you think is a reflection of you?

asked 13 Mar '11, 03:33

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you see your mirror reflection, if looking for a heart you may dismiss the mirror.

(13 Mar '11, 20:15) fred

@fred: good point, thank you!

(14 Mar '11, 02:03) Inactive User ♦♦

I see a tale that simply isn't meant, to end up with the happy end.

(04 Mar '13, 05:57) CalonLan

I always saw a good looking guy... ALWAYS! Hehehe.

(06 Aug '13, 23:40) Romel
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I think looking into our own eyes is one of the most powerful exercises we can perform - the truth of where we are at on our path of evolution and growth will stare back. We can don masks and play roles for others but when we confront our own image we really can't pretend anymore that mirror image doesn't lie - "The eyes are the window to the soul".


answered 13 Mar '11, 14:37

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the eyes truly are the window to the soul!

(13 Mar '11, 18:41) daniele

Great point, thank you!

(14 Mar '11, 02:04) Inactive User ♦♦

why do I feel so uneasy when I look into my own eyes. I'm not a bad person.

(14 Mar '11, 07:21) evelyn

@evelyn I think your inner being may be trying to communicate something to you.

(14 Mar '11, 13:12) Michaela
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I believe the depth of this question needs be explored, most see a person reflected back that they may actually hate. Someone that they see may be run down, tried, a failure, no good, not good enough, ugly, too tall, too short, too heavy, to thin, those are the examples of "too." Next the examples of "not enough", not enough intelligence, not enough success, not enough energy, not enough happiness, not enough, doesn't look good enough, doesn't weigh enough, isn't thin enough. etc...

So many see almost an enemy, maybe more-so as many can actually face an enemy but their selves they dread to face.

We need start looking in the mirror and seeing a champion, a winner, the greatest, our best friend, someone looking better and feeling better everyday. I know this seems narcissistic but self loathing isn't the answer so maybe we all need some narcissism because when we love ourselves we feel good, we feel happy. Why don't we want to please ourselves but we want to please others?

We do deserve to feel happy, that starts with loving the one we see in the mirror, at first facing that person but building up to loving that person and knowing that you are valuable, worthy, wonderful as much as everyone else sees, that indeed you may see too.


answered 14 Mar '11, 14:30

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Wade Casaldi

Yes it is important for us to start loving our self, nice answer, thank you!

(15 Mar '11, 05:49) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you Vee, I am glad you liked it.

(16 Mar '11, 03:15) Wade Casaldi

I see God/Christ looking back at me. I see a physical representation of Divinity. I see everything that is looking back at me.


answered 05 Aug '13, 02:17

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Monty Riviera

interesting, he sees a 2 dimensional reverse image, with 5 facial orifices and connecting tissue, of which the eyes look back

(06 Aug '13, 19:51) fred

Yes I agree.. We can cover up temporarily, & deny what is, but the truth is reflected back always. As we are loving the one we see in the mirror, facing that person in the mirror each morning, & evening and loving that person and knowing that we are valuable, worthy, & wonderful.

It doesn't matter now, what we've seen in the mirror, its what we feel now, that we're aware of what we feel inside, that, that is what will project outwardly.

As we feel more self-love, joy, and happiness, the person in the mirror starts looking, & becoming different, because the mirror reflects back the new feelings about oneself. The mirror does not lie. The Law of Attraction is the Mirror. Tommy xo


answered 04 Mar '13, 05:46

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"I stare at myself in the mirror and I think, "Wow, I'm really great-looking." ... I think I'm the greatest, anyway." Iggy Pop

(04 Mar '13, 11:21) ursixx

... the magical looking glass; it smiles...

(04 Mar '13, 13:29) ele

when I look in the mirror I see the truth. in my own inner mirror the truth about my self. in the outside mirror the truth about someone else. Since the outside communicate with you, you can see what they say and do. And how it compares to their inside mirror. When it does not give the same image sometime it is better to be merciful and not say it, even more when you know that they do not want to see it.


answered 05 Aug '13, 00:18

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white tiger

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