This question is for someone that has reached a state of constant wholeness. How can you stay in a meditative state of mind when you come across a toxic subject? Say you're watching animal planet and then a late night cougar commercial comes on, what do you do, completely tune it out without judgement?

That wouldn't be possible because you already judged a negative energy before you tuned it out. or do you understand without blaming society and move on which also takes you nowhere because what you heard ran through your mind the second you heard it you react on instinct. What do you do? the only thing I can think to be toxic free is isolating myself from society.

I believe animals too are in this same boat so to speak in this enlightened journey we seek, and I don't think they concentrate on their energies like us humans do focusing on our blockages and our awareness or what not. They are living just to live without having to think about such things.

Well the question i'm asking is this, is it necessary to give energy and attention to life's physical and metaphysical oneness or can we simply know? Could there be a part of us that is always growing even when we aren't thinking about anything particularly relevant?

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usually it is after thinking that the know-er knows. it is the way for aligning what is believed to be known with the truth, yet not automatic and sometimes not acquired

(29 Mar '14, 11:06) fred

To answer your question I ask you, what is toxic? is it the one that started the subject that is toxic? or is it the person that views the subject that sees it as toxic? the subject only exists because someone created it so it is not toxic or non toxic it simply is.

If you judge that the person that started this subject is toxic because you do not like or agree on something would you be surprised that someone else would eventually do the same to you?

If you see that you are the one that does not like it then you might be onto something, ask yourself

"what is it that i do not like about this?"

seek and you will find the real problem, when you become aware of something and understand it you do not ask yourself questions about it because you already know the answer.

A good example about toxic would be pollution. You exist so you create pollution: breathing and fecal matter bacteria, I could go on, car exhaust, industrial pollution on a large scale. but guess what, it is human. Is it needed? yes it is, for living in this world, do you always have to agree? no you have the choice. Is there some abuse that does not justify this large scale pollution? example: something illogical like dumping toxic waste in the water at the place of dumping it at a waste disposal place, just for the boss company profit margin. it is easy to complain and judge outside things. it is not as easy to know why you do such things.

Be aware, know and understand it is part of growing.


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Every subject on the planet is neutral. In fact there is no reality outside of yourself. We all live in our own individual worlds bumping along together.

Your vibrational state will determine how you view the world, what is toxic or not toxic to you will depend on where your dominant setpoint is. In a way it's as if you're viewing the neutral world through glasses and those glasses act like filters for what you see and feel 'out there'.

If you are in a happy, joyful state everywhere you go in your life you will meet other happy people, your relationships will flow nicely there will be lots of laughter and fun in your life. You are quick to see all the good around you, all the love. You wouldn't need to hide away from 'toxic' people because you wouldn't be able to see anything 'toxic' through your happy, loving glasses.

If you're seeing 'toxic' people and situations all you have to raise your emotional setpoint by focusing only on all the things that make you feel good. Once joy/love is your dominant setpoint you can see the world through your happy glasses. there's no need to hide away from anyone or anything then.


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"there's no need to hide from anyone or anything" ... yes i like it, thanks :)

(17 Apr '14, 11:48) jaz

yes, perhaps the reality of what is is and that it is not dependent on what one can see, other than being left behind or moving on

(19 Apr '14, 10:24) fred

Self-isolation from what one deems toxic will only perpetuate more toxicity, leading to greater isolation and further disconnection from All-There-Is. If spiritual growth/expansion and achievement of unconditional love is part of your preferred soul resonance journey, IN-clusion rather than DIS-clusion will prove a more beneficial path to follow in achieving such.

The vibrational frequency one chooses to be in, or wishes to be in, will not come about or be understood without the unconditional love and awareness of the frequencies one does not wish to be in. Were it not for such frequencies, how would one know what one prefers?

'Is it necessary to give energy and attention to life's physical and metaphysical oneness or can we simply know?'

We do know! :o) Our knowing is intuition and discernment: these are our most beneficial guides. As far as giving energy and attention to life's physical and metaphysical oneness, as we are Masters of Limitation, we love the drama of not knowing and figuring such out in our own way, with limited help.

'Could there be a part of us that is always growing even when we aren't thinking about anything particularly relevant?'

Not 'could' but IS. We are continuously shifting in vibrational frequency via every thought, every desire, every dream, every co-creational physical interaction, etc.


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if one find something toxic out of himself. it is because he as a problem with in that he is not able to understand or be able to be aware of it or cannot accept then he feels the needs to point out the source of is problem. when this out side problem go away he will find another one that hit a similar string inside himself. is it that the string is to loose or to thigh to play a nice harmonious music? then why look outside for the source of the disharmony?

(12 Apr '14, 13:42) white tiger

after all to the measure you judge also will you be judge. is casting stone at each other harmonious music? or is it the cause of more toxicity and disharmony? then how can one attune himself and find nice music that is in harmony? Not that sometime there is not problem outside of your self, but to not be aware and understand and acknowledge your disharmony how can you say to the other your music is disharmonious when you do the same? Verily verily I tell you take out the beam from your own-

(12 Apr '14, 13:42) white tiger

eye then you will see properly to take out the speak of dust from your neighbor eye. do not be surprise at this. many are blind guide and say that they can see and their sin remains. if a blind leads a blind both will fall in to a pit. you are not in darkness any more. Let there be light, be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.

(12 Apr '14, 13:50) white tiger
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