Do you also feel that we are not able, and that we will never be able to create life by assembling matter particles in a laboratory? That we can never artificially create a living thing that has a soul?

Although a "soul" is a concept which is denied by science, I'm convinced that if we tried to copy a creature like a littly fly and build a second one by building it up atom by atom, the result would be a dead body. I'm also convinved that we cannot artificially reproduce the kind of energy that is needed to "cold start" that organism either.

That is because life has some special features:

  • We grow, at least in the first part of our lives
  • We reproduce and procreate, and that essentially forever

We cannot emulate these features because they go very much against one of the holy pillars of today's conventional science, the law of Entropy, a concept which I put to discuss here: How can entropy be reversed?

This issue has garnered some attention at least (Entropy and life), but I don't hear it being discussed very often, despite of the remarkable fact that we are essentially Perpetual motion things.

Do you agree? Do you also believe that we don't really know what the nature of life really is? I do keep having a hard time discussing this stuff with the more scientific oriented fellows. ;-)

asked 15 Jan '10, 01:08

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Science nowadays only accepts material world, neglecting the spiritual part of it. Thus better understanding will come if the spirituality becomes a part of the science. That is for sure going to happen someday in the future.

Copying human body cannot be done, because each person has also an astral body and corresponding mental body. Of course we could make a clone that has the same looks as the original model, but it would have some other spirit inhabiting the body. Nevertheless our science, seeing only the material world, would claim it is an ideal copy indeed. Practically, some spirit should be assigned into that body. All in all, law of reincarnation is God's territory and we should not stand upon it.


answered 15 Jan '10, 15:48

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Nice way of putting it Asklepios!

(04 Apr '11, 23:43) flowingwater

Living things do not really reverse overall entropy. They give the appearance of creating order from disorder, but that's because they use energy, in the form of food, to create that order; and the amount of order so created is always less than the equivalent amount of energy consumed.

To make food there must also be energy expended, which in turn comes from some other energy source. At each step in the chain, energy is lost to the environment (mostly in the form of dissipative heat, increasing overall entropy). Ultimately the energy for that food comes from the sun, and once that energy is used to build our bodies and help them function, that energy cannot be reused. Some of this energy is locked up in bodily structures, but that energy too dissipates when we die. All of this energy that is dissipated contributes to the overall entropy in the universe.

To make an artificial life form, you would have to construct something that creates order from energy, and has the ability to change its environment, reproduce and grow. Would that life form be anything like us? Would it be capable of thought, or self-awareness? Would it have a soul? I used to think that this wasn't possible because of the principles of duality. If we are a soul inhabiting a physical body, then how does the soul get there?

But if we ourselves are just projections from the non-physical to the physical, then why wouldn't an artificial life-form be possible? Once I began to understand that perspective, I began seeing all things (from rocks to human beings) as a continuum. This is what some of the religions mean when they say that everything is alive.


answered 15 Jan '10, 16:17

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We are getting there very slowly, but we are not there as yet. However be prepared, the day that man finds the secret to creating artificial life, it will be the day that the earth will stand still.

This is my personal spiritual precognition: we would be interfering with the work of nature at its best, and God. Modern technology continues to advance, and we have one of the best Science Research Technology here in North America. Yet the road is still less traveled, since we are still limited in knowledge and the source of the soul, and life creation.

Also, I think this issue will create devastating result to humans in general. Can you think of five to one hundred artificial people looking alike, and standing in front of you? It is really scary to even think about, or what it could mean to us real humans. What would this type of freedom do for us, or how would it even make our life better? Could we end up being our own worst enemy?

Perhaps, it could appear to be an idea in the making, but we also have to think of the consequences of our actions, the outcome, and the benefits to humanity. Maybe, it is all a bit far fetched. Nonetheless, life is full of surprises, and it can happen. So, if this is a project you are looking to the future for, be aware, be prepared, because the out come can be more than you bargained for. This type of God knowledge is dangerous for anyone who acquires it.

There is a saying: that God work should not be mocked. In fact, I do not think humans, should dabble into the natural selection of life, to create artificial life. It sounds like abomination to the Lord.


answered 15 Jan '10, 19:03

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Inactive User ♦♦

I agree with you Vee. That is dangerous territory to travel in and mistakes and creations may not be reversible. Scientist should think sometimes act just because they can do something should they and what would be the ramifications of their actions and re-actions to the humans, animals, insects, and mother earth.

(04 Apr '11, 23:40) flowingwater

Professer Markram and the Blue Brain Project. It is going to be a precision-engineered mind, made of silicon, gold and copper, so, a man-made [synthetic] brain. He believes that within a decade it will think, feel and fall in love. His budget to do this is millions.


answered 16 Jan '10, 16:35

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Amazing I hope this will be of both right and left although right brain is much harder, abstract knows no time or space. This is amazing!

(16 Jan '10, 19:43) Wade Casaldi

Thank you Vesuvius for the linkage:)

(16 Jan '10, 20:21) DivineHammer

I think since everything is a unified field then this possibility does exist where as we could eventually create a living thing. This not only seems a possibility but an advancement most likely to one day exist. I think just our questioning it puts the possibility into mass consciousness.

I think more likely we will start with manufacturing a single cell organism, with our knowledge of DNA we can have a pretty good likelihood of successfully programing this newly created life-form to survive and maybe even multiply by division! I think Nanobots could arrange the atoms into a single cell structure, then start the life in the cell.

These could lead to later possibly plants, insects, animals then eventually people. This research could be some of the most important to the planet, it could replace extinct animals and maybe even save humanity.


answered 15 Jan '10, 06:35

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Wade Casaldi

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Ah yes, I almost forgot about that approach, thank you for reminding me. ;-) - Life can be an invisible, mysterious force or field that pervades everything and can thus "animate" matter if complex enough. This is a nice analogy: ... This "sound" that animates is maybe what they meant with the "Word of God". Maybe it's equivalent to the cosmic background radiation they measure?

(15 Jan '10, 09:57) herzmeister

So I agree, we can maybe leverage this force to build living things. But that still means we don't really know where this force comes from, we can't "emulate" or "manipulate" it (not that I would see a practical need for that now), it's way beyond our physical existence. A proof of God finally?

(15 Jan '10, 10:00) herzmeister

Yes we are a long way from creating atoms them selves from the quantum level I believe. Really you are right no matter what we achieve even creating life, our scientist are like children with tinker toys. "Look what I made", God has a chuckle "good job Jr, keep learning."

(15 Jan '10, 19:28) Wade Casaldi

The day science discovers the unified field has awareness and intelligence, they will either have to admit God or say like scientist we discovered the unified field has awareness and intelligence the results are presently inconclusive and will require further investigation.

(15 Jan '10, 19:31) Wade Casaldi

I think personally the word was found by quantum scientist when they found sometimes light is a wave and others it is particles of matter, in other word the point that wave becomes matter, or laymen terms sound becomes solid physical object.

(15 Jan '10, 19:38) Wade Casaldi
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