As any computer technician will tell you, hardware is just hardware and the main difference between a Microsoft Windows and an Apple Mac computer is the operating system (OS). Because of this both Windows and Mac machines break down due to the very same hardware failures.

There are more similarities than there are differences and an intelligent decision of which system to use should be based upon which OS you prefer. It’s very similar to whether you prefer driving a Mercedes or a Lexus.

I’ve noticed on countless occasions that many Mac users without any prompting, state things like: why don’t you get a Mac, you’re better off getting a Mac, Macs use superior technology, a Mac can do this or that better than Windows and Mac is just better etcetera. None of which are true per se.

I rarely hear Windows users running down Macs, even though Windows has approx. 90% share of the OS market compared to Mac’s 5-7%, so what’s up with Mac users?

I’ve had a couple of mild run-ins with friends over this, simply because I’m bored of hearing their spiel, especially as it’s not based on any real data, facts or truth.

So am wondering if anyone else has noticed this phenomenon?

The only thing I can come up with is that in general, Mac users have an inferiority complex due to their own insecurity and are maybe seeking attention. What do you say?

asked 16 Mar '11, 00:52

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@Eddie, you just don't get it. Try using a Mac for a while.

(13 Feb '12, 23:05) Tom

@Tom - the issue has very little to do with computers, it's about allowing other people to decide upon and to choose their own preference.

(13 Feb '12, 23:23) Eddie

@Tom - FYI, Mac computers do not support high-end video gaming, so I will never use any Mac currently on the market. If Mac changes their position, I will consider buying one, but would only do so if it's better than the PCs on the market at that time. I always choose the best tool for the job; that's my preference :)

(13 Feb '12, 23:30) Eddie

@Eddie, Don't get excited about it. The Mac used to be called the computer for the other guys. It's not for some German Scientist. I told you, you just don't get. Please don't be offended neither is better, depends on use. Personally I hate PC and their operating system. XP was Ok System 7 sucks Hind Tit. The people who build PC don't get it either. Just an opinion.

(13 Feb '12, 23:50) Tom

I feel sorry for anyone that has to use PC for whatever reason.

(13 Feb '12, 23:53) Tom

I'm sorry I tied to be nice but I hate PC they STINK. A Frankenstine PICE of POOOOH

(14 Feb '12, 00:12) Tom

@Tom - No worries. Can you now see how and why wars are created and perpetuated by those who disagree with other people's preferences?

(14 Feb '12, 00:24) Eddie

OK I'll give you an up vote, it is about choice.

(14 Feb '12, 00:54) Tom
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I see this as a case that Mac computers cost WAY more than PC or Laptop, so first the one that bought a Mac also bought into the hype then felt he/she had to justify that he/she paid way more by convincing his/her self how much better the Macs are. The only way to feel better about all that money spent and justify it is to tell everyone else how great Macs are in comparison to get others to buy them so he/she has support that all agrees.

To me this is far less about computers than it is about feeling and belief.


answered 16 Mar '11, 16:18

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Wade Casaldi

edited 17 Mar '11, 04:32

Thanks Wade, so does the justifying have it's roots in insecurity, which is fear?

(17 Mar '11, 02:10) Eddie

I believe so, yes we agree really. That could be the sum of it in one word really. :-)

(17 Mar '11, 04:29) Wade Casaldi

The only reason I could have to buy a Mac is that Macs don't get viruses and I am tired of dealing with the antivirus or being afraid of enter certain sites or opening some mails.

On the other hand, I am not a techie person but I have learnt to manage Windows quite well and I don't feel like learning all over again.

But I have also being annoyed at Mac users and their rants on how much better Macs are. They sound like Mac stock holders to me.

Maybe when you buy a Mac they give you some stocks! :) I wish they stopped ranting and let Windows users be!



answered 16 Mar '11, 12:58

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OK thanks BJ09, so I'm not alone in my observations.

(17 Mar '11, 02:08) Eddie

well mac are not safer they are just not as interesting to hack because most computer are windows!when mac get as much used on pc in the world then window you will start to see mac being hack every where and they will need update same as windows!

(19 Jun '11, 06:40) white tiger

I think the design is a big selling point . Mac has always had more interesting design. (looks not workings). and with the popularity of there smart phones. and the fact that they are getting their Macbooks into grade schools. they won't be getting any smaller or less annoying (windows/pc user opinion). It is similar to the rivalry between Ford and Chevy in the states.


answered 16 Mar '11, 22:57

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Thanks ursixx, so we're annoying each other due to personal preferences?

(17 Mar '11, 02:21) Eddie

@Eddie sure we are just like some do with sports team.

(17 Mar '11, 07:50) ursixx

I don't think we're annoying each other. I don't advertice Windows at all. It has a lot of errors and what not. I don't try to convert them into pc users. Why do they try to convert me into a Mac user? It sounds like a religious cult or sth.

(17 Mar '11, 13:30) BridgetJones09
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Interesting question for his site, not sure why I have an answer but.... To make this a more spiritual answer, I say it has to do with the way it makes them feel or better yet - the way the advertising wants them to feel.

Mac tries hard to make their products align with young, hip, cool, trendy, evolved...

So at the core of it - it is the same as asking:
"Should I wear this long librarian style skirt to the club tonight or this short one?"
"You’re better off with the short skirt, a short skirt is just better".


answered 16 Mar '11, 23:21

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Thanks B3B, so they've blindly bought into media hype believing that material objects will make them feel better and/or not wanting to miss out on something. Can that be traced back to insecurity/fear?

(17 Mar '11, 02:26) Eddie

sure - the fear that you wont be liked or considered young, hip, cool, trendy, evolved...

(18 Mar '11, 01:06) Back2Basics

Eddie, I love this question. Its really interesting to think about. :)

I've been doing some eye shopping with computers recently, trying to figure what I want. I came across the expensive but neat looking Macbook Pro... and I just wanted it! One of my online friends has one and told me they love it.

Then I told another friend... and they said, "NO! You can't get that! Macs SUCK!"

I was confused.. lol. She said "Apple makes all of their products out of cheap material and overprice it! Its a rip off! I can show you a video on youtube that proves it!" And I thought... wait, then why do you have a $200 iPod? Lol.

I like both Mac and Windows... I think it really is just prefering a Lexus or Mercedes. I'm not sure where her hatred of Mac computers originated... I guess people feel like they have to pick a side and find reasons why the other is rotten?

I do think, for her, it does have to do with an inferiority complex. She does become very critical of others when they "have" what she wants, or are like the type of person she wants to be.

So I think you're observation makes sense, and can be true for some Windows users too. :D


answered 13 Feb '12, 15:02

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Good observation LapisLazuli :) I'm experiencing less of this pointless comparison since I posted this question, mind you, I have fewer friends now, lol :)

(13 Feb '12, 21:11) Eddie

Haha.. I still like it :D

(14 Feb '12, 00:18) LapisLazuli

Well I am not big on the issue of Computers, but everyone that I know that has a Mac, has often said that it is a waste of money to purchase any other Computer than a Mac. So naturally, I believed that the Mac Computer is the best product on the market. I would be interested to read other answers!


answered 16 Mar '11, 04:00

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Vee, so your friends seem to fit the mold and spurt the hype.

(17 Mar '11, 02:14) Eddie

@Eddie: Yes, indeed, and I am learning a lot from reading the other answers. Good stuff!

(17 Mar '11, 04:09) Inactive User ♦♦

You should ask that question on :-P (that site runs on the same software as Inward Quest btw, albeit in a more recent version 2.0)

Well, Apple do invest a lot more in research of style, design, intuitivity and user-friendliness of both hard- and software than their competitors. It is a matter of particular concern for the "benevolent dictator" Steve Jobs himself, and he does seem to have the right touch with those things. He has a highly artistic, elaborated idea and vision of how user experience should be, in an almost metaphysical way. I'm sure he consciously or unconsciously lives out many ideas discussed on this website, which would explain the cult.

Now if that justifies the much higher prices of almost the same hardware as ordinary gadgets and computers is another question of course.

I like some of their user interface concepts, but not all of them. I don't like the low degree of control and adjustability I have over an iOS/MacOS (although it's based on Unix which itself is highly customizable -- but you would have to go long ways if you want to have little things differently).

As a software developer mostly for the Windows ecosystem, I often wonder why Microsoft acts quite in a clumsy way in that area despite all of the resources they have. They come up with things that often are unnecessarily counter-intuitive. I regularly watch especially beginners struggle a lot with their stuff, while little children can handle iPads with ease.

A big secret of success for Microsoft in the past was that they always remained backward compatible to a large degree, while Apple more followed a tabula rasa concept with each new version of their product lines, which is a thing that doesn't work in the business world where certain pieces of software have to run for decades. But the advantage for Microsoft in this regard is vanishing, as everything moves more and more into the web.

Problems with viruses stem both from the widespread use and the inherited burden of an inadequate user access rights concept on Windows, whereas Apple's operating systems are built upon Unix which got some things pretty right from early times on in the 70ies. If Apple sold even more devices, there'd surely pop up more security holes as well because they are quite proprietary after all, but it won't be as bad as with Windows. Linux systems inherit the good concepts in this regard from Unix, and are very secure because they are not so wide-spread, and because the source codes are open, which is why the very dedicated community finds possible problems early, and fixes eventual exploits really fast.

All in all, I'd go as far as recommending a Linux distribution like the free Ubuntu for people who want both non-expensive, regular hardware and user friendliness. Believe it or not, it's actually a lot easier than Windows by now, especially in these days where everything happens more and more in the web anyway.


answered 16 Mar '11, 21:26

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Thanks HDW, although the subject matter is on computers the question is about psychology. It’s obvious that you know your stuff and I’m a big supporter of ‘Open Source’ :)

(17 Mar '11, 02:19) Eddie

@HDW: Have you used Ubuntu yourself, and what is your experience using it?

(17 Mar '11, 04:21) Inactive User ♦♦

@Eddie I think I did touch the psychology aspect in the beginning of the answer with how Steve Jobs created a cult following. He is applying LOA if you will. Alright, I then felt I had to point out some facts and rambled on. ;-) But yes, fan culture in general and the psychology behind it is an interesting phenomenon.

(17 Mar '11, 09:07) herzmeister

@Vee Right now I dual-boot, but because of work, music software and some games I admit I mostly run Windows. My next machine will be more powerful so that I hope I can virtualize Windows within Ubuntu properly. For "normal" users mostly surfing the web Ubuntu is more than sufficient. But I indeed played around with it a lot already. I especially like the package manager (think "Free App Store") and that app updates run easily, transparently, and unobtrusively in the background. I also heavily customized it so that the top menu bar behaves more like on MacOS for example.

(17 Mar '11, 09:14) herzmeister
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MAC is an UNIX or BSD variant OS. Windows is not. If you fedup with viruses and don't want to buy an expensive tool try a Linux variant. For the web or an office work Linux makes a really great job.

Linux is a Free & Fast OS core and without any virus over the globe. Android for the phones is Linux too.

I suggest Ubuntu Or a Windows like variant

You can change the hardware anytime without reinstall it.


answered 16 Mar '11, 21:33

Tibor%20S.'s gravatar image

Tibor S.

Thanks Tibor S, do you have any insights into the nature of Mac users?

(17 Mar '11, 02:28) Eddie

@Eddie yeah some. I've got some really fanatic designer friends who only use MAC for their works. Mac is good. Sometimes I start OSX in VirtualBox but mostly use Debian or Kubuntu Linux for myself. I love freedom so much that no MAC or Windows OS can provide for me.

(17 Mar '11, 16:53) Tibor S.

They probably bought it because they don't get viruses, but then they realized that most programs are for PC, so they want to convert everybody else to mac so they will have all the programs.


answered 17 Mar '11, 04:38

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Fairy Princess

Totally! :D ...

(17 Mar '11, 13:27) BridgetJones09

mac user have a false security because mac are not more secure then windows! mac are not just as interesting to hack because they have a very small market in the world! in fact they are more easy to hack because they do not have security update like windows! so the boosting of mac is not deserve! it is like buying a lada and saying it is secure because people steal camaro and they do not steal lada so lada is more secure! someone tried that with me boosting is mac and i have told him that false security and i have also told him the adventage of having a window pc that are more storage more speed more protection more application compatibility so you can do more stuff with pc then mac! and also when they started to put windows os in there mac they got hacked so are they more secure of course not!


answered 19 Jun '11, 06:48

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white tiger

Just readed a great article about OSX's security problems.


answered 19 Mar '11, 19:05

Tibor%20S.'s gravatar image

Tibor S.

macs are just better.


answered 19 Mar '11, 21:14

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