Do we create or participate in everything we are afraid of? If so, how exactly does that get created? I think this subject should be explored in depth (through various questions) for the benefit of all of us.

Comment: This question was inspired by jaiannia's "I can't believe people want to be sick" question. Don't focus on the compassion side of the answer here. I am looking for the plain nuts & bolts, cause & effect or systematic ,here's what you do & here is the result, type of answer that the rest of us can actually put to test with our own lives & verify the results for ourselves.

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Wow Simon, I'm honored to be edited by you. It's like being edited by God. Thank you for creating it’s unbelievable to me that the books on that site are FREE. I paid for, and own many of those books prior to, and since discovering your website. I recommend it to everyone that is "waking up".

(11 Dec '09, 20:01) The Traveller

Thanks for the kind comments, Traveller. Though I have to say that I'm really just a guy with a website...well, two websites now. Godlike status is some way off yet. :-) I'm glad you've found PsiTek useful. And thank you to you too (and everyone else here) for contributing so profoundly to this one.

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You attract what you think about. You bring into your life what you desire and believe.

It's not too hard to imagine that. Consider the person who is accident-prone. They lack gracefulness because they don't focus on being graceful. What do dancers focus on? Dancers focus on being graceful. Dancers are not accident prone in ordinary life, although occasionally they do injure themselves because they push themselves beyond their current skills (or beliefs).

Among those of us whom are less financially abundant than we would like to be, there is a common saying that rich people always think about money. The actual belief underlying that saying is that money is all that rich people care about. But rich people don't think about money very much at all. They think about the freedom and choices money can bring, and the ability that money gives them to help others.

It is the people who don't have enough money that think about money all the time, because they are focused on where the next dollar is coming from, to put food on the table or pay the bills. They are not focused on abundance, they are focused on lack. And because they are focused on lack, their mind is closed to the things they could be doing to improve their financial situation. There are opportunities all around them, but they cannot see those opportunities because they are focused on what they don't have, rather than what they could have.

It took me a long time to understand that yearning for certain things was keeping me from having those things, because it was keeping me in a state of wanting, rather than a state of having. Consequently, having more starts with being grateful for what you already have, and then from that positive feeling space, extending your mind to that which will produce more of what you want in your life.

Some people have fears that prevent them from obtaining more. They feel guilty about having more, because their friends don't have more, or there are hungry people in the world, so why should they deserve more. Their friends tell them that they are wrong to want more, to expect more. Their friends say this because they are afraid that, if the person succeeds, they won't be friends anymore.

But you can't help the poor (in spirit, in wealth, etc.) by being poor yourself. You can only help the poor by getting more, and then sharing what you have. And if you get more, you can do it in a way that lifts everyone up. In other words, you can bring your friends with you, if they're willing to go on the journey with you. Sometimes they won't, and that's OK too. It's hard to imagine that, but some people would rather stay where they are than join you on your journey to abundance, but that is their choice.

So it comes down to being excited about getting more, and thinking, feeling, and living your life as if you already have it. If you do that, the universe will eventually oblige. How? By making circumstances, resources and people available to you exactly when they are needed to fulfill your wishes. Your mind just has to be open to receiving.

Why does this work? Because, when you were in a state of wanting, your mind was focused on what you didn't have, and you failed to recognize the opportunities that were all around you because you weren't in a state of receiving. When you begin to focus on being rather than wanting, your mind opens, and you begin to see the opportunities that were there all along.

You are
never given a wish
without also being given the
power to make it true.
You may
have to work for it,

-- Richard Bach


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Nice answer, Vesuvius

(11 Dec '09, 08:24) Stingray

Thanks, Stingray. This one just sorta flowed out.

(11 Dec '09, 17:59) Vesuvius

I have read your answer many times. I can see you put a lot of thought & effort into it. & need I say, covered all the angles. the Richard Bach quote is great! Thanks.

(11 Dec '09, 19:20) The Traveller

Great answer - Vesuvius!

(12 Dec '09, 03:20) shazsays
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