For the past four days I have been vibrating from a very dark place. This is weird because I have been able to raise my vibration considerably and to keep vibrating from that high level.

However, since Sunday I am constantly having thoughts in my head about past experiences, the horrible things my family has done, my in-laws, even my husband is irritating the hell out of me. Suddenly, even my place isn't comfortable anymore. I am in my new, very high paying job and even that isn't a big deal for me. I am angry at myself for not fighting back at all these people when they were being nasty, for not standing up for myself and for allowing them to bully me the way they did for years. Now I feel this strength - that I just want to "deal" with all of them - to fight back... but this is all in the past, which I thought I had let go of.

It's keeping me back - I don't know what has changed in me that has taken me back to this, and it's as if I don't want to let it go this time. It almost feels as if the Universe is about to allow me to finally tell everybody what I think of them without fear.

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Don't do it you will only spoil your own life and feel even worse afterwards.

(06 Sep '12, 19:26) Paulina 1

MoonWillow: wash the inside of the cup and the outside will become clean by do not like this darkness in you, and from the beguinning it comes from outside of you and jump in you. that is what makes you angry and you will go do the same? if you do not like what some people did to you because they are under darkness why do you want to join their club? and do the same. if it comes back it is because it is not solve in you; you have close your eyes not able to bear it and know the ignore

(06 Sep '12, 20:04) white tiger

paint has come off, time for you to meditate and see the truth. to solve those problem for good,not for others but for lest if you do not want to join their club. and be trap in the same place they are trap now. you have free will and are responsible of it. stay in the truth and be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy. i hope that you can overcome the world has i have overcome the world. again be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(06 Sep '12, 20:08) white tiger

here is a little video to help you understand if you do not understand what i am saying.
let there be light,be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.

(07 Sep '12, 12:43) white tiger

Thank you very much White Tiger - it's so difficult that these people I speak of are my own brothers who I look up to so much. I can't understand what I did to them that could have been that bad.

(07 Sep '12, 13:27) MoonWillow

MoonWillow meditate on it it will come to you. it is either you did something or you did nothing. you need to find out,did the darkness came from me or from them? if it came from you solve it for you and others and if it came from other solve it for you and other. do not cast that darkness to someone else learn the truth about it and see the truth about it you will see it for what it is the ignorance from it and let it drop on the floor so that it go back to dust.

(07 Sep '12, 21:03) white tiger
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Yes it is normal. Several things are at play here. One is that from your new higher vibration, these lower vibrations seem even lower relative to your new higher vibration. Another thing is that you are more aware of your thoughts now, so you are able to identify where those negative feelings are coming from. When we move mindlessly through life, unaware of our thoughts, we 'sense' something wrong, but don't quite know what it is. Once we become aware of our thoughts, they seem loud, maginified relative to your previous state of not even noticing them.

To overcome these negative emotions, use Two Hands Touching to feel better Now. You can also use it with affirmations to feel better about people and situations. Do THT then say, "Salute the divinity in __ and send him/her love." Then do THT again. There are other affirmations on the linked page and other places you can adjust to suit your needs. Rember to look for what you want instead of what you don't want.

The more time you spend in the Now, the less time you spend in the past and in the future.


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Fairy Princess


@Fairy Princess THT is a great way to centre yourself, find the midline.

(05 Sep '12, 12:30) Catherine

@Fairy Princess- Excellent answer:)

(05 Sep '12, 13:27) Satori

Thank you @Catherine and @Satori :) Glad it's helpful

(05 Sep '12, 13:55) Fairy Princess

Thanks for a wonderful answer Fairy Princess

(06 Sep '12, 11:08) MoonWillow

Nicely put @Fairy Princess ! Can't add anything to your wonderful answer!

(06 Sep '12, 11:29) Dollar Bill
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Dear MoonWillow, Dont be a fool and explode only to find afterwards that you have to pick up the pieces and feel worse about it. This used to happen to me and still does sometimes but now very rarely. I found out that it would activate when I was picking up on others emotions that maybe had nothing to do with me but it would feel as if it were may stuff. I would feel their anger and think it is my own. What you are going through sounds very simmilar.
Ask yourself whose stuff is this for with me it would disapear the moment I found out who it belonged to.

As for the other stuff yes you have to deal with being bullied and mistreated but do it in a way so that you won't do yourself any damage. If it is the past rather write a letter to the person (of course you dont post this letter but shread it afterwards). Vent all your anger and say exactly what you would love to say or wished that you did say. Afterwards shread or burn or burry or do with it whatever you wish. This way you will deal with the problem without causing extra stress and problems in your own life. After that forget about it and try to forgive but don't dwell on it or the problem will return.

Good luck.

Just remember do not allow people to treat you that way again.


answered 06 Sep '12, 19:42

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Paulina 1


@Paulina, thank you for reminding me that this could never be the smart thing to do... much love to you my dear

(07 Sep '12, 13:28) MoonWillow
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