Consider: And can we predict future events in our life, and in the world based upon these Ancient Secrets?

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Do you mean "Do they leave us a message (eventually secret) on purpose ?" ?

(16 Mar '11, 12:52) Pierre

@ Pierre: You should post that as another follow up question.

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Yes, indeed our past is full of mysteries.

Archeologists claim that these beautiful golden little thingies from the Aztecs represent insects but I'm not convinced:

Aztec gold plane Aztec gold planes

This Egypt relief is surely a classic:

Ancient egypt aircrafts?

This nice artefact was found in a tomb in Sakkara, Egypt in 1898, and was dated to 200 B.C.:

Sakkara Dove, rear Sakkara Dove, side

It's aerodynamical and a replica of it actually flies, as this nice documentary suggests:

YouTube - Ancient Aliens 2010: The Evidence


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Thank you for the link, and the pictures, interesting stuff!

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WOW these are the planes and space shuttles I was talking about!!! Cool photos! You even have a lot more than I saw on television! Excellent +1 from me! :-)

(17 Mar '11, 15:25) Wade Casaldi

Two of those gold planes a guy did a scale up model air plane of the only difference was he attached a propeller, they both flew!

(17 Mar '11, 15:27) Wade Casaldi
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Yes their secrets are locked in artifacts and extremely old books as the Mahabharata these old stories of flying machines, atomic bombs, lasers etc... to us in the west are their mythical tales but to many in India where fact.

There have been artifacts found that where made to look just like our airplanes and our space shuttle, when these where blown up to scale built exact as model airplanes they absolutely did fly, I saw that on television years ago, it may have been the show "In Search Of."

There was a town found that so much heat hit it everything was melted together and the pottery was nothing but what looked like puddles that hardened back to solid.

See my question

So it seems we had everything and blew ourselves back to primitive days like the message of the original Planet of the Apes movie.


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Wade Casaldi

Thank you for the links, and I will look at them later today, I love research this stuff.

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I watched a show that said if we ever wiped out ourselves, all the technology we have in one thousand years there would be no evidence we ever had it. Our cars turned to rust dust blown away in the wind. Even our mighty skyscrapers collapsed and turned to dust eventually. Our homes all ate away by termites. Everything would return in to the earth except if it were made out of stone, we don't make anything of stone anymore. Maybe a rich person's marble fireplace would survive.

(17 Mar '11, 15:37) Wade Casaldi

Future archeologist would probably wonder then say it was chiseled by primitive tools and forget about it. lol

(17 Mar '11, 15:39) Wade Casaldi
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Of course know one really knows, but the evidence is compelling.

The most practical evidence I have found is the Huna body of knowledge, as popularized by Max Freedom Long and Serge King. I like them because they focus on not only being interesting but useful.

I have found Mastering Your Hidden Self by King to be a great starting point.



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I will research Mastering Your Hidden Self by King, and thank you for your answer!

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they left us their knowledge, their relative truths
if not already done, suggest to take some time to read up on it.
that one can foreshadow the future is feasible,
yet, does not mean you cannot temper it/the outcome


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Yes, there is so much more we need to learn about this, thank you.

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