I went to see a large stone henge yesterday in Avebury (United Kingdom), approximately 420 metres in diameter. Basically, this henge was built by ancient Neolithic civilisations about 6,000 years ago and is made up of a large outer stone circle surrounded by a ditch. There are also smaller stone circles inside the outer circle and a line of paired stones going out of one entrance of the henge.

This henge was really impressive with some of the stones quite massive. Wikipedia gives a good description of this henge.

alt text

It is a big subject of research why these types of henges were built by ancient civilisations. Did they serve religious, spiritual or other practices? These henges were also either built on ley lines or their intersection points. How these ancient civilisations had methods to detect these energy fields really amazes me.

Any thoughts on why these were built and how could they possibly have devised methods in those days to not only detect energy fields, but then lay massive stones on them?

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There are energy 'lines' in the Earth just as there are in our bodies. Think Chinese acupuncture... the needles tap into this invisible energy network and help to rebalance it where necessary.

Likewise the Earth, which many claim is a living entity itself, has it's energy network. Ancient peoples and many indigenous populations today are very aware of these networks and many of their practices are performing the balancing acts that the acupuncture needle does on our bodies.

Then we get to magnetic and paramagnetic stone.... Phil Callahan, PhD, has made some very interesting discoveries about stone, and towers, ...

Callahan believes that the Irish towers act as wave-guides or aerials for extra-low-frequency (ELF) radiation from high above Earth (- Schumann radiation) and the sun . Vital to our health, ELF waves are able to penetrate water and soil, unlike higher frequencies of radiation. To amplify incoming ELF, towers must be paramagnetic, and the effect is enhanced even more when paramagnetic and diamagnetic (i.e. weakly repelled by a magnet) materials are sandwiched together. The Irish towers, often made from granite or basalt stone with wooden floors, were perfect for the task.


I believe that most of the stone circles you see in fields all over the UK are there to enhance to growing capacity of the fields themselves. Fertilisers. The grass is always greener...

I have constructed some 'Towers of Power' myself with great success. These paramagnetic towers are terracotta pots containing the various paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials. I dowsed a suitable position for the tower just under a dying apricot tree. Within the week the tree started to put our new foliage, this despite it being Autumn/Fall. Other plants started to increase the size of their leaves. Doubling in size sometimes. Even my very skeptical husband was startled enough to start worrying 'about the thing'.... what if I doubled my size lol

A real fun experiment to do if you are that way inclined. Just google Phil Callahan and find directions.

The larger and more ceremonial type circles, Stonehenge et al, were probably constructed to perform the same task that our cathedrals and churches with their domes and spires do today... lift our frequency.

This brings us to the virtue of domes..

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the Church of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor in Israel, and the Capitol rotunda in Washington, DC are three well-known domed buildings. The concave lenses in telescopes focus light from distant stars. Dish antennas are used to focus sound and electromagnetic waves.

Domes are power-enhancers or power-focusers. A whisper on one side of a parabolic domed building can easily be heard on the other because the sound is focused toward the center by its spherical shape.

This energy-focusing ability was considered when the Integratron was designed, and accounts for some of its remarkable effects when used for music, sound therapy, meditation, physical healing, and spiritual upliftment.


A very interesting topic altogether.


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Interesting answer.

(08 Feb '10, 22:24) Pink Diamond

yes the site for stonehenge was most certainly chosen for it's beneficial subtle energies ... here's a link about the earth's energy grid system


(20 Apr '13, 09:29) ru bis

well ide say that for people of that day to posess such knowledge on how to built such a complicated piece like that would have to be from an outerforce or higher level (hence god or aliens). their truly is no other explination. but in regards to the purpose of these things other then to connect to these sources or recieve from them personally i have no idea. but its intersting to see others peoples opinions regarding this subject. excellent question Rani(thumbs up):)


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When I was looking up information and ask the question that I had about the energies underneath the lye lines. If you go all over the world the ley lines are connected there are many ley lines. What is the power within Ley Lines?

I think if we find out what the energies are underneath these ley lines than we might be able to say who built these stone hinges and great building and why. Back in the olden ancient days we had half-human and half-fallen-angels and we had giants who roam the earth because they were children of the union between these angels and human women according to the bible.

So, some could be because of great wars between these giants people, half angels and half humans for I am sure some of their powers transferred to the children and some could be because doing a power struggle they turned some to stone and their energies were release back down into the earth because the earth grounds you and pull out negative energies into itself and cleans it.

Another thing is ages ago people were more deeply interested in energies, powers, spiritual and metaphysical things than they are today.

Well, as of yet I don't know but this was just a wild guess.


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