Consider: And how is thinking different to knowing? Is thinking something intellect, and knowing something intuition, and how do we know when we know something, and when we are thinking about something?

I am addressing these issues:

Thinking-as in intellect-where it takes place in the body, and the process it goes through in the brain. Why we tend to ignore intuition, do we reason with our heads, or hearts, and are education the main part of intellect?

Knowing-as in intuition- consciousness- where it relate to reasoning, is there sequences of thoughts leading to outcome, and how does this happen?

So, the answer that I am looking for is which one serves us best, or does it really matters?

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Vee I have to say, these new questions are a big improvement over your older ones, I see much more thought and detail to let me know exactly where you are with these new questions. :-)

(19 Mar '11, 07:11) Wade Casaldi

Very good question +1

(19 Mar '11, 07:12) Wade Casaldi

@Wade C: Thanks for the feedback!

(22 Mar '11, 06:24) Inactive User ♦♦
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This is comparing the left brain to the right brain actually. The left brain thinks sequentially while the right brain thinks (if you could call it thinking) parallel simultaneously.

It seems more like the right brain tunes rather than thinks. So for math for example the left brain calculates until it arrives at the answer, give that same question to your right brain and pow you have the answer, your teacher asks "how did you calculate so fast?" You say "I don't know, I just knew the answer."

There is no space or time in your right brain, this is very important to realize no time or space means no separation either, so when I want to play like someone on my guitar I imagine I am that person and next I sound like them in my playing style. My right brain is tuning to the frequency of that person the wave length they operate from in their thoughts.

The thing is that most are either right or left brained but we need be whole brained, we need let out right brain be active and temper it with the left brain, this holds true for the opposite way as well. It is in this whole brain thinking that we will find the most effective way of life.

The deductive reasoning of the left brain is equally important, without which we may go into totally illogical abstract thought that achieves nothing.

Here is a link for the "Knowing part": The Compass


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Wade Casaldi

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I enjoyed watching the "The Compass" indeed life is a journey! Thank you.

(22 Mar '11, 06:32) Inactive User ♦♦

Yes I am so glad you enjoyed The Compass, yes it is a very good video.

(23 Mar '11, 03:16) Wade Casaldi

Simple :)

Thinking is process of searching resonance harmony with a thought or thoughtform.

Thinking is selecting a frequency where you want to build your path.

Thinking is building a faith in a thought.

Thinking for a long time always results knowing.

Knowing is your actual setpoints of vibration what you believe true.

Knowing is surrounds your now and your probable future.

Knowing is faith or belief.

Knowing is always your truth.


answered 24 May '11, 11:00

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Tibor S.

I was trying to formulate in words the ideas that came to me in reading this question. While I was trying to grasp how to understand my own response I started reading your answer. You hit the same points that leaped up within me. "Knowing is your actual set points of vibration what you believe true". That statement is BRILLIANT!!!!. But you didn't just put that down. You built up your response up to it and then you expanded (thinned out) conceptually towards "faith" and "Knowing is always your truth". I enjoyed exploring the true dept of your response. Thanks for sharing this perspective.

(24 May '11, 12:53) The Traveller

Thank you for your kind words. :) Believe or not this was a chanelling experiment. I'm chanelling my own probable self who is far more higher level than "me". I'm on a learning course now for a month. :D

(24 May '11, 13:29) Tibor S.

@Tibor. S: Love your Poem, and I would like to add that: Thinking is inspiration, and Knowing is learning who you are! Thank you.

(26 May '11, 05:03) Inactive User ♦♦
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Thats like asking is there a difference between running and winning?


answered 19 Mar '11, 07:46

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A very perceptive answer! Thank you.

(22 Mar '11, 06:35) Inactive User ♦♦

well what you know is in the mind and what you think is also in the mind! when you think about something is because you need to resolve something it is not at rest in the mind! what you know is at rest in the mind and you use it when needed! intuition is something you should not know and it is more then thinking it is feeling earing or seing something with out knowing why! it is pass logic! but the funny things is that thinking knowing logic and intuition can work together!


answered 23 May '11, 19:04

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white tiger

I agree with your point, and I like your reasoning, thank you!

(26 May '11, 05:06) Inactive User ♦♦

thinking is usually all brain-mind, while
knowing is mostly spirit-mind.
it is your heart of hearts that knows the difference


answered 24 May '11, 09:35

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Well said, thank you!

(26 May '11, 05:07) Inactive User ♦♦
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