I am starting to learn the concept of how our bodies and our entire outward reality exists within our consciousness. I first got an idea of this listening to a Frank Kinslow meditation. 

He gets you to imagine your awareness expanding outside your body. As he says "Your awareness was always there, your just becoming aware of it, like the overcoat you forgot you were wearing" :)

I suppose this explains how our Outward reality reflects our Inner state of mind.

So if our awareness is unbounded then where is, or is there any separation between our Awareness and someone else's. Is it just our minds that gives us this illusion of seperation?


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Yes, I think it's the left brain that creates the illusion of separation.

(15 Sep '12, 09:23) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - Thanks I think you've answered my question :) The concept of infinite awareness still baffles me though.( left-brain thinking again lol) I hope someone can expand on this for me :)

(15 Sep '12, 10:12) Satori

This brings me back round to the question - if there really isn't any separation, then where do I end and you begin?

(15 Sep '12, 12:25) Grace

well satori you have to work at it and focus. as for the illusion of separetion nope you are individual yet you interact with the whole.or to put it simple the whole is made of many individual.and again there you have choice on what you receive or what you send back on different level(body,soul,spirit). that is why you can be happy and some other people can be sad,if God would have wanted us to be all the same it would not be the creation it is now and we would not have free will.

(17 Sep '12, 00:55) white tiger

@Grace There is an article I posted on here and I can't find it. It talks about how our thoughts are mostly not even our own, but of those around us, but we think they are our thoughts because we 'hear' them.

(17 Sep '12, 11:01) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - I would love to know more about that, if you come across it. I have heard some things along those lines before, along with the idea that you are picking up thoughts from people who you are thinking about, of course, as in the experiments here recently. But it is different, isn't it, if you don't actually know where the thought is coming from?

(17 Sep '12, 21:38) Grace

@Grace One example was where a person was in line and heard other people's thoughts about what restaurant to go to. They thought it was their own thoughts at first. I looked and looked and couldn't find it.

(17 Sep '12, 22:02) Fairy Princess

Thank you @Satori

(18 Sep '12, 07:46) Fairy Princess

@Satori - You are a great Finder of Things. That link leads to a short reference to the story wanted, in the middle of an answer to a question unrelated to this one, at the bottom of a busy thread, a year and a half ago. :) Amazing, Finder of Things. No wonder you always have great quotes for us. How do you do it? Memory? Chanelling? Sixth sense? And thank you!

(18 Sep '12, 09:25) Grace

@Fairy Princess - I don't know anything about zpoint. Did you get it? Would you reccomend it related to this?

(18 Sep '12, 09:27) Grace

@Fairy Princess - cool! Thank you. Grrrr mornings on IQ go by too fast! :) I'll investigate more after work..

(18 Sep '12, 09:54) Grace

@Grace- Thank you Grace. It's all google:)

(18 Sep '12, 13:52) Satori

@Satori What did you google? I googled and found nothing.

(18 Sep '12, 19:00) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- I remembered the words mexican restaurant from when I read it. So I searched that along with your name :)

(18 Sep '12, 19:25) Satori

@Satori - I just saw that my question above was contained in yours... Geeze, took me a while, sorry.

(07 Oct '12, 15:26) Grace
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Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor had a stroke which shut down her entire left brain. In her description of her experience, she felt her awareness expand infinitely- she saw the molecules of the shower wall blend with the molecules of her arm, for example. You can see her speak here.

Dr. Taylor's experience pretty much proves that it is our left brain, as Fairy Princess commented, that makes the separation for us. By meditating, we can expand our awareness beyond the norm to go out further and further. Some people actually leave their bodies (I did as a child). It is a wonderful feeling!

A quote from Dr. Taylor:

"I am the life-force power of the universe. I am the life-force power of the 50 trillion beautiful molecular geniuses that make up my form, at one with all that is.” (Jill Bolte Taylor)

So yes, I think there are no boundaries except those created by our brains.




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@Jai- Thank you, this is very interesting:)

(15 Sep '12, 16:24) Satori

Fairy Princess nailed this on the head.

I know someone that had his daughter sit down at a keyboard, he said lets try an experiment. He imagined her playing the keyboard like she was a pro. She was playing like she was a pro as he imagined the notes and her hands moving. This didn't last long because she got scared and didn't like it.

Here is the rub of this we are all renegade on our own with no controller but ourselves even though we are all one. Now this leaves everyone of us open to be controlled from someone more aware. I will give two examples that have happened to me.

One time I ordered a drink at a restaurant and changed my mind right after I ordered it saying oh I should have ordered this instead! I was like I ordered a soda and I thought I wanted to order an iced tea. She brought me over an iced tea, like that was what I had ordered in the first place! She heard my thoughts or my thoughts controlled her. I didn't do this on purpose but it happened, I was amazed!

Another time I was at a store and there was something behind the counter I wanted to see. The girl was working and when she got done she turned around and grabbed what I was going to ask her to see and handed it to me! I was again surprised! I said nothing and yet she acted like I had said I wanted to see that game behind her. There were plenty of games behind her she could have picked anyone but she picked the exact one I wanted.


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Wade Casaldi

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I have been able to sit down at t a piano and 'pretend' to play a great masterpiece. And it would be very good. I could 'pretend' to do ballet and actually look like I knew what I was doing. Some people were talking about tai chi, so I 'pretended' to do tai chi and they said it really looked like tai chi movements. I guess I was tuning in to the vibration of somebody who can do those things. I used to have the attitude that I could do anything I decided to.

(15 Sep '12, 11:38) Fairy Princess

When I was about 14, I even could pick up a bale of hay in each hand and toss them on the back of the truck, while other people struggled with one, even the boys would pick up one with two hands and lots of effort. I also picked up huge boulders/rocks when my friends and I were making a pool in the creek. There wasn't anything I couldn't do.

(15 Sep '12, 11:41) Fairy Princess

About your examples, I don't think you were controlling these people, they just heard your thoughts as if you said them and responded as if they heard you. It happens a lot where someone thinks something and another person thinks they said it outloud.

(15 Sep '12, 11:43) Fairy Princess

@Wade- Thanks for sharing, its things happening like this that deepen our beliefs:)

(15 Sep '12, 16:30) Satori

i think it ws mental telepathy..

(04 Oct '12, 23:38) supergirl
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There is what we call All that is. Everything is vibration, so All that is, is vibration. From the perspective of All that is, there is stillness. Like when you are in a car that is going fast, you can toss a ball up and it moves with the car like it wasn't moving through space. All that is contains All that was and All that ever will be, not separately, but one All that is/was and ever will be. Those are vibrations made up of vibrations made up of vibrations made up of vibrations and the further we go, the denser the vibrations and the more solid the 'realm' and the more individual the vibrations become.

Our left brain is what allows us to experience individuality and separation and time/space, linear processing. The right brain is what allows us to experience All that is, here Now, everything at the same time, everything is connected, Oneness. So being Centered is when we are here Now and experiencing life as an indivual and as one with All that is. Then we are in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

I read somewhere that the left brain controls the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left side of the brain. So if one wanted to access their right brain to experience All that is/was /ever will be (maybe time travel?), they would use their left side or turn their head to the left. I should experiment with that. Turn my head to the left and ask a question or something, maybe use THT or something. I just was experimenting with the turning part, and it seems, I am more comfortable turning to the right to think. But anyway, experimenting with accessing the right brain for experiencing All that is and unbounded Awareness. Or maybe THT does the trick of connecting the two sides, like a key to unbounded Awareness. I mean, if we reach that stillness, we must have reached the plane where All that is exists, because that is where we won't feel it. That is where the Nothingness is perceived.


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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess Nice answer.

(15 Sep '12, 12:00) Catherine

@Fairy Princes- Thanks FP. Great answer. You have made things a bit clearer for me:)

(15 Sep '12, 16:35) Satori

@Catherine and @Satori Thank you. I am glad it makes sense.

(15 Sep '12, 16:38) Fairy Princess

Fairy princess you say:That is where the Nothingness is. but i say to you that is where all that is exist with awareness over time and space. but it is very far from the brain,the spirit is not in the flesh anny more when you get there.

(17 Sep '12, 01:04) white tiger

@Fairy Princes- I think THT definitely be helpful in connecting both hemispheres of mind.

(18 Sep '12, 06:28) Zee

@white tiger what is your body, but electrons and nothingness?

(03 Oct '12, 09:23) Fairy Princess

@Fairy your body is like a car with multiple fonction to work and serve the host(spirit) that is you, the soul (mind and heart)belongs to whom? the dead are not alive and the living will not die.the dust will return to the dust but the light will return to the light. so let there be light, be the light that you can,be experience and enjoy.

(03 Oct '12, 16:45) white tiger

@white tiger Have you tried THT yet? Experience and enjoy.

(04 Oct '12, 22:50) Fairy Princess
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that would be something for
you to find out,
what if besides thinking there is
need to experience what one does

that knowledge gained
supplements your currently
conscious awareness.

do you have instruments
capable to perceive these finer


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of course fred we came here to experience this world.

(17 Sep '12, 01:06) white tiger

He said, "They are like little children living in a field that is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will say, 'Give us back our field.' They take off their clothes in front of them in order to give it back to them, and they return their field to them.

it is also said be passer-by. so if you are a passer-by in a field that is not your own,why do you need to drop of your clothes to leave that field? or what clothes is he talking about?


(17 Sep '12, 01:26) white tiger

white tiger, many coats of skin protect the spark. those closed to planet earth are heavie and more defined. we may need to ask ourselves what shield it is that we raise and recognize whence it affects us. unbounded consciousness ought to be our capability, when ready to be recognized as such.

(17 Sep '12, 19:20) fred

fred one day people will move away from darkness of lie and come to the light of truth the living one in their presence made in the image of the father, they where once one and they will became two,and how much will they have to bear,but when they become 2 what will they do?or what path will they follow? will they go back on the wide road? or will they stay on the narrow path? if they stay on the narrow path they might go above in the kingdom of light, and with a pure heart see the father God.

(17 Sep '12, 19:58) white tiger

white tiger, not so sure we get to see the Father, He is of a different dimension, but there may be a return to Paradise and options for new decisions to be made that we had little awareness of before

(07 Oct '12, 15:19) fred
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I had an interesting experience in a store parking lot the other day. I had just parked my car, when somethin really funny occured to me, that made me want to laugh out loud. When I got out of the car, there was man who'd parked next to me who was just coming back to his car, and caught my eye. I was careful to keep my face straight, because I was alone, and didn't want him to think I was laughing at him or something.

It was strange, because he gave me a warm smile like we'd shared a private joke, and he looked like he was trying very hard not to laugh out loud himself! It was odd, and neither of us could wipe the smiles off our faces, until we were out of eachother's sight. Just one of those interesting moments that feeling of shared connection, with a stranger.



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Nice! Now I'm smiling! Smiling's my favorite.

(03 Oct '12, 10:03) Fairy Princess

One time I was going into the store and there was a woman knocking on watermelons to see if they were ripe. So I came up to her and said, "Who's there?" so playing along, she said, "Come in." Then we laughed together. Another time I was going to wash my hands at the airport, and there was a woman there on the phone. As I approached, she said, (into the phone) "Hi!" So I said, "Hi!" and we both laughed the whole time I washed my hands, which is long time. As I left, I heard her appologize.

(03 Oct '12, 10:07) Fairy Princess

i also add experience yesterday i add just come in and the women at the cash register told me no one is perfect in this world the only one perfect is God what do you think about that no one is perfect in this world. so i told her no one is perfect in this world but it should not stop us from trying to be perfect.

(04 Oct '12, 18:04) white tiger

@Fairy Princess and @white tiger - Nice! I love bumping into friends I've never met, unexpectedly. Makes my whole day brighter. :) In fact, it's still brightening my day. I'm glad to see this happens to you guys, too!

(04 Oct '12, 18:24) Grace

there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it is dark. so let there be light, be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.

(04 Oct '12, 22:44) white tiger
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This is a fascinating conversation to me. I love everyone's answers. I have an experiment I have been trying that kinda deals with this same thing. When you go into a daze and are imagining or day dreaming. You go into an alternate state of mind sometimes. Does anyone have any thoughts on this also pertaining to using the left side or right side of brain at this time?


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@Skuldr, if you are asking a question please do so using the Ask A Question button at the top of the page and create a new question. The answers box should only be used for directly answering the question being asked, not for making comments on existing answers or asking further questions. Thanks

(04 Nov '12, 04:54) Barry Allen ♦♦
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