When you have internal resistance built up and it seems that your mind is dominated by unproductive thoughts and you don't even know what excites you anymore, what is one to do?

I follow this guru called Shunyamurti - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj57Ohgx4Jw - and he says we should aspire to a state of identification with the Higher Self so that what happens in the phenomenological reality doesn't even matter anymore, except as a reflection of the state of our consciousness.

I cannot reconcile that with the path of following the highest excitement because that path seems inextricably linked to what happens in the world. After all, you have to pay attention to what happens in order to decide what excites you or not.

I guess I'm trying to understand if the communication with the Higher Self pertains to the world or transcends it. Does the Higher Self have an agenda as transformer of the world in the form of a mission the physical Self can fulfill? Or like Ramana Maharshi says, only the Higher Self is Real and we should aspire to that state of Ultimate Transcendence and not care too much about the fate of the body?

In either case, how do we start to be more attuned to Higher Self? How do we hear and follow its callings?

Thank you for reading :)


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Hi @Surfgrass what to do when you have internal resistance? in other words how to break out the habit of being yourself ... rather than following and being caught up in a never ending circle of resistances, start by creating the life that you wish, any resistances that you come across will automatically dissolve

(24 May '21, 03:06) jaz
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There is a reason you have a body with all the joy and pain it can bring. If you study even a small part of the amazing synchronicity that makes our bodies tick, it is clear that it was not an accident. It was designed. Denying it or floating above it has always seemed pointless to me.

What in life gives you goosebumps? What aspect of life could you study for hours and time seems to pass in a blink? Or sometimes it’s a gift or talent that comes so naturally to you that you just take it for granted. They are things your higher self is thriving on, and if you follow them, you won’t regret it for a moment. Even when it gets really challenging and frustrating. Even if it’s just following a pinprick of light at first, allow your imagination to roam for a few minutes a week.

If and when life becomes busy and all consuming, your higher self won’t let you forgot those few minutes of absolute joy and it’ll sit somewhere in your heart or mind until you have the chance to sit with it again.


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@Bluebell Thank you for this answer! May I ask what you mean by " Even if it’s just following a pinprick of light at first, allow your imagination to roam for a few minutes a week " ?

(24 May '21, 22:53) Surfgrass

I’ve always been a rule follower, knowing there are certain parameters our mind must fall into to be considered normal. I’ve always been afraid to venture outside of that. When I gave myself permission, even just privately, to transcend that, that is when I started to feel like I was following some kind of higher self.

(24 May '21, 23:20) Bluebell

I like the analogy of our consciousness being a huge and mysterious wild forest, but a small part is fenced off as we grow, and we’re taught to stay inside the fence. Outside is ‘danger’. My higher self just happened to be happier outside the fence. What I’m trying to say is, your higher self might follow patterns that society doesn’t necessarily nurture, and maybe no one in your life will understand. But it will make sense to you

(24 May '21, 23:22) Bluebell
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learn how your higher self
contacts you, an inner voice not intending
to throw you off

then try the concept


answered 30 May '21, 18:07

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