Is it possible say for Esther Hicks to be channeling Abraham one minute and in the next minute be giving you a message from Edgar Cayce? I just don't understand how they can shift frequencies between seperate dimensions.

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Yes, it's absolutely possible and, in my experience, happens quite a bit.

When I used to be part of a channelling group some years ago, many in the circle would bring forth different personalities at different times in response to different intents. It tended however mostly to be a fairly regular and repeating set of "entities", not just random ones every time.

I think this is because the channeller tends to have a certain habitual vibrational range and so really only has access to consciousnesses that match that range.

Quite often, it is possible for the regular "entity" to step aside for a while and allow another to communicate through the channeller and you can usually hear a distinct change in the tone of voice and words used by the channeller (if they are verbally-based) when this happens...Bashar has done this in public on a few occasions but I've noticed that with Abraham, they just tend to just stay put and pass on the message instead.

Wendy Kennedy & Nora Herold, who specialize in channeling extra-terrestrials, are always switching back and forth between different alien civilizations in an instant (though Wendy alone tends to stick mostly to The Pleiadians). On some of their live recordings, it can be quite an effort to keep up with which "entity" is communicating at any moment. :)


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Wa attend an intensive workshop with Abraham, channeled by a friend and she can open herself up to several whitelight entities as well as the Archangels and others.But I still find this a bit overwhelming.

(19 Mar '11, 12:02) Roy

I still dont understand how a channel is able to shift frequencies at will.

(19 Mar '11, 17:28) Roy

I wonder if it's like changing languages going let say from spanish to english in a conversation? Listening or speaking to one person in spanish then the next in english.


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Or the ability to focus clearly on multiple dimensions at once,or just the ability to get out the way.I'm curious to find out. Thanks

(19 Mar '11, 20:20) Roy

I am watching "Tuning in" and Darrel Anka.says something that his vibrations get higher and Bashars get lower that Bashar sends thoughts and darrels mind translate them.

(19 Mar '11, 22:12) ursixx
(12 Jan '13, 05:13) ursixx

The video is down but here is the trailer

(07 Jun '13, 00:53) ursixx
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the entity can change from the simple ability to change their vibrations,,, I am a channelLer and I channel an entity from the 5th density,,, he says I could speak to other entities either through him (like he was channelling ) or I could let the other's energy in. I haven't because of the fact I trust my entity and I don't want to have to re-meet another one.The entities are able to easily change vibration as long they are going to lower densities.. I have a channelling series on 4th-6th d neg n positive and their steps on my youtube channel,, type in " TReb Bor yit-NE 's channelling playlist " into the search bar then look for the 4th density 5th and 6th in the list ,,he explains this VERY well asbout the ability to transfer physical and concious energy between the densities !!! love n light 2 u my friend,


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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Thanks Very Much Rob for the information, I will check it out.Question for you, would you mind telling me which entity you channel and did you know before you channeled your guide, what there name was?

(19 Mar '11, 22:17) Roy

yes i did not know who he was,, he is not a traditional spirit guide,, he is an entity that is 5th density,, he is a reptilian hybrid from the star we know as Capella,,, his name is TReb Bor yit-NE,,, ty 4 ur question n i will be soo happy to aNSWER anymore that any of u have

(19 Mar '11, 22:28) TReb Bor yit-NE

@good to see you here rob :D

(19 Mar '11, 22:44) ursixx

great 2 see u 2 my freind !!!!

(19 Mar '11, 22:52) TReb Bor yit-NE

wow, oldie but goodie lol

(06 Jun '13, 20:28) TReb Bor yit-NE

Seems like yesterday :)

(07 Jun '13, 14:58) Roy
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I had never given much thought before to the fact that multiple entities come through. It seems natural, like walking into a room with an open heart and a smile, and whoever feels like coming up and saying hello, will.

It feels much like when you are talking with physical people, I think. Everybody feels a little different, everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, and you tend want to talk to the one who has experience or focus on the particular subject you have in mind, or the mood you're in - someone who matches your vibration. :)


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I like that,thanks Grace. :)

(08 Jun '13, 14:55) Roy

@Roy - You're welcome! :)

(09 Jun '13, 01:50) Grace

Yes it is possible. I remember from when I used to channel. But also from channeling my guitar influences. I can switch between different musicians.

Even Abraham is not a being but a group of beings.

It is like tuning a radio dial, you tune into different frequencies.


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Wade Casaldi

I have been in intensive channeled classes for about 5 years now, attending one or two times a week using the same girl as our channel. She started with Arcturus but it changed to others and then there was Metatron and now "they" refer to themselves as The Council of Many. It has been explained that there are so many entities gathered at a channeling putting their information or tidbits in at the same time. Often there will be a brief pause before an answer or in the middle of a statement where they say "One moment please" and sort of go off line to us. When ther resume, I am always so amazed at how the statements or answers are in absolute perfection. They explained that sometimes there are so many there wanting to input and that they have to gather all information from all those there and once that is complete, they will move forward with the information. In other words, it is not usually just one entity coming through, it is many coming through as one. They have explained that even we humans have more than one within us and if you consider we have our physical. emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, they are all different parts that make up one whole, and all of humanity is really part of one whole. Even our brains & thought processes are made of more than one part which can influence the information given and how it's interpretated. An example of that are our internal mind conversations like "I should have handled that differently", and then you might get an answer back to yourself in 'second person' such as 'No you did the right thing" and you go back & forth with these first & second person thoughts, debates or conversations. Then you can find that there is a third part who is the one actually observing your whole conversation taking place, and if you think about it, who is acknowledging the third person observing? Pretty cool to think about! This is why there is always so much going on through channeling. What parts are in communication at any given moment?


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