I am at a spot in my spiritual path where I am not sure how much I NEED to channel any more. For those who have channelled or accept channelling, as a valid or subconscious connection, when do you call it quits? I have been connected to my source for three years now. When I do my pre-sessions with people, I end up answering most of thew questions they have correctly. I have been told by my source for the last 3 months that I no longer need him for information. Once I trust myself enough, I will be able to find more than I ever can with him. I only fear to miss my relationship with him, as it goes , he doesn't need any relationship as it is his job to help, but I see him as a friend. How do I seperate that? When do I know when to stop looking outside for the answers to my issues, and trust the inner self? I see this repeated as others look to channellers, and entheogens for answers too.

love n light,


asked 28 Jul '11, 20:39

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Barry Allen ♦♦

TY MICHAELA 4 THE EDIT :-) u guys always save me lol

(29 Jul '11, 06:54) TReb Bor yit-NE

When does one end a friendship? As you said your channeling also a friendship an exchange of Ideas. Tre-bor-yit-ne might not need you. It seems like he has a duty to serve. I too felt that some of his information was already known to me,but the same teaching with other words is always interesting. the descriptions of the workings of higher dimensions was fascinating! Maybe this is a time for reflections?
Good to see you here.


answered 29 Jul '11, 20:28

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thank u my brother , i enjoyed our chat tonight , thank u,, thank u,, love n light

(30 Jul '11, 01:40) TReb Bor yit-NE

Dear Rob you can stop any time you are ready. If you feel you are not ready than carry on and when you feel ready than stop. Yes it is true we can find all the answers we need withour going through someone else and yet we are all one and interconected so you are actualy already doing it yourself. You need some self confidence and just try for a while to go without your channel guide and see what happens. Have faith that you are geting your answeres directly from source and you might just be suprised at the outcome.


answered 28 Jul '11, 23:19

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Paulina 1

thank u , it is somthing wade said that realy made what i been thinking come to my fromt of teh mind,, thank u , love nm light

(29 Jul '11, 01:20) TReb Bor yit-NE

This makes me wonder if the 'channelled being' that you guys channel, isn't just a part of your consciousness, but calls it's self what you will accept. It is you tapping into the consciousness of God. Somewhere between faith, interpretation, etc... you develop an 'alter ego' that can see things you cannot, sees into the demention that is the connection of all that is. Like people with multiple personalities actually create these other people, they are as real to themselves as I am to myself. So, maybe you are able to connect to this matrix as Rob instead of contacting the alter ego that you created to allow yourself to see this other dimension. Like the burning bush, God knew that Moses couldn't handle seeing His full glory, but he could handle a talking bush. I am not saying you are talking to God. I hope this makes sense.


answered 28 Jul '11, 21:28

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Fairy Princess

yes,m, it is a great consideration i have looked at several times,, i believ that this is very very possible, even though i dont THINK it is, it might be, you are ruight and i fully acceopt this as a possibility lololol,, ty

(28 Jul '11, 21:34) TReb Bor yit-NE

Rob when this is is when you reach integration, it is a blending and he will always be there when needed but you find the need is less and less.

I do not mean to down play Trebor nitye by this but I must compare it to a bicycle. Some kids need training wheels and these are great for support but to really take off you need to take off the training wheels.

I believe the happiest moment a friend has is when he sees his friend can make it on his own that he does not need to rely on him as a crutch any longer, that he has his own confidence.

This point in channeling is integration when you realize you speak like the one you channeled all this time, when your knowledge and understanding is one. When you realize there is no need to call on him (he is there) we are all connected as one unit his knowledge is your knowledge. Likewise someday we will come to realize my knowledge is your knowledge and yours is mine and every one else all are connected there is no separation in thought even someone from across the galaxy or beyond it is all the same.

But you need to be relaxed in knowing that you and everyone are one, as long as you feel you need him he stays (in your mind) separate. We can not need what we are, we can only need what we do not have.


answered 29 Jul '11, 00:15

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Wade Casaldi

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it was ur comment a few days ago that realy made me see that what has been in my mind n heart was right, my source has been telling me the same thing for a long time :-)

thank u wade lnl, rob

(29 Jul '11, 01:22) TReb Bor yit-NE

Wonderful, congratulations, I am sure Treb-Bor-yit-Ne is proud of you too Rob! You have the knowledge and the connection is solid you are one. :-)

(29 Jul '11, 03:50) Wade Casaldi

thank you agian ,, i appriciate everything , love n light

(29 Jul '11, 06:56) TReb Bor yit-NE
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you can experiance what ever you want. so can every one else. i am so there is no limit to what i can experiance as long as the balence is keep. experiance and enjoy.


answered 29 Jul '11, 05:10

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white tiger

thank u my freind, u are a great soul

(29 Jul '11, 06:55) TReb Bor yit-NE

All the above comments seem good to me ... in particular Fairy Princess wonders if the 'channelled being' isn't just part of our consciousness ... i would certainly agree with that ... and as Paulina Giao points out; have confidence and just try for a while to go without your channel guide and see what happens ... have faith in yourself.


answered 29 Nov '11, 07:54

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blubird two

ty my frreind,, i went along time withoput him, and now i see that he is me, i am him, and even if we ware or are not same,, every question he is asked, ialways have a good idea ir close about teh answers, so it has proven to me, i dont need him to answer all teh ssues in my life, so i let others use him to help them be able to find teh answers theirselfs in tehir own lives, u r correct, thank u love n light rob

(30 Nov '11, 14:46) TReb Bor yit-NE
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