I can't make the right decision and be at peace because my ego is ruling me big time lately. How can I stop my ego manipulating me? I can't even relax and meditate because of my situation.

Here's the detail...

My ego and pride think she's great. She graduated with honors, made it to top 10 of the board exam and took up masters in business granted with scholarship. In short she has full of pride. Her co-worker, well... she also got few of her pride but it cant be compared to me. She's only better because I think she's the Manager's bet. She likes to compete with me and wants to be the center of attention.
I don't pay much attention to this before for I had been seriously focusing on my "Inward quest" but lately she had been promoted. It made my ego hurt really bad. I cannot accept this fact that she's now my direct supervisor. I am also called the senior when it comes to age and experience. The company and the owners I'm working with is great in general. I'm just not in good terms with the manager and my co-worker in particular. I cannot resign immediately for I am just starting building up my own business. I don't have enough capital yet and the company is the main source of my income right now. I don't think I can find a company better than this.

How can I resolve this? How can I clear up my mind? Help, deep breathing and meditation is not enough...

Thanks in Advance!

asked 04 Mar '11, 09:59

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Angelfire 1

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Ursixx is right, I should remember the Golden rule. I edited some harsh words I wrote here :)

(05 Mar '11, 06:37) Angelfire 1
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This part of your question sounds like an old part of you speaking

She's only better because she's the Manager's pet and bet. She likes to compete with me and wants to be the center of attention

No one is better than you and you are no better than anyone else .We are all equal .

It made my ego hurt really bad. I cannot accept this fact that she's now my direct supervisor.

Don't accept it. Celebrate it! Share the success.age does not matter let your work shine with love and caring .when you do this you will put your ego to sleep again

I'm just not in good terms with the manager and the manager's pet in particular.

The more you say this the more it will be so. How about I cooperate to the best of my ability,and do the best job that I can. Name calling (the manager's pet) just sends negative vibration into the working relationship.
Remember the Golden rule

How can I resolve this? How can I clear up my mind?

Everyday is a new day, it isn't yesterday, it isn't tomorrow. Fresh start, new day. Out with these old and unhelpful thoughts. Be the better person and be happy that you are.
Look it's already the weekend!


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Wonderful answer ursixx! thank you, namaste

(04 Mar '11, 15:07) daniele

@daniele smiles glad you liked it :D

(04 Mar '11, 15:11) ursixx

yes, indeed wonderful answer of ursixx! It like suddenly brought be back to myself. You just slapped me :P Thank you also for reminding me of the wonderful weekend :)

(04 Mar '11, 16:09) Angelfire 1

Great advice ursixx :)

(05 Mar '11, 13:01) Michaela

Loved your response!

(05 Mar '11, 15:16) LeeAnn 1
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E.G.O. stands for "Edging God Out". Just slip Him back where He belongs!

Just a little P.S. from Jai


answered 05 Mar '11, 08:55

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Love your answer Jaianniah! Fantastic!

(05 Mar '11, 14:45) The Traveller

Thanks! Jaianniah

(05 Mar '11, 16:17) Jaianniah

Thanks Jaianniah!

(06 Mar '11, 05:48) Angelfire 1
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You can help your ego make the right decision by asking yourself, What would love do? and, How am I going to feel about this on my death bed?



answered 04 Mar '11, 10:10

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Or.. What Would Jesus Do?

(04 Mar '11, 13:27) Angelfire 1

Youve already started making them.

Youve identified the ego,youve stepped outside it and observed its action.

As far as i can tell from reading Tolle and studying his work your 90% of the way there.He believes you cant ever totally divorce yourself from your ego,but with the occasional step outside and frank and honest appraisal your back in charge.

Ive probably massivly oversimplified that ,but its the way i read it.



answered 04 Mar '11, 10:11

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Monty Riviera

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Perhaps you can't make the right decision and be at peace with it because it isn't the 'right' decision for you at this particular time? You'll just know what needs to be done by simply listening to your heart.

thank you, namaste


answered 04 Mar '11, 12:41

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Emotional Freedom Technique was developed by Gary Craig. It is a technique that uses tapping on meridian points while saying affirmations. It is like accupuncture without needlse meets psychology. Here is a video that shows you how to do it. This is not me, but a video I like to use to share with others over the internet. You can do more research on it and how it works and stuff, but this should get you going. While you are tapping along with her, say what she is saying and do what she is doing. Use words, names and titles that are pertinent to your situation. Tune in to how you are feeling about the situation while you are tapping. The tapping clears the emotions so that that you are not so emotionally charged about the situation. I have cleared obsessive thoughts, fears, etc... Be patient and be consistant. It could take one round, it could take several rounds, it could take one session, it could take several sessions. Just don't give up, it will give you relief if you do it.



answered 04 Mar '11, 14:17

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Fairy Princess


Wow. You need to stop trashing other people and whining. I thought this was an Abraham Hicks site. If you read or listened to anything they wrote or said you would not be sharing your situation. Take responsibility for your inappropriate actions. You are getting help with comments like how you would feel on your deathbed? What would Jesus do? Really? Now you are feeling worse instead of better.


answered 05 Mar '11, 05:29

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@lander that's why I'm asking for advise "My ego is ruling me" and I can't think good at the moment I wrote it... anyway I am very grateful for all the answers they gave me on this problem, they had really helped me realize and clear up my mind... God bless!

(05 Mar '11, 06:27) Angelfire 1

I don't know where you got the idea this was an exclusively Abraham-Hicks site - there are all kinds of perspectives and viewpoints here. I've been studying the Abraham-Hicks stuff for around 15 years or so and I much prefer to be here than on those other sites. The Abraham-Hicks teachings are just a modern-day perspective using modern-day language on Universal principles. Sure, if you are just starting out, stick exclusively to one set of teachings until you integrate them. But it helps considerably in the long-run to expose yourself to other perspectives too.

(05 Mar '11, 07:46) Stingray

You don't want to take responsibility for your actions. You are making matters worse by soliciting random advice and perpetuating your problem I am not new to Abraham-Hicks. I am looking for a site to chat about uplifting topics and if I am doing the meditation breathing right. I got a site with people whining and complaining about their sad lives. If you know of a site that does not have god as it's main focus and the people want to participate in constructive discussion about uplifting things happening to them instead of being jealous of coworkers I would appreciate the address.

(05 Mar '11, 21:05) lander

You see what you want to see... even though there are quite a number of questions that seems to just be people whining about their lives or ranting, there are still tons of other intelligent questions going on. Plus, if we all had no problems with our lives, I don't think we would even be here? The main reason why so many of us are here is cause we want to learn how to improve our lives? or how we can live happily without all these worldly desires, needs and problems?

(06 Mar '11, 09:16) kakaboo

This site does not have God as its main focus either.. it's probably just that there are more active Christians on this site and they find it easier to explain in terms of their own religion.. even though I don't believe in Christianity I still respect their opinions, ultimately you are still the one who choose what you want to see or read

(06 Mar '11, 09:19) kakaboo

@lander - If you are genuinely not new to the Abraham-Hicks teachings then you'll understand they talk about nothing else but God. God is just a word that many fight over and interpret differently to each other so Abraham don't use it. I agree with them - I don't like that baggage-laden word myself either and rarely use it. Abraham, instead, use their own language to express the concept that the word God was originally meant to mean. But if you are judging others because they are using a word you don't like, you might need to rethink what you think Abraham are really saying :)

(06 Mar '11, 10:15) Stingray

We are all human. As humans, we are not perfect. Here we have someone who noticed their imperfection and wants help to fix it. If she is sincere, she will do the tapping and relieve the emotional triggers and will be reporting what a wonderul turn around she has had. As searchers for truth, our response should be one that would help her end the emotional triggers at her work, not throw stones at her for being human. The most negative post on this thread is your post criticizing people for being human. I am here to seek the truth, grow and learn. I hope you find what you are looking for.

(06 Mar '11, 13:45) Fairy Princess

Kakaboo I want to see the positive in people and exacerbate their problem by encouraging them to complain and whine. We are not human to have or solve problems. People create their own problems. We are here to learn, experience joy and expand our lives through contrast. Not to be jealous and find reasons to blame other people for shortcomings. You are criticizing me for my opinion to defend someone who is whining about theirs. We wouldn't be here if we didn't have problems with our lives? What? Do you even know what you mean? Of course I am choosing what I want to see.

(06 Mar '11, 16:04) lander

Juniper I believe as humans we are perfect. Religion says people are born sinners. I am not a sinner. People like you who say we are not perfect. I am perfect. Someone noticed their self created imperfection, didn't want to take responsibility and broadcast it. She needs to fix the solution herself or it will be your fault when it doesn't work. If your solution doesn't work then she wasn't sincere? Now you are judging her. I am not criticizing her for being human. I am criticizing her for not taking responsibility for her problem that she has created and wants someone else to fix.

(06 Mar '11, 16:14) lander

Stingray You are judging me on your interpretation of A-H. I do not have issue with the word god and yes, I do prefer the word source or inner being. It is comments that come with the word god like sinner, not perfect, need saving that I have issue with. If you were genuine in understanding what you are reading or you would not make that comment to me. You missed the issue which was do not make your self made problem greater by telling everyone about it. If she wanted a solution she could research EFT, religion, therapy etc. She is trying to dump her problem on you and you are accepting it.

(06 Mar '11, 16:31) lander

@lander I don't see how she is able to dump the problem on us... you are right that she should take responsibility for her own problems, but sometimes people just need a slight prod in the correct direction. It's not like she's asking us to do something to help solve her problems, but rather she's asking us what she can do in order to solve her problems..

(12 Mar '11, 01:54) kakaboo

We wouldn't be here if we didn't have problems with our lives? What? Do you even know what you mean? Of course I know what I mean..but of course not everyone on this site is this way, but I would say majority of us found this site because we wanted to IMPROVE our lives in some sort of way. And if your life needs IMPROVING, wouldn't that indirectly mean you have some problems in your life, no matter how small it is? :)

(12 Mar '11, 01:56) kakaboo
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