Does it work like a genie in a bottle with lying about things you don't want? For example: I'm late because I got into a fender bender (lie) and then a car accident resulting in a fender bender or something similar OR worse would happen because of law of attraction or a universal law.

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I think what you are asking is, When we lie, does that lie manifest into reality?

(22 Mar '11, 03:47) Fairy Princess

Thank you Juniper for clearing that up. :-)

(23 Mar '11, 19:11) Wade Casaldi
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The Law of Attraction responds to dominant vibration only, not what you do once in a while and the words you use are generally irrelevant anyway - it's how you feel that counts.

So if you felt you were doing something wrong with making a false statement and you held that feeling within yourself consistently (perhaps by lying consistently), that feeling that you were doing something wrong might be able to conjure up physical manifestations eventually that matched that bad feeling.

If you genuinely felt absolutely fine telling a lie (perhaps for some "greater good" you perceived), it wouldn't affect anything in your life - apart from upsetting those people around you who subscribe to moral values that you should never lie :)


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Couldn't agree more.

(23 Mar '11, 00:02) you

The law of attraction is based on intentions. Therefore, a lie has no power of attraction because there is no intentions. Also, the LOA works from our thoughts at the unconscious level, those thoughts we think most as we go about our day that we aren't really aware, unless we make an effort to catch ourselves through reflection and meditation.


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It is a temporary fix like a Bandaid. It works, but eventually the truth comes out. The lie does work to an extent, but it requires MORE energy to keep it up. The truth does not require anything extra. It has already been recorded and does not require a boost.


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The Knights Alchemy

Florance Scovel Shinn had some interesting stories about this subject.

There was a little girl that liked wearing black and pretending she was a widow as she played, she grew up and the man she married was killed, she was a real widow then.

There was a women that constantly complained her house was too much for her to handle. She use to say "I could live out of a trunk." She got her wish when she lost her house and all she had was a trunk of what she could take with her to survive with.

There was a store owner that had a sign "Non-profit not that we really want to be!!" It was a joke, she said "Do you really want to make a profit? Then tear up this sign, our words we speak are powerful!"

Those are three stories from her books.


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Wade Casaldi

I saw a show too where a comedian idolized another comedian who was overweight and died young. The comedian who idolized him died young and overweight. They showed this kind of thing with other situations and concluded that it is important to be careful who you choose to be like or emulate.

(26 Mar '11, 21:19) Fairy Princess
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