i am not sure what vibrational energy is, even after reading many posts here. can someone explain exactly what it is?

i gather that a high vibration is good to have? how do you determine what yours is and can we change this?


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Quite simply how you feel is a clear indicator of your vibrational level.

As Michael so rightly pointed out, when you feel good, you're vibrational level will be high... as your feeling is always in alignment with your vibrational level. Obviously whe you're not feeling good, you're vibrating at a lower level.

Thus, how you feel is of utmost importance to what you are attracting in life. You can always change your vibrational level by doing whatever it takes to make you feel good.


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thanks to you both - okay, good. for the most part, my vibration level is high. but when i am sick, no matter how much i focus on not feeling sick, my body is definitely feeling ill. can people really focus enough to NOT be sick?

i ask because when i feel ill, i know everything slows down.

it must take a lot of practice to keep high vibration when physically ill?

can our vibation level be high (when we still feel joy and peace with others) but physically one has a fever?

i'm so curious!

thanks :)

(22 Mar '11, 03:10) soybliss

@Soybliss, this comment would make a good new question. Thanks. I want to know too.

(22 Mar '11, 03:42) Fairy Princess

many times your vibrational energy coralates with a color,a low vibration corolates in the low visible light range so low is red high is violet, it is the whole R.O.Y. G. B.I.V. thing, you start at the bottom then go up, red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet, so when you make that connection in your mind this often can be assosiated with colors that you like, colors that you tend to see in your meditation and many other ways. if you do not first make that association in your mind it will not work, once you do this try to see what colors are immportant to you and that is one way i was taught by my source to see the leval of others vibrations (and your own) i hope this helped, love n light, rob


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TReb Bor yit-NE

hey there - you added a comment about accepting a bounty, i have no idea what that means?

(01 Apr '11, 19:08) soybliss

i am not sure what you mean? can you show me were it is or copy it for me. i am a horrible speller and i might have accedintly misspelled it? i am not sure lol. sorry :-)

(01 Apr '11, 20:20) TReb Bor yit-NE

To find out what your vibrational energy level is you can use the Bovis Scale and a pendulum.

alt text

Antoine Bovis developed techniques to measure vibrational frequency. The desired minimal level for humans is between 8000 to 10000 ...




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@jaz The link talks about kinesiology - I am assuming that you just ask the pendulum a question about the water and then maybe the pendulum (a quartz pendulum?) energises the water. Certainly I have heard of putting a quartz crystal into a jug of water to energise it.

(19 Jun '14, 06:13) Catherine

@Catherine the Bovis Scale can be used to measure the vibrational frequency of anything, a piece of rock, a plant, an insect, humans, dog, cat ... and of course water. Place the object or vibrational pattern of the object at the zero end of the scale and allow your pendulum to swing along the scale, the point at which the pendulum swings perfectly at 90° to the scale gives the frequency.

(20 Jun '14, 01:19) jaz

The simplest way to energize water is to use your own magnetism, here's an example


(20 Jun '14, 01:20) jaz

@jaz Thanks for explaining that.

(20 Jun '14, 17:15) Catherine
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I would define the energy as the Life Force, as homeopaths call it, flowing through us, being us, creating our life experience.

I think here 'vibrational' and 'energy' are of the same sense, so I can use them interchangeably.

How to find out the vibrational level - is simple, I call it "the taste of life" - how does life taste to you? How does it feel? It it feels delicious, your vibrational level is pretty high, and vice versa.

You also, for my opinion, don't have just one vibrational level - you may have different vibrational levels on different subjects.

It is important to what you create in your life, the way you feel now - because this is how what your life will bring to you on that subject, will feel.

But also, it is very important to your Now moment - because how you feel right Now, defines your quality of life. Because you live Now. :)

How to change this - I love the thought changing way. I will quote here a piece from my book, where I was describing it to a friend:

If to say it very-very simply, you have taking-you-to-what-you-want and taking-you-to-what-you-don't-want dots around you, and your emotion tells you, which dot you're focused on.

AH say, that our Inner Being lives forever and from time to time puts itself into a new physical body, to feel the joy of physicality, to know itself better, to experience, to expand.

Its energy flows through our physical body, when we, the Gods that we are, create our life here and now. Sometimes it can flow more freely - it's when we're focused upon taking-us-to-what-we-want dots.

And then we feel good, why?

Because there's no discord then between us physical and our Inner Being that steadily holds for us the image of what we want, and actually, it IS (from the energy point of view) we-with-all-that-we've-ever-wanted. It's Who We Really Are.

So who you really are - is a mother in a very happy family, a beautiful and beloved, truly adored wife, feeling like a queen. At least. :)

And when you're thinking thoughts that speak opposite to that, you feel bad - because you're restricting the flow of the energy that is trying to create for you all of this.

Do you feel cared for now? :) I do, when I'm thinking, how this my loving Inner Being holds my every dream for me and flows its energy through me, creating in my life the circumstances that will allow me to experience them.

That it gives me clues, on whether I'm going in the right direction, through my emotions.

That my feeling good means, I'm creating what I want in my life, and so it's important.

The energy of our Inner Being is high. So the higher our energy is (through some exercises, for example, or at the times of "being in the flow", exhilaration, admiration, appreciation), the more we unite with it, and so we feel better.

Our Inner Being is Love, and so when we're thinking thoughts of love, we're connecting with it, and so we feel better.

And finally, our Inner Being holds our dreams, and so when we're thinking thoughts, more corresponding to us getting what we want, we unite with our Inner Being, and then we feel better.

So from here, some very practical tools arise, to feel better

1. Physical exercises or some activities, bringing us into a higher energy.

2. Immersing in love. Thinking about love, loving someone or something, participating in activities of love.

Remember I quoted it?:  AH say, that we think we're looking to be loved, but really what we're looking for, is to love, because that's really who we are. So finding any excuse to love (anyone, anything) is the quickest path to elation.

Lee Harris said: "To attract the love you want.....Be the love you are."

3. Meditation. This "science of feeling good" gives an explanation, why meditation is working:

Because in the meditation we release "bad" thoughts, -- either concentrating on some better-feeling, pleasant thoughts of being with Nature, or releasing all thoughts at all. And so we re-connect with our Inner Being and feel better.

It is also how it works when Sujey asks us to breathe deeply or concentrate on our body sensations: we focus out the negative thoughts. In other words, we focus on thoughts on which our Source (another name for the Inner Being) has the same "opinion" as we are, and so we align with it (especially if we hold these non-negative thoughts for more than 17 seconds, or, even better, more than 68 seconds).

In this alignment, we reunion with all our power (AH say, "Confidence comes not from experience, but from alignment"), love, worthiness, feeling sure and secure.

And then, from this standpoint of power, we can already look back to the thoughts that bothered us before, and try to bridge, to mold them into thoughts more compatible with those of Source, and thus to feel better on that subject, too.

Because you see, Source sees us as loved, loving, worthy, good, valuable, caring, cared for, powerful, joyful deliberate creators, and when we see ourselves otherwise, we feel the discord of separation.

In the physical activities (#1), by the way, it's also better to choose those that require as much attention as possible: focusing there, you release what disconnects you from your Source, and feel better.

In the experiential workshops, a lot is being said about benefits of releasing the mind. And it's true to some degree, because usually mind contains limiting thoughts. But when thoughts are of a higher and higher vibration, nothing is more elating than that. And so,

4. Mind exercises. Finding a better feeling thought and sticking to it. Basking in it, milking it for the relief that you feel in it.

When you're thinking: "What if my love will really come to me?", or you're thinking: "but what if it doesn't", you feel differently, right?

It's your Emotional Guidance at work, showing you where you're going. The more you're able to stick to "What if my love will really come to me?", feel, how delicious it is, bask in this sweet feeling of relief, -- the better you will feel, and then more thoughts of this nature will come to you, and if you stick to them, you will feel even better.

The point here is not to jump too far. Each time focus at finding just ONE better feeling thought, and not the best feeling thought ever, but just providing you with the slightest relief. As I love to say to myself, "a little-little-little-little-little-bit better feeling thought". :) It's usually much easier to find and stick to.

You can't think "He will come to me" and not feel the immediate backlash. But you can think "what if it's not a ********, what she's talking about, and my love could truly come to me?" And if you continue, eventually you will come to the knowledge "He will come", to the elation and happiness that he comes, and then he just can't not to come, because it's Law.

But, as AH say, 99.99% of this vibrational work is done when you still can't see any changes in the physical world, and so for us human, trained to look at the physical, it's the hardest thing of all. :)

Actually, when you're going from Tel Aviv to Raanana, you don't see Raanana either until you come there.

You just know you're going in the right direction, by all kinds of other indicators.

Your Emotional Guidance is actually your GPS, showing you exactly where you're going at this moment.

Something that constantly takes us down is our habit to look at what is. To state what's true. AH say to this that it's not a question of whether it's true or not, the question is whether focusing on it serves you or not: there're all kinds of truths out there.

And if to look at it from a side, we can see that it brings us to a vicious circle:

1. we watch what's happening, and we're stating it's true. We're focused on it, think it "as it is", we're there.

2. but then since what we're focused upon, is created at those moments into our future life, then we create more of the same;

3. then it comes to our life, we're watching it and focus on it again.

Very vicious circle. :)

There's that old joke about an angel who stands behind the shoulder of a man, listening to his thoughts: the angel writes to his book "No money in the bank, angry boss, evil wife.." Then he looks into his notes, shrugs and says: "Why does he need all that? I don't know, but if he orders, I have to deliver.."

To break this cycle a little, we could look more into the truths that we state, noting the feeling when we're stating them. AH suggested after stating "it's true, " to add "and I want more of it in my life. " And it works like a charm, because I start noticing which truths I state, which of them feel good. And I start choosing, which truths I'm stating.

AH, mentioned there, are Abraham-Hicks.


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Olga Farber

well i see vibration as the way that you resonate by color and shape in though and feeling the more prononce(with feeling) and sharp you talk the more spike you have in the shape of vibration! well if you don't understand it is ok! i have seen that only once on this side of the mirroir!but you can feel it when someone is talking! also when talking about vibration i am not talking about aura!


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white tiger

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