Consider: And does quantum physicists agrees with this theory, or does the Four Dimension makes more sense?

I am addressing these issues:

What evidence do we have that indicates that Ten Dimensions are in Existence? Are hidden events transparent or obvious in one or more of the Ten Dimensions, and is it difficult to fathom, or viewed in our current restricted Four Dimensions?

The answer that I am looking for is if the Ten Dimensions are a theory or a fact, and if the four Dimensions are an accepted fact, and do we have substantiating evidence to prove this?

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When I observe my own personal experience there're just two dimensions in which I can actively participate.

The dimension "Story space" is where people, things, animals, etc are and it's also the place where my body appears to be.

The dimension "Inner space" is the space that appears to exist inside. I can't see it, I can't touch it, nobody else can see it or touch it, but it's perceived as a vast space inside myself ... thoughts, emotions, feelings and body sensations appear in inner space

(21 Jun '15, 10:59) jaz
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The evidence is in the reality itself. There are INFINITE dimensions. We are just on one leg. Think of a fractal, that is a creation, of a creation, of a creation. It keeps going because each creation has the power to create from the last. There isn't any number. It goes on forever.


answered 22 Mar '11, 14:47

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I guess the possibilities, are endless, indeed. Thank you!

(25 Mar '11, 05:10) Inactive User ♦♦

We will never know.


answered 22 Mar '11, 18:25

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But we can keep an open mind, thank you!

(25 Mar '11, 05:12) Inactive User ♦♦

Always an open mind. We are enamored by questions that we know have no readily available answer. Yet we keep asking.

(25 Mar '11, 08:23) you

possibility are endless why try to put number on them? the light pass through the prism and give 7 colours from those 7 colors if you mix them together you get other colours! how many colors can you make?


answered 14 May '11, 22:41

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white tiger

Good analogy, Thank you!

(17 May '11, 05:25) Inactive User ♦♦
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