Even though I have been interested in exploring my dreams more over the last few years, it's not something I've ever gotten into. I don't really know a whole lot about the dynamics of dreams and what is really possible, so that is why I am asking this question.

Earlier tonight I was talking to my girlfriend about a dream I had a few nights ago. The details are not nearly as vivid as they were then but I remember the main concept. It also seems like the most realistic dream I've had in some time and it sticks out for some reason more than any recent ones I can remember.

I told her I remember being in a type of zombie survival situation. A scenario where myself and a group of others were going from place to place killing zombies as if it was just the way everyday life occurred. The dream was not the scary kind and it was more focused on the survival concept than killing or anything gory.

So after I mentioned this, she told me that she experienced a similar survival type dream that included zombies a couple of nights ago as well. I was in her dream just as she was in mine. Her dream focused on survival more than killing or zombies just as mine did, and she also said that it was very real and seemed to last forever just like mine.

I've heard that dreams could possibly be events that happen in another reality or dimension. Is this something that is possible since we pretty much leave our physical bodies during sleep?

Were we in the same dream together? Is this my first conscious memory of sharing an experience with somebody I know in a different dimension?

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In your example, it seems that you did share an experience together.

It is great when you can share your dream with another person and then compare your shared experience.

You should plan with each other to meet in your dream reality and see if you can give a signal to each other, like a symbol that you and she are able to remember when you wake up.

If you are going to try this, you should keep your symbol a secret, and share this symbol with every person you meet in your dream reality.

Because your girlfriend may appear as a knight on a horse in your dream instead of as your girlfriend.

So flash that symbol or vision to everyone in your dream, and ask her to do the same.

This shared realty is actually quite common in our day-to-day existence but it operates in a slightly different manner.

We do this "sharing" whenever we intently focus on anything with great energy and emotion.

It could be an "excitement" based shared experience or a "fear" based shared experience.

Since we are all far more familiar with fear than excitement, it is easy to study your fears and see the connecting events where other participants share that same experience.

I am going to use the rest of this answer to expand on how fear attracts the experience of that fear.

Since the universe is balanced by opposing duality usually, the other participant in your "fear" is drawn into that same experience because of the need to fulfill the other side, or the duality counterpart of your fear.

So let us say that you are constantly afraid that someone is going to attack you from behind.

You will create an experience in consciousness where you are constantly "living" the experience of being attacked in your imagination and re-living that fear throughout the day.

By this action, an event in consciousness begins to exist, and you could say that an event in a parallel reality begins to exist.

Since reality balances on duality, your parallel event stays in balance by that fact that two participants are coming together to "participate" in this event.

You are only aware of your fear side of the event, but that event also needs the attacker's participation as well.

For the attacker, it is an excitement.

So as we "fear" about all kind of things happening to us we create various "events" that need the participation of others so that our fears can be fulfilled.

So all these parallel events stay in existence, waiting for the appropriate volunteer to show up to play the "other character" in our fear events in our imagination.

The other participant's automatically get attracted to us because they are also participating in the parallel version of the event.

Therefore, every time we are afraid of being attacked from behind we give permission to anyone who is interested in participating in the excitement of attacking us from behind.

The truth is even more sinister than that.

It is only when we engage our imagination in the "fear" of being attacked, that the very idea of attacking someone event "pops up" in the imagination of the attacker.

The idea "pops up" because it was created into existence in this "shared" space of consciousness by us, and it became available for others to "listen" to it.

So we can say that Fear = attraction, just like Joy = attraction.

Every time we fear of being attacked, we share that "dream" of being attacked automatically with the attacker who then becomes this "other person" who participates in our shared dream of fear.

Therefore, every time you are afraid of something we automatically share that dream with someone else, who becomes that person who fulfills our dream of fear.

That is what fear is.

It is your DESRIE to experience fear.


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The Traveller

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@The Traveller That idea of a dream symbol sounds like something we may have to try. I also appreciate your in depth explanation of how we attract fear through certain desires shared by others. I have to say though, this scenario didn't really invoke fear in me. That's whats so weird about it. You would think a dream about surviving zombies would be scary or fearful but it almost felt more like an accomplishment when I woke up. Almost as if I proved that I was a survivor.

(09 Apr '12, 00:56) Cory

it could be i have read about a tribe somewhere that share dream all together. all the tribe is in the same dream. some time i dream of people when they think of me. before the revolt in egypt i was there scanning the mind of the people. so you see there is no limit. this morning in my dream i was talking to someone name paul saying to him that he should have walk in my foot step with faith like he was suppose to. and i do not know anny one name paul. but you see we are more linked that we know. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger


@white tiger That's interesting what you mentioned about the whole tribe sharing the same dream together. I guess if a whole tribe can do it, it wouldn't be hard for two people to share the same dream.

(08 Apr '12, 01:40) Cory

i guess not cory maybe it is more easy for them because there is less people and they are more close together and most think about each other more often. they most have a better bond between them.

(08 Apr '12, 01:59) white tiger

Sometimes the dream reality is a great outlet for experiencing that, which may not happen in reality.

(08 Apr '12, 12:59) The Traveller

When you say Paul said to walk in his foot steps and you know no one named Paul. The first thought that popped into my brain was Paul of the Bible. You are so versed in the Bible, maybe it was that Paul telling you to walk in his foot steps. :-)

(08 Apr '12, 13:31) Wade Casaldi

no wade i was talking to paul but it was strange i did not feel like i was who i am now. like it was another time. and paul was feeling bad like he would have like to do better. and i said to paul that he should have follow in my foot step with faith like he was suppose to. i remember a good feeling when i said that to paul. then i have woke up.

(08 Apr '12, 14:54) white tiger

@white tiger Oh you told Paul to walk in your foot steps, this is very different. It is interesting though, especially the part that you didn't feel like you were you but maybe in some other space and time.

(09 Apr '12, 23:27) Wade Casaldi
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This may be possible, I have heard of influencing peoples' dreams. There was a great film called Dreamscape in it people enter into other peoples' dreams and change things, even kill people. You can watch the full movie here free with limited commercial interruptions.

Here is some research on dreams being influenced from outside forces.


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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi Thanks for the movie suggestion. I'll have to give it a look when I have the time. There are some interesting stories regarding the link you gave. Having an alarm clock song or movie before bed influence a dream is really something that a lot of us don't think about when it comes to dreaming. Maybe our love for the show "The Walking Dead" that ended a few weeks ago influenced our shared dream. It's just really weird how it happened the same way on the same night.

(09 Apr '12, 01:09) Cory

I have discussed this question at length on my dreamtraining blog. The article is here:

Can two people dream together?


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Man from Modesto

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