Consider: And do you agree that we should not be able to evoke it at will?

I am addressing these issues:

Are there religious conflict about developing the 6th Sense, are people aware that the 6th Sense can be developed, are more people interested in developing it, can anyone learn to develop their own 6th Sense, and what would this mean to us, if we can use it at will any time we need it?

The answer that I am looking for is: why is the 6th Sense considered to be mysterious, and if we can develop it fully, how can this change us, and make our life better?

asked 22 Mar '11, 07:19

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Could you define the sixth sense in your question?

(22 Mar '11, 14:08) Fairy Princess

Surely we would'n be given it if we weren't supposed to use it.

(23 Mar '11, 13:07) evelyn

@evelyn: Are you positive that you are using your 6th Sense?

(25 Mar '11, 05:04) Inactive User ♦♦

@Juniper: Do you have Extrasensory Perception, or are you using your 6th Sense?

(25 Mar '11, 05:06) Inactive User ♦♦
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We have senses and powers that would boggle the mind. It was long ago known that we have powers that could move matter. But people (The Church), became afraid of this power because they could not control it. Our leaders need control of the masses to make money and power from it. Many have been killed in the past for even mentioning a word that would convey self power. It can make your life better or worse, because you would understand the depths of your own control. And that means control over others. This draws fear from those that have their own designs counter to yours. You would become a threat. Not good.


answered 22 Mar '11, 15:05

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The Knights Alchemy

Well said, I can relate to everything you have said in your answer, and I agree, thank you!

(25 Mar '11, 04:50) Inactive User ♦♦

I think that our 6th sense or 1st sense is the fact that we able to feel emotions.

I think that all consciousness has the ability to feel these beyond all worlds.

Maybe you mean inspiration as a mysterious sense but this is only a "thought" that offered to you by the LOA.


answered 22 Mar '11, 14:19

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Tibor S.

I guess that is another way of looking at it, thank you!

(25 Mar '11, 04:52) Inactive User ♦♦

it is said that we have much yet to evolve, only babes of the christ-type,
and that the upward swing out of matter back to spirit is happening.
call it a 6th sense or self-conscious refinement guided by spirit/compassion,
if it leads to a mind with universal thinking and less self-centeredness.
does that make our life better?


answered 23 Mar '11, 00:52

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I guess if were to have full access, then of course we would know, thank you!

(25 Mar '11, 04:55) Inactive User ♦♦

yes religious people are afraid of everything they do not control or that could be more powerfull then them!many are acting being a good christian but what they really do is not that good! they are selfish and hypocrites! it was the same with jesus he add to speak in parabol and use example and story to teach! and they put him on a cross! yes we have great potential that we can tap in! you have the choice! and you reap what you sow!


answered 23 May '11, 18:54

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white tiger

Not only Christian, all people in general have these traits of good, and bad, selfishness, and being a hypocrite! So, it a very individual behavior and it is not segregated to one group of people! Thank you.

(26 May '11, 05:55) Inactive User ♦♦
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