This question comes from a dream that I have had.

In the dream I was dead or something like dead. I met a boy that looked like the boy from the Sixth Sense movie. He said to me, "You can see me?" I said, "Yes" he said, "If you can see me you must be dead!" I had a chuckle and said, "No I am not dead." This house was thoroughly haunted, I was a detective trying to find out what happened here. Why so many lives lost here over years? I glided over to a marble wall and was pulled into it. I was sucked into this wall which was a wall to a mausoleum. As I was pulled through this mausoleum, I scanned it, row by row. Each row was scanned in the entire as I passed. It was like I had the eyes of a fly.

alt text

Instead of one image a million times it was more like a million images simultaneously. Imagine each of these a completely different face. Then imagine some of the images as the coffins some as the walls, some as the floor and ceiling.

I saw all of the coffins and bodies in each coffin. (Keep in mind all the coffins were closed.) So I not only saw the contents but what was in the contents. I saw all of this at the same time plus the entire room like I became like some kind of 360 laser scanner. As I was going through each row I could see and sense everything. I knew who each person was and about them. However I did not know names but occupations. Cook, owner of the house, son, daughter, wife, grandson, gardener, etc...

Since I did this in my dream and it felt quite natural at the time. I believe we should be able to do this.

It had to be a sight by the mind, since I could see everything simultaneously. I saw in all those coffins in each row simultaneously. But as well I sensed a knowledge of each and everyone simultaneously.

This seems that to achieve this we would have to expand awareness so the awareness is not from us of the room, but of the room to us. This is sort of changing awareness from observation to reception.

Instead of looking and seeking we let ourselves receive all the information there is waiting for us.

Just writing that makes me feel much bigger than this body, like the size of this room.

This seems a practical application, afterall photoreading is practical. (Looking at an entire page of text, and knowing what it says at a glance.) So if that is practical imagine the use of knowing everything in a room by just being there!

Do you believe we could develop this and what might one do to attempt to? I believe I have started on it with some of my observations.

Imagine, if you lose something, instead of looking for it you let the room tell you where it is! Better yet, you tune into it, and know where it is, you see it and feel it.

This is what I looked and felt like as I passed through the mausoleum.

alt text

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Wade Casaldi

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the cocept is interesting..,i wld love to know more abt "photoreading ".., well thanks for sharing wade..i loved ur dream.. :))

(17 Aug '13, 03:01) supergirl

Jai does photo reading all the time. She and I will see a poorly done billboard. I'll read maybe the first three or four words. I'll say, "Who could possibly read all that while driving by!" Jai responds, "Do you want me to tell you everything it said?" She could too!

(01 Sep '13, 04:01) Wade Casaldi

yes basic photoreading is very useful and is fairly easy to learn

(01 Sep '13, 05:16) jaz
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Everything vibrates, everything emits influences all the time, all is sensitive to everything else, past, present and future ... this is a process that is continuously working so we are already unconsciously scanning all, all the time. Obviously if we were fully conscious of it our small conscious brain would be overloaded with information and we'd be lost in a maze, as in schizophrenia ... however we can tune into particular vibrations by simply mentally wishing to do so ... that's how channelers, dowsers, clairvoyants, etc perform. You can fix your attention on the table in front of you and learn how to become sensitive to it's vibrations ... embedded within the vibrations of a particular thing are all the different characteristics of it; speed, weight, age, direction, measurements ... all is inscribed within the vibrations in a global fashion, scientifically it's called modulation.

alt text


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great ;))

(17 Aug '13, 03:09) supergirl

My brain did not feel overloaded but different. Seeing the entire outside and inside of things while seeing all around them and multiple things simultaneously is seeing like a fly. A thousand pictures all moving and relaying information that is different yet tied together.

(17 Aug '13, 06:48) Wade Casaldi

I just love it when she calls you Grandpa.. So sweet...

(14 Sep '13, 03:01) ele
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You will do grander things then this. We are made in the image of God. God created all this and contain all this. God is also aware of everything happening in all this from the beginning to the end eternal. If you lose something and want to find it focus on it where did you last see or use it. When you see it and where it is in your mind go look if it is there. sometime you will find it even if you did not put it there.If you want to find something just focus on it until you see it in your mind or you get a feeling or intuition to go somewhere. where your heart is also will be your mind.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Let there be light,be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Wow! That was some dream you had. I can't see inside of objects when scanning a room but I can find anything in any given room when searching for any particular thing when I focus and calm the mind. I used to use a Pendulum back in the day as I was bad at misplacing things lol. One day while I was getting ready to leave the house, I couldn't find my Keys and I searched everywhere and I was pressed for time. Instead of panicking I looked for my Pendulum and wouldn't you know it I couldn't find my Pendulum either (go figure lol). It only takes but a moment to make a pendulum in an emergency situation but when I calmed myself down and focused on my keys I noticed my body started swaying slightly in the direction of the hidden keys towards the bedroom like I was a Human Pendulum.

I couldn't believe what I was feeling. All of this time I have been using my Pendulum to find things, now my body was guiding me as a Pendulum. So I began to focus my attention on those keys in my mind when I entered the bedroom and sure enough i could feel my body pulling me towards the dresser and sure enough there they were wedged behind my dresser.

Ever since that day everytime I, my girlfriend, friends or co-workers misplace things ... I simply use my mind and body to locate things. The subconscious mind remembers every single detail as the conscious mind is easily distracted. Sometimes I can go into people's mind to help them find things they may have misplaced or walk into any room and locate any particular thing that they have misplaced even if I have never been there before. I didn't realize that my Pendulum was training my body on a subconscious level all of that time. The Human brain is an amazing tool with endless possibilities.

It is too bad that we are taught limitations as we grow up as to what we can and cannot do. Otherwise I believe the Human mind/body is capable of much more than what is taught to us from the educational system and from our peers. This World sure knows how to keep us so busy and distracted to prevents us all from truly discovering what it really means to be Human and what our Unique abilities are. As Bruce Lee would say "Use No Limitation as Limitation." And being a young man I researched and meditated and discovered many wonderful abilities I had locked within me that was not taught in schools. I am still learning to break down all of my barriers of limitations but it is so challenging because of the word "Doubt". The secret is having the ability to tap into your subconscious mind in a conscious state and eliminate any form of doubt which is easier said then done. I am still working on the doubt thingy ... I had no idea how many layers there are with just that one word "Doubt".

The mind is capable of so many great things and when I started incorporating my Chi energy into my Spiritual Journey (instead of using it for protection/attacks or when I am doing demonstrations) I was able to open so many new doors and do so many wondrous things. I also trained doing the Blindfold technique and I would get my cousin to change my living room around adding obstacles and I would navigate through the room without bumping into anything and defending myself when he attacked. Those were fun times lol which probably has nothing to do with your question. The weird thing is ... when I use this technique everything is black n white in my mind's eye. White being the obstacles as everything has a form of intelligence/Chi in order to maintain it's shape and black being the space in between.

So to answer your question .... I do believe we can develop the ability to scan any room and all of it's contents by using Our Minds once we learn how to condition our minds properly, by eliminating doubt and limitations that are brainwashed into us from birth by society.


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