I would like to know how one can or should acknowledge the fact that they can sense things, sometimes from an empathetic point and sometimes it's just the case that you know what will happen over the course of the next few hours or days?

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Are you asking for permission? Or how you should respond to the sensations? I'm not sure I understand your question.

(08 Mar '10, 16:03) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius No not permission, but how to respond to the sensations themselves.

(08 Mar '10, 16:10) emination

OK. Perhaps it would be helpful if you could give us a specific example (it can be hypothetical).

(08 Mar '10, 16:16) Vesuvius
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I have sometimes been given the gift of insight into other people's thoughts and feelings. Just tonight, I was on the phone with a friend, and I suddenly "knew" that she was playing around with her eating...i.e., toying with anorexia. I waited for her to bring up her weight, and she did. That was my opening. I told her about the fact that I had become aware of her eating and was waiting for her to share her pain with me.

She was very surprised that I had this insight. But it happens to me. I used to call it "lucky guesses" but now that I know the Lord, I know it is the gift of discernment.

Perhaps you have this gift, too. I do not know. But do not be afraid; trust in yourself and don't be afraid to be wrong- I am sometimes wrong. But the closer I get to God, the clearer the messages come in to my mind.

I hope this little description helps you. Take a look at your gifts from God. That is what they are-gifts. And enjoy!

Blessings, Jai


answered 09 Mar '10, 05:21

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I am sensing a few things from this question (what a paradox).

So correct me if my suggestions are way off base.

The first thing I am picking up is, you are wondering if, by acknowledging a sensation that feels initially as a premonition, if you are, by the very fact of acknowledgement, influencing the "happening" of that event.

In other words, you feel something, and if you just ignore it, you feel you have less participation in the feeling from coming true, whereas, the more you acknowledge the "feeling" the more likely, you are also participating in making that feeling materialize.

The other thing I am picking up is that right now you are dealing with a sensation that you are picking up with a family, member or close friend. You have picked up this kind of stuff before, and it is very familiar to you. You are so sure of this that you desperately want to talk about it, but you can't for you will be blamed of thinking of the worst outcome instead of staying positive for the sake of the person about whom you are picking up this "feeling"

I don't exactly have an answer to how to deal with this situation, but this is what I am getting that is underneath this question, I'm just trying to clarify if this is so.


answered 09 Mar '10, 04:16

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The Traveller

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