When I first found out Inward Quest, this was one of my first questions:

How to be more laid back.

I am very proud to tell you all that I have improved a lot and if I am not still the devil-may-care person I wanted to be I am getting there, and I'm not far from it.

I have also asked:

Can Intuition be acquired or is it a gift you’re born with?

Now I can say I am a more relaxed person, weird things are happening to me. (Maybe not weird, just the LOA ;) )

When I wonder where I put a certain thing, I take it out of my mind after asking myself the question, and believe it or not, without consciously knowing what I am doing, I lift some papers or open a drawer to look for something else, and voilà! The thing I had been looking previously for it's there!

The feeling is like I was being drawn there. As if someone invisible was whispering in my ear: "Go, open that drawer!"

And anything I cannot remember appears clearly in my mind during the day, or the day after. No longer than that. I wasn't so years ago. I used to lose things and put the house upside down to find them, 90% of the time with negative results.
I have also asked: How to step out of Anger without betraying your principles? This is Stingray's reply to my question. Now I don't feel the urge of being right if I get into some argument!

I'd like to know, what am I tapping into? Is this intuition or something different? What all these changes mean? And how can I increase this 'power'? ('cause that's the way it feels).

It's sometimes spooky but also fun! I feel really empowered! :)

NB: There's a lot more things that I cannot remeber now, and I don't want to pester you with so many links. Just wanted to show you how I changed for the good. An amusing thing in all this is that not so many years ago I would have been burnt at the stake as a witch! :)

Can you explain what's happening with me? Thanks in advance!!!


asked 26 Nov '10, 14:02

BridgetJones09's gravatar image


Wonderful BridgetJones. Just keep on doing what you doing.

(27 Nov '10, 00:06) Drham

Very nice. Inspirational. :)

(27 Nov '10, 04:28) jim 10

Thank you, guys! :)

(27 Nov '10, 13:21) BridgetJones09
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It sounds like you've learnt how to relinquish control to your "higher self", which means you allow it to tap into the powers of what some call the Universal Mind. Many of us tap into it now and then, so that's what we call intuition, where answers come to us naturally. But you seem to have found a way to consistently get into that state, so... congratulations!



answered 26 Nov '10, 14:08

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Pat W

First off, let me congratulate you on all the progress, growth and evolvement you feel you've achieved. Your feelings are your best indicators as to that. What are you tapping into? Nothing new, you've been doing it all your life, except now you are finally listening and openning up to its guidance. What am I talking about? Your higher Self. Keep the channel of communication and trust going and more and more abilities will appear according to your will.

Good Luck on this amazing journey, namaste


answered 26 Nov '10, 14:35

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Thank you, daniele! :)

(27 Nov '10, 13:17) BridgetJones09

Congradulations, I too have made much progress in a very short time. Trust your Higher Power. I don't know what experts say about anger. But is hard to be angry if your happy. Get happy and stay happy. This keeps anger away, and will boost your power many times over. Keep a small note pad and write down any thing that comes up that you don't want. Like you write down fear, them reach for a better feeling. Write down acceptantance, surrender, and peace till you fell better. This will boost your power again. Then you will have more power etc. Less anger and more intiution more happiness. Blessings


answered 26 Nov '10, 15:44

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sorry about the misspelling

(26 Nov '10, 15:45) Tom

Tom, if you click the link maked edit below your answer, you can amend it

(26 Nov '10, 16:02) Barry Allen ♦♦

It sounds as though you were sitting in a dark place for a long time, and you have now managed to get yourself of the darkness into the light! You have evolved and you can now see you’re self as a whole new person: you see can your self worth, and the gifts and the talents that you were born with; so, you are now fully aware how to use your gifts to manifest, and to create your desire in life. You have tapped into the all knowing power of the universe, or you can call it your higher self, or your intuition. Wonderful!


answered 27 Nov '10, 06:14

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you, Vee! But I think I am still too far from where you say. Long way to go still! But so far so good and I am kind of proud ;)

(27 Nov '10, 13:20) BridgetJones09
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