My question springs from this post: How Do Intuitives Access Information?

I know that mediums are used for the police to find missing people, murderers etc. But on a more day to day approach, is intuition something you can get through some technique, or is a gift and you have to be born with it?

What do you think? Thanks in advance!


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I think without a doubt that we are all born with intuitive abilities but often we let environment and circumstances take over and as we grow we forget to tap into that source of higher wisdom. We let the physical and material environment take over and trust only that which we can see,taste,touch,smell and hear and forget that we have an invaluable sixth sense available to us at all times if we could only quieten our minds enough to hear the invaluable wisdom that it has to offer.

By choosing to awaken to reality and begin practices like meditation to quieten the incessant mind chatter, we begin to create that silence within from which we can hear that higher wisdom. When problems or challenges arise any action taken from that place of stillness or being still enough to listen to our own intuition ( higher self), will have much more rewarding results because that action is inspired by a higher power.

The only difference between you and lets say a psychic, is that the psychic is aware of her intuitive abilities and trusts her intuition. Most of us have not listened to it or trusted it for years so it takes a little bit of time and practice to firstly get still enough to hear it and secondly, to trust it.


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Thank you, Michaela! I am intuitive respecting people only. In 5 min chat I can tell you how they really are. I can't be deceived by smiles ;) But I wish I was intuitive in more ways...

(27 Aug '10, 13:53) BridgetJones09

Some are born with a talent already evident. Some have the talent, but due to not understanding it, or consciously wanting to bury it, desensitize themselves through overeating, drinking, isolating themselves and other means. Others develop it through methods like Astara, Rosicruciansism, The Silva Method and many many others.


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LeeAnn, I agree. I suspect 100 years from now much of the communication in this realm will be telepathic. I as you believe we all possess these abilities. Many have surpresses their abilities because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what friends and family might think. Thankfully we are evolving.

(25 Aug '10, 16:28) GS415

Thank you, LeeAnn. I had heard something about Astara before...I think I'll do some digging into that! :)

(27 Aug '10, 13:49) BridgetJones09

Intuition can be opened up by training your self to not think as much as possible, especially when it comes to day to day moments.

You are using your intuition almost all the time without realizing that you are doing it.

If you observe the movements in your consciousness during normal activity you will find that there is a continuous chatter of thought after thought after thought.

Now if you sit quietly and allow your self to day dream and also observe your own daydreaming from a second person perspective within your own consciousness you will find that you are not choosing what to think.

Something initiates the process of thinking a thought within you, and then you take a ride with that thought on an emotion ride.

What will happen if you pay attention to your consciousness before you start to think something and catch that moment when you begin a thought?

Better Yet, what if you wait for that moment when a thought begins, but you refuse to think a thought at that moment?

This is one of the secrets in meditation that you stumble upon.

You stumble on the realization that you are, for the most part, not the thinker of your thoughts, but the listener of your thoughts.

But then, as you listen, something else begins to happen above that layer of information that takes away your ability to listed to the pure flow of information.

Your ego is a very jealous and dominant presence within you and it immediately takes the "thing" that is being listened to by your consciousness and gives an immediate stamp of ownership by translating the "thing" into a tangible concept that is relevant to the reality that the ego dominates.

Since the ego exists in the "real" world, all it's data comes from the database of information that you have accumulated thought your five senses.

So the "Conscious" part of you begins to experience a running commentary of the flow of information that is being listened to by the unconscious.

But the running commentary can only be translated with available data

And the available data is everything you have accumulated from the day you were born until this moment through your 5 senses.

So you find a fit between the unlimited potential within consciousness that is flowing through your mind and the translation of that unknown into the known as you have accumulated since childhood.

As a result you experience this running commentary within yourself as thinking something, the nature of which is limited to what you already know and have accumulated from childhood.

This essentially is the problem with thinking.

You are always limited within what you already know.

But the data that is flowing through your consciousness is actually beyond that and richer in information.

You are just not catching it because the ego wants to take credit for the thought and the ego can only access what is already known.

You are actually dropping everything that you cannot give meaning to from your very limited database of what you have gathered up to now.

You are actually always working with intuition that is translated into a very limited experience by the time you are having a thought.

You are always attracting "intuition" into your consciousness and the ego is constantly hijacking it away from you by turning it into a thought after thought after thought.

You can learn to break this but it's not easy.

We are talking about changing the behavior of humanity.

You can only glimpse what is possible when the control of the ego is broken.

That is what learning not to think is all about.

The starting point is to do it in meditation. (learning not to think)

As soon as you can hold your attention open to possibilities without thought, even for a few seconds (5-10seconds) it is time to start practicing doing that while going about you day to day activities.

Then you will stumble on a delightful realization.

When you refuse to give meaning to what is in your mind in the form of "thinking" you have intuition.

it is an intuitive energy of movement like a thoughtless motion.

And the best place to experience this is in day to day moments where there is plenty of distractions and events that are waiting for your participation.

You will only experience this a few seconds at a time.

But understand the magnitude of what you are trying to do.

You are learning to change or shift the behavior of consciousness for all of humanity.

So it is a worthy and worthwhile effort for the sake of all.

But be honest with the results you get for your self.

Don't fool your self into believing that you are an expert with a few successful experiences and then start to teach it to others.

This is a slow and deliberate process and much remains to be learned.


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The Traveller

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After reading my own answer the next day I am compelled to add this. My comment "Don't teach it to others" is not directed at anyone in particular so please don't assume that and wonder if I am passing judgement on anyone.

(29 Aug '10, 14:33) The Traveller

Thank you, Traveller, for your so interesting and comprehensive answer. I'll try and put into practice what you say. Let's see what comes out of it. :) I understand what you mean by 'don't teach it to others'. I never thought you were passing judgement into anyone, don't worry. Thanks again for taking the trouble! :)

(31 Aug '10, 14:25) BridgetJones09

Bridget, I feel that intuition or sixth sense is something that we are born with. However many of us are not tuned into it. We mostly tend to rely on the five senses (see, feel, touch, hear & smell). I believe that our intuition connects us to what is outside of the five senses (the universe) and that makes it even more powerful. If we would allow ourselves to be guided by our intuition we would avoid many of the problems we experience in our lives.


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Drham, do you mean we are born with AND we all have? Or only certain special people?

(26 Aug '10, 14:06) BridgetJones09

I believe we are all born with intuition. Throughout the years, society has conditioned us to dismiss and repress our intuitive thoughts and feelings and to take as fact the intellectual aspect, or science verified aspect of our existance. But for those who are aware and intouch, intuition is as much a part of their senses as hearing, touch, smell, and hearing, and sight.

Intuition and precognition has been documented for thousands of years. It was considered a valued and respected gift until the "Witch Hunts", which caused fear and repression. Fortunatly we are understanding more and more that we and everything are energy. Our energy is able to tap into Universal Intelligence. This is another reason why the LOA is energy attracts like energy.

Animals remain highly intuitive. I believe with practice we can all increase our intuitive ability.


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I believe that intuition is a gift inherent in every person, developed and recognized more so in some more than others, but we're all equipped with it none the less...

Intuition is that feeling you get when you just know something is going to happen, or when you have a hunch about something... Sometimes we don't recognize it and end up saying "something told me to do this or that" or "I should have gone with my first thought"...


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remember, that intuition is or can be as good as the as your process of reaction to the intuitive impulse

(31 Aug '10, 00:21) fred

Sometimes my intuition seems like nothing more than observing the environment. Like when I was sitting in a hair salon and this little girl walked in holding a styrophoam to go container and said, "Guess what's in here." I guessed rappid fire: Money; Polly Pockets and her mother said, "How did you know?" Well, she was holding it sideways, and the fact that she said to guess, told me it was not food although she had a tortilla in her other hand. So, I thought about it, rather quickly, but what would a little kid carry around in a container? money, then, more specifically a girl. And it had to fit in that container. Very logical to me. But that is fast thinking, some might suspect psychic, but I thought it through, or did I? When I notice this ability, it excites me and I want to do it more, so I pay attention to things. This will tune it in more and more. We all have access because of this As above so below, as below so above, as within so without, as without so within. So what is in my mind is outside my mind and also outside your mind and therefore inside your mind. We all have access, but some people don't notice, don't care, are afraid of it or forgot about it, or just don't understand it. The ones that get excited, find places like this to share info and ideas. We all are mostly finding the same things, just people use different words to describe it.


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Fairy Princess


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abhishek mishra

Thank you!.....

(30 Aug '11, 13:26) BridgetJones09
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