I can tell what's going to happen in many shows and movies. I was wondering if most people can, or is this a part of my sixth sense? Sometimes it's hard for me to tell if I am figuring things out with reason, or intuition. Thanks,

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes my dad does this and it drives everyone crazy, he figures out movies like even before the middle maybe as early as the start sometimes. "It's her boyfriend he is the killer.", "How do you know?", "It's obvious, he was gone the night of the murder he was not around, it can't be the neighbor he is too old, and the brother is too weak to do that so it must be her boyfriend." The end of the movie comes oh it was her boyfriend all along he was the killer!", "I told you so!"

The only times my dad can not figure out a movie is when they purposely mess with the facts to throw you way off. Like one movie someone was killed and hung from a flag post, that should take someone pretty strong like a guy to do. No it was a young girl that couldn't push a big guy (like she supposedly hung from a flag post) over let alone kill him and hang him from a post!


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Wade Casaldi

Do you think that your reasoning skills are better because of your dad's talking it out?

(15 May '11, 12:54) Fairy Princess

yes wade and i am sure for your dad it is other people that drive him crazy because they can't do it! and those movie that are not logical i am sure you're dad don't like them as much but can no from the start that some thing is wrong in the logic of it!

(15 May '11, 19:36) white tiger

That is true it probably does help my reasoning skills. Also WT yes that is correct it does drive him up a wall too. lol

(15 May '11, 23:10) Wade Casaldi
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Predictability is a pattern.


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It surely depends on what kind of movies you're looking at. Storytellers have a limited amount of strategies to build their 40 min series. It's almost always the same basis, and you have to have an happy end before midnight ;-)


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yes it happens sometime i would look at new movie with people i would tell them at the beguinning of the movie! ok that one is the killer and this will happen then this! and it would happen in the movie and people would say to me you add all ready saw the movie! and i would tell them no it is the first time!and they would not believe me! but for me that was simple logical deduction! other time some movie use plot from movie made before! lets say that you can reason a good part of it it is the same in life! when you can know something that was not logical that is intuition! so the logical side is like set in stone because it would make no sense other wise! and lets say that someone having a change of mind or hearth that would change the outcome would not be logical or in the normal logical patern and would change event from that part on! so you can see the future as being all ready made solid in the logical outcome! and one part existing as probability depending on choice people will make that is not logical or out of norm of there logical patern! i don't know if what i am saying is making sense to you! well i hope it helped you!


answered 13 May '11, 07:45

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white tiger

Ahh there you go, you do the same thing my dad does, instead of just watching you have it all figured out at the beginning. That takes the enjoyment out of it. "No surprise here I knew is was him along."

(15 May '11, 07:09) Wade Casaldi

well wade lets say that movie maker need to be very good and creative to make a movie that is logical but not previsible! but i like movie i get in it! book also! when you are able to get in it that is where the fun start!

(15 May '11, 19:30) white tiger

Yes i can.once i get into the movie,or news, it all comes into my sence.I can hear what people are thinking wile they give their news report,or wile giveing their interview.Once they had a Spychic on the news,saying she was a dog wisperer,and i was able to do the same,just a few seconds before she would.They once interviewed someone who was a singer and i knew were they was going to be before they was asked about it.It happens also when they interview people that are doing bad things as well,like one time they were trying to figure out were a little kid was,becouse the parents reported him missing.I heard their thoughts and knew that they had killed him and putt him in a grave in the hills surounding the city.And a few days later it all came to pass that it was as i heard.When i watch American Idal,i can hear the judges thoughts and what the contestants think as they either get booted our on to the next round.And im allways right for who will get the boot the next week.So ya it is possable.


answered 14 May '11, 22:20

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randy 6

yes it happen randy it is like one time at a store i have seen a suppose psychic looking at me(and i did not like is look some thing was wrong) and i have said with though you will get whats coming to you. and 2 weeks after he was caught he add hypnotise women to abuse them!

(15 May '11, 20:22) white tiger
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