this "feeling" has been the definiton of evil. it is what has destroyed our societies and continues to crumble our world. what is it?? is it just an emotion?? is it just a "feeling"?? is it the definiton of evil?? is it the main source for negative energy?? this "feeling" is what HAS and STILL IS destroying the human race AND this world. how do we stop "it"??

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It's interesting how many of us see things differently.

I don't see hate as the opposite of love. Just because you don't love something doesn't mean you hate it. The root of hate is fear.

At an emotional root level, only two states are possible: the state of Love and the state of Fear. Hate and fear originate in ones mind and have to do with ego.

True love is not the word love or the general human understanding of love. Love is the feeling we get when experiencing love - it is beyond all words.

If we live in a state of fear then hate is possible, but when we live in a state of love, hate and fear are no longer possible.

Like life, love has no opposite for the state of love encompasses all that is...


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I like your answer:-)

(20 Feb '10, 01:29) Michaela

Thank you Michaela. I appreciate that you appreciate it, coz it means I'm not alone in my understanding... 8-)

(20 Feb '10, 03:20) Eddie

In agreement with Wade I have come across the same explanation.

The more you love the more likely you are doomed to experience hate as that loving expectation is denied or questioned. It is really a result of developing a strong self identity that you become a prisoner to especially if you have an inflexible personality.

Let's say you have very strong attachment towards a political party that you believe is "your political party" and you support a sports team that you adopt as "your sports team".

Logic should tell you that neither of these identities that you have adopted defines you.

But in your overwhelming love for these identities that provide you a sense of belonging and comfort, you become a prisoner to them and have to defend these ideas when they are threatened by someone.

Your loving vision of yourself is threatened and you feel angry.

This is what the whole "middle path" is all about. You try to stay neutral on things that are meaningless to your soul development.


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The Traveller

Thank you for expanding on what I said I love this answer, very good +1

(18 Feb '10, 08:58) Wade Casaldi

what if you love and forget to hate?Its still there you just forgot about it,

(18 Feb '10, 09:29) ursixx

drop the hate and forgive each other

(18 Feb '10, 09:35) ursixx

Ursixx, you can't forget an emotion; you have to deal with it. The concept of forgiveness sounds beautiful & in a religious context makes you appear to be "spiritual" or "closer to God" In practice, however, you will have a compulsion to kick the dog when you get home and dissipate that tension that still remains & has been bottled up.

(19 Feb '10, 07:18) The Traveller

I sat here and read threw comments and answers and tried to think of what I hated..or what I felt hate for and I came up blank. No hate then tried to think about what I love. you should see my smile.Yes there are things I dislike. But as I tell people "Life is too short to hate"

(19 Feb '10, 21:43) ursixx

Ursixx, I am not referring to what you feel in the comfort of your privacy, free from the influence of others. I'm talking about how you shift from your position of internal balance when somebody makes you upset or angry. When a cop pulls you over because you appear to fit a profile they assume to be suspicious and find an excuse to give you a ticket. When you drive away with this ticket, you believe you don't deserve, are you feeling love? If you do, you should be a messiah for you have risen above human traits.

(20 Feb '10, 03:54) The Traveller
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We stop evil by loving thy neighbors, as thy self. By respecting each other for whom we are, and not being too quick to judge each others, because they do not confirm to our values, and beliefs.

Basically, lending a hand to the people in need, in crisis, praying for the sick, needy, and putting our faith and trust in the maker of all mankind, regardless of our personal beliefs.

It is important that we learn to love one another, because in essence all we have is one another. Therefore, without each other, this world cannot function alone. So, we must always think of helping each other to make this world a better place for all of us.

We have to unite our positive forces to come against the evil forces, and as the Bible teaches good will always over come evil. The words of God will prevail to the end against all evil forces, and that is a truth.

So let us all commune together in fellowship to destroy evil, and open the door to the power of good will to our fellow men in Christ Jesus to come against all evil forces. Peace, Love, Unity and Protection against evil forces! "Praises to God on the most High, to saves us all."


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Inactive User ♦♦

In The Secret Teachings of the Rosicrucians Hate is shown as the opposite of love, this is not a black or white thing though. It used as an example hot water is no different from cold water the only difference is the temperature. So one one end of the scale is extreme love, total bliss happiness joy as much love as you could have but just as far in the opposite direction is extreme hate, total agony, anger, depression as much hate as you can have.

Now there is a whole lot of in between there, just like water, you start out with scalding hot water and as you slowly turn down the handle to water cools down until at last the water is freezing cold water. Think of that as the difference between love and hate respectively.

The other teaching is rhythm, so as far as the pendulum swings one way it will return the other way as well. This is why the Magus tries to be centered, in the center point is balance and everything moves around that fulcrum point of center.


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Wade Casaldi

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ok. i undertsand what your getting at. but how de we accomplish that?? how do we get to that "center" point?? that perfect balance?? and bascially what your implying is love IS hate, just on differnt sides of the scale pretty much. intersting.

(18 Feb '10, 07:46) Mebb

Not love is hate or hot is cold, these are the labels of the different degrees of the same thing. So love and hate are opposite of each other on the spectrum of the same thing.

(18 Feb '10, 08:21) Wade Casaldi

The how is the hard part it is almost like striving to be apathetic about yourself, sort of what the Buddha talked about in Nervana no desire state.

(18 Feb '10, 08:24) Wade Casaldi

(18 Feb '10, 08:27) Wade Casaldi
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I believe hatred can be explained easily as seeing something such as a trait or something material that another person possesses that you don't have. And that annoys the hell out of your ego and now it will do anything to make it, it's own.

Love and Light


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haa excellent answer roy. so bascially your implying that the EGO is what is "evil" and allows that hate to grow or become visible??

(18 Feb '10, 20:08) Mebb

I think Wade has the correct answer here.

If you want to actively stop hatred - stop yourself hating anything.. and try to understand WHY some feel as they do. Understanding leads to wisdom leads to a happy solution. Remember the famous King Solomon story of the two mothers and the one babe?

The thing that is causing such strife in the world imo is APATHY, hatred is just a sympton.


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I'd like to make a point here: the opposite of love is complete indifference.An example: There is a devastating earthquake in Haiti. You do not care at all. You pay no attention to the suffering, the devastation, and the poverty.

Hate is an emotion fueled by extreme disturbance of the soul. When you hate a person, that person disturbs you, and makes you "feel" just terrible, and we call that feeling hate. Love can turn to hate in an instant.

Indifference, though, is an empty void which comes close to Godlessness, if not actual Godlessness. Hell is filled with a lot of indifferent people who suddenly find that their indifference finally led them out of God's circle.

This is just my opinion.

This definitely needs a blessing! Jai


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Attention is creation. That which you give attention to is created. That’s why in prayer we create a vision of attention of that which we want god to deliver in the form it shall be delivered. This is why when I pray for you I give attention to a vision where you are already well. If I pay attention to your suffering that is what will be created instead of health.

(19 Feb '10, 07:35) The Traveller
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