Consider: And is fear and love a conflicting act in our life by nature?

These are the issues I am addressing:

Fear as in being alone, rejected, not good enough, not trusting people, the universe, your own strength and abilities; do you consider fear to be thought patterns taught in childhood, and developed in adulthood, and are habits that can be changed through self determination?

Love as in expressive, abundant, free flowing, expanding, forge new pathways, open and vibrant, and do we need to be highly spiritual, and enlightened to live from love rather than fear?

The answer that I am looking for is: Do we live our life from the mind-set of fear, or do we live our life from the mind-set of love, and is fear one of the biggest obstacles many people face in trying to create better circumstances in life?

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Vee, yes fear is an obstacle to being able to love and yes fear and love do and for a long ime will co-exist.

(26 Mar '11, 10:41) fred

@fred: Indeed! Thank you.

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all must co-exist , love and fear are two polar oppisites but they do exist. my wife is full of fear. this is the largest issues that we have. but when she explains it, she is in fear to loose who and what she loves, i recently had an issue where my past came back to get me, i was finaly caught up with from an incident when i was in the drug using life, we both thought i would be going to jail for a little while. this made her frantic, she was so fearfull to be seperated from me BECAUSE she loved me. you are right that there are 2 diffrent feelings that produce the rest . fear , and love, even though they are truly thought of as oppisites, they can, and DO co-exist ! i hope that helps,

love n light


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It is somthing we both see now and now me move forward, it shows us that these imbalances in us both are manifested in such different ways. when Things get hard emotionally and we become stressed, then things always happen. For instance, my mother became sick JUST as I became overwhelmed with my channeling and doing 2 books. This filled me with more fear and worry. When I start releasing that my wife picks it up and she gets sick with West Nile Virus. So now we see all other things in life are direct or indirect of personal feelings. What I said before is that yes, they can co exist, and I still believe they can. But only in a different way. I see now that love is complete lack of imbalance. We see love in different ways than its true nature. Worry, anger, fear, is all the direct opposite of love. And even as polar beings that can see both sides at once, it is impossible to love someone so much you fear to be without them. I know now that it is a fear of loosing something inside u that u can only experience with them or from them. It also can be a lack of understanding the way our souls truly work. This must be added.

More can be heard form this.

Love n light



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Thank you for sharing your story, and I trust that all is well with you!

(27 Mar '11, 06:11) Inactive User ♦♦

yes it is, everything is going great, the issues are over and we are back on track. the past can not hurt you if you are doing what is right in the presant !!! thank you for asking love n light, rob

(27 Mar '11, 17:21) TReb Bor yit-NE

We are all different and have different mindsets. The majority, I would say, get caught up in the fear perpetuated by politics. What they don't realize is that that fear is what is keekping them trapped in that cycle. It is affecting their vibration and their ability to think clearly about a reasonalbe sollution. My son told me that he was playing an online game with his friend against online oponents. My son and his friend were losing and the friend was getting all upset. My son told him to just chill out. His friend said he didn't want to hear his zen crap, but then listened and calmed down and they won. He say wow your zen crap really works. I asked my son where he learned how to do that and he said he learned it from ME. So he is paying attention! Anyway, if we let go of the fear that is blocking us, then love can flow. EFT really helps with getting the negative emotions out of the way so the possitive ones can flow. Negative emotions are like boulders in the river of life, they block the flow and plug it up and sometimes gets diseased. But take out the boulders and you have a clean, smooth flowing river. Peace and blessings


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Smart son! Good job Juniper!

(25 Mar '11, 14:33) daniele

Thank you, Daniele. :)

(25 Mar '11, 14:39) Fairy Princess

The best of man is like water, Which benefits all things, and does not contend with them,

(25 Mar '11, 16:57) ursixx

@juniper: You are absolutely right, fear keeps them trapped in that cycle, indeed! Thank you for sharing the story about your son, and his friend, and it is a good learning experience for both of them.

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My answer would have to be no they cannot co-exist. Although I agree that light cannot exist without dark, up without down, left without right etc, I think love is the exception to the rule... it doesn't have an opposite because it is the very essence of who we are and the essence of the entire universe. It always exists and is dependent on no-one or no-thing,

Fear is merely an illusion that we choose to believe in and when we are caught up in the drama of believing that illusion, the love that is always readily available to us becomes obscured by false beliefs ( however, it is always there).

I'm not trying to underestimate the seeming reality of fear in anyone's life because I do know it can appear very real. However, until we begin to acknowledge that it is an illusion and has no real power over us, it will continue to play a part in our experience.


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Good point, it is important that we acknowledge that fear has no real power over us! Thank you.

(27 Mar '11, 06:19) Inactive User ♦♦

Theses things you describe "Fear as in being alone, rejected, not good enough, not trusting" Are not fears they are beliefs that cause fear.
If you change theses beliefs then the fear is not there.
"do you consider fear to be thought patterns taught in childhood" Beliefs are imprinted upon us as children.
In regards to "habits" to quote A-H

Those old habits don't have to be erased, they just become replaced by a new habit that is more in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you want.

If that is done threw self determination or self realization. It is a good thing to replace/eliminate negative beliefs/ habits/fears with positive ones.
Fear is belief based. If you fear/believe that you can not walk across a hot coal bed then you can not. The thing about the fear that grips in primal way in your reactions to situations is the monkey/lizard brain trying to take over.When you change and or prove these beliefs wrong the you quiet the inner animal.

Living in love is also a habit that is formed the more you believe in the love you describe

Love as in expressive, abundant, free flowing, expanding, forge new pathways, open and vibrant.

So to summarize: Fear is the product of your beliefs Change your beliefs and remove your fears.


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A well thought out answer, thank you!

(27 Mar '11, 06:14) Inactive User ♦♦

They have to coexist. One cannot be without the other.


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Do you mean that in the same token that everything has an opposite? Thank you.

(27 Mar '11, 06:35) Inactive User ♦♦

Yes, nothing can be labeled subjectively without it's opposite to compare it to. The key being subjectively. Love/Fear, Up/Down, within/without and so on. If I was the only human on earth for one day, I would not be a tall or short human, rich or poor, ugly or beautiful. With no one to compare me to, I just am.

(27 Mar '11, 08:34) you

To your question :

The answer that I am looking for is: Do we live our life from the mind-set of fear, or do we live our life from the mind-set of love, and is fear one of the biggest obstacles many people face in trying to create better circumstances in life?

I'll answer : yes, I think you're right about the obstacle. Fear must be the big one.


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Is fear the big one for you? Thank you for your answer!

(27 Mar '11, 06:39) Inactive User ♦♦

well your fear seam to come from other people and how they see you you seam to put high value on how they see you like you love you! but know this you will never be able to please every one! so be your self experiance and enjoy life and grow do that for yourself not for other people what matter is the view you have with in going to the out and not the other way around! if you are happy with the way you are is what matter! what people think or the judgement they pass on other is there problem not yours! i would rather stay alone and happy! then be not happy because of people ignorance! that is one choice that you can make using free will! and you can find love! in fact love and fear each serve a perpace accept those feeling for what they are but do not let those feeling control you! the only person that control you is you! you have free will use it wisely!


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white tiger

I like the fact that you said we have free will, and that we should use it wisely! Thank you.

(27 Jun '11, 00:48) Inactive User ♦♦

we always have free will vee but sometime we don't see it or it is hard to change what the free will of other imposse on us. but even then you have free will and should use it wisely!

(27 Jun '11, 02:51) white tiger

Fear is the lesson to Love. When you feel fear, ie: anger, and frustration it is a clear message that love is absent. The only way to move through that fear is to Love. Fear exists so we can learn to Love. When we have learned our lessons, fear will disapear and Love will be there. Thank You


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