More people seem to be motivated by fear than love. You see it with advertising, in the newspaper, and just in general. Is this response based on conditioning? If Love is a more powerful emotion, why does it not have the same effect in terms of motivation?

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Because as you so rightly pointed out, we have been conditioned to live from a place of fear and by doing so have clouded our own perceptions. Because of this conditioning we perceive reality through the lens of fear and so everything that shows up in our world will only confirm this.

Until we are willing to go within ourselves and confront this fear for the illusion that it is, we are unable to see reality through clear eyes which are the eyes of love. The more we challenge those fears within, the more we see the illusion crumbling and as a result our world begins to change and reflects back to us the reality of love.

Love doesn't have the same effect because when fully realized it needs no motivation because it already is everything - so unlike fear, it has nothing to gain.


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Another reason that why I am glad i no longer regularly read the "papers" and watch that much TV
I think the news and information we process that make us happy does have a powerful effect.
One has to choose not to accept the fear don't buy into the hype.What is being propagated as fearful does it really affect you ,now?

An interesting point

I think fear is in two. (1) the actuality of danger occuring at the present moment and (2) the psychological mind projected fear, which is an abstraction. The former I would say is "natural" (innate), for it is essential for survival. The latter is illusory, self created, and fueled by the ego of the self.

So I suppose one can say that psychological fear is the heart of the ego where as the actuality of danger occuring affects not only the ego but what lies beyond the ego. So in essence there is fear that only affects ones ego and another type of fear that affects both the ego and egoless

Every cell in your body has a direct
relationship with Creative Life Force,
and each cell is independently responding.
When you feel joy, all the circuits are open and the Life Force or God Force can be fully received.
When you feel guilt or blame or fear or anger, the circuits are hindered and the Life Force cannot flow as effectively.
Physical experience is about monitoring those circuits and keeping them as open as possible.
The cells know what to do.
They are summoning the Energy.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Chicago, IL on Sunday, November 2nd, 1997 #197

Our Love, Jerry and Esther


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Thank you. Excellent response. I too do not read the papers or watch television. I find that without these "fear based" distractions my thought clarity is greater. Many, as the people on this site are striving for greater awareness. But I must say this is not the masses.

(07 Sep '10, 09:44) GS415

if we are in tune only to our physical forms with most of our daily energy, pondering what harm may fall upon us;
we view then that one side of life, without thinking about other possibilities.
take a little step towards the light, at a world without fear;
is it not eassier, or more intuitive to see the constructive use as opposed to the disruptive use of ones energy,
being able instead to funnel into cooporative adventures;
we are all here at this time, does our world tend toward harmony or fear


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It is isnt it.Like it or not we all run a bit faster when theres a bull behind us. However Love is ultimately a more superior force and will always win in the end.



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Monty Riviera

I wouldn't fancy stopping and telling the bull I loved it though!

(18 Mar '11, 14:58) evelyn

I believe that fear is a motivator but not necessarily the best motivator. I feel that we are better motivated when we have a greater understanding of the Universe and how as individuals we fit into the 'bigger picture'. Also what we interpret as fear is simple being out of alignment with source.


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We only have fear and love, fear is more comfortable for people, unfortunately.


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Thank you Alex. I agree, it appears fear is more comfortable. The strange thing is that we are told to face our fears, but then the fear factor is used for motivation. Confusing.

(07 Sep '10, 01:20) GS415

I believe that fear is the most powerful of all motivators. Most people limit their willingness to go for what they really want because they fear they might fail. People buy insurance, because they fear losing all in the event of misfortune. People will deny themselves puruit of love for fear of rejection. Even in prayer, while people will pray for help for those hurt by a disaster (let's say an eathquake), people fear praying for an end to earthquakes, because they know it will not work. Then they have a feeling of being without protection...much fear. If love and faith were as powerful as fear, what would people pray? I don't really like writing these words, but I do feel that most people live in a constant state of fearing what might come next.


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Fear is a tool we can use for us, it is often we use fear in a wrong way against us.

It all depends on where we place the fear, we can fear going out side and that will stop us from going outside or we could fear if we do not go out side we will starve to death inside so we need to go out and buy food.

One fear makes you freeze and do nothing, the other fear motivates you to do something.

So we can fear that we can't, or we can fear what would happen if we don't.

There is a story of an American Indian story of a fox and a rabbit, the fox is chasing the rabbit. The elder asks the boy watching "which will win?" The boy replies "the fox, he is quicker and more cunning." The elder says "no, watch closely." The rabbit runs way gone and loses the fox. The elder says to the boy "you see the rabbit won because the fox was running for its food, the rabbit was running for its life!"

See my question and answers here:

People seem to run from what they do not want, or do something about what they do not want so that they do not get it. Example: I see a cold is going around so I start taking vitamin C so I do not get it! Now if I didn't see this cold is going around do you think I would have just have taken vitamin C for my health in general because I like feeling healthy?

It is a most basic survival instinct and therefore built into our brains as the oldest programs we have, feeling good is not even as old as survival. So this oldest program is a default program our brains work from. Hence this I believe is why fear can motivate us to fight, but it can also motivate us to flight. In that case we freeze up in an "I'm to scared to try, I'm not going to do that" mode of mind.


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Wade Casaldi

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it is because fear is the beguinning of wisdom if you fear being hurt you will try not to get hurt! that is the perpace of fear! it is a defense mecanism for the physical body if you know that putting your hand some where cause pain you will fear putting it there and that will motivate you from staying away from what hurt you! if you fear something you will try to understand it and to learn to control it! example: you can fear fire because it can burn you! but you can learn to control it! to warm you up if it is cold! or to make some hot food! love is also a motivator love your self and love other! both those feeling serve a perpace and all those feeling have the value that you give them but know this you have free will and make the choice!


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white tiger

Fear is the Ego's favorite food.

Except for flight or fight, fear serves or soul not one purpose.


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