i am not getting what to do? a guy likes me n i like him too. but,he actually have a girlfriend. but,he says that he is not serious about her. and one side he says that he really likes me ,wanna spend time with me. then,i asked him if he is actually serious with me. so.,.he says that first he will spend time with me ,he will meet me few times then,he will decide. i am not getting what to do? just confused..,please help..,its like i am on sea-saw..,my mind thinks positive for some time then,again starts thinking negative .i am trying a lot to keep myself on positive track but,its like something is pulling me towards negativity. i am trying a lot not to judge this person but,thn..again n again i am judging him. i have used all the techniques . meditated ...a lot,but,still feeling very heavy. we have decided to meet this month but,i am feeling that if he is not so sure about me,is it right to meet him? and if we didn't go ahead with each other then, i l be hurted a lot as i am very sensitive. though i like him ..but i am not getting what to do? i said this also to him that "if u really like me,come at my place to meet me"..,but he answered that its very far away,and its better to travel half way..so,you travel half way from there n i l travel halfway from here. when i thought that ,if suppose any of my friend would have asked me this question then,definately i would have said no to her.as if this guy is not sure about her..i don't think there is any point in getting ahead with him.

i hope i am clear in my words. please guide me what to do? few days back i had a dream about him that "we have meet n he hugged me" ,as dreams say a lot ..so,with this dream only i went ahead with him from friendship to online dating and..yesterday night again i had a dream about him that he is ignoring me and its only me concerned about me. what to do? which dream should i trust and rely upon?

now, as we are 100% responsible for all the things that happens to us. i am not getting how i have attracted this situation to me..

again,one more question whenever i start relationship and if i find bad feeling place in it ..like any obstrucles,then,i myself back-off..,before going ahead. so,does that mean something is wrong with my sub-concious belief about relationships? though i alwayz think positive about my dream partner and do focus blocks about it?

please answer..i really need ur advices and suggestions.

your answers will be appreciated .

love,light n blessings to you.all...


...there is a good newzz.:)))

.,i asked him too directly n he said that he is too serious with me. as i said tht "it won't be possible to meet this month,lets give little more time to each other..,he said.."no,i can't wait to see you..,n so he is planning to come this weekend at my place..,travelling all the way for 20 hrs. n said he said i am going to dump tht girl asap..cos m very serious about you... now..i am just hoping for the best. hope he comes this weekend n i can't wait to see him.... just neeed your blessings....,i l keep u all updating "my cute love-story"... love n peace.. supergirl.. :)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Instead of trying to figure out what to do, try to figure out what you can learn from this situation. But from my perspective (being a man might make a difference) I would not bother getting to know him better purely for the fact that he has a girlfriend already. If he is starting something with you with her still around I think it is very likely he will do the same thing to you somewhere down the line. I just wouldnt trust him. Maybe your doubt about this situation is telling you something?

(16 Dec '12, 10:20) lastplacefavourite

@supergirl, I'm sure this must seem like an exciting situation for you right now. But the main question this makes me want to ask you is, do you really want to be with a man who would pursue romance with a girl (you), while he is still in a relationship with his girlfriend? Because based on your account, this is what he is doing at this very moment...even though he says he "will" leave his girlfriend at some point in the possible future...

(17 Dec '12, 01:47) lozenge123

Are these the actions and character of the man you want in your own life? A person you can love and trust? Having been in similar situations, I must say that I can't see this ending in any way other than disappointment and tears. However, you must follow your own path and do what feels right to you...only you can make that decision for yourself. Whatever the case, I wish you happiness in your life and decision.

(17 Dec '12, 01:47) lozenge123

@lozenge123-thank you fr ur answer...

(18 Dec '12, 03:42) supergirl
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There is a lesson to learn here. All things do have these lessons. As far as the whys and whens and hows, some of us get so wrapped up in this, we do not see WHAT the lesson is, and what we may use it for to grow in life. This is all it is about, growth in us, for our life, for the benefit of the soul. That's it, it is as simple as that, and we HAVE to remember, that all things can teach us, and if they can't, well it still teaches the soul, by experience. So it is all good and nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.

love n light



answered 16 Dec '12, 22:09

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TReb Bor yit-NE

thank you fr the answer treb..,MAY U BE GOD BLESSED...ALL THE TIME.. :))

(17 Dec '12, 01:00) supergirl

I am just glad it helped sweetheart, love n light 2 u

(17 Dec '12, 15:58) TReb Bor yit-NE

If you abandon your desire and let him go, you will be left with the emptiness you so eagerly try to fill. And you will be sad.

If you follow the siren calling, it will take you for a ride but eventually it'll end in tears anyway.for regardless of how sweet your desire sings it's dragging you down to the bottom.

I can see your indecision, two roads and neither of them has a happy ending.

If you must decide then you may consider time. The former is much shorter.


answered 16 Dec '12, 11:36

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thank you calonLon..GOD BLESS..YOU :)))

(17 Dec '12, 01:01) supergirl

@CalonLan Great answer my dear brother...

(17 Dec '12, 16:01) TReb Bor yit-NE

This may seem to be easier said than done, but just take it easy. Focus on what you want from a relationship rather than on the person you are hoping to get the feelings from? Does this make sense to you? Don't pin all your hopes on this one guy and don't take it too seriously at first. Go with the flow and enjoy it, don't be anxious.


answered 17 Dec '12, 22:05

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LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn1-i agree with you..n so,i am actualy enjoying the journey..,lets c wht happens next..

(18 Dec '12, 03:43) supergirl

I think to come up with a final decision ,the situation need much time.Don't decide too early.you can not clearly judge someone if he is very far away.take much time.let the situation open up more.spend time with him .one day you would reach a point to clearly decide what to do.


answered 18 Dec '12, 03:38

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@zee- thank you fr the wonderful answer, i myself thought of this one.., as "time" is the only factor which will decide..,what wil happen next..

(18 Dec '12, 03:45) supergirl

@supergirl- welcome.

(18 Dec '12, 03:47) Zee
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