I know that wealth is not limited to money but some people just seem to attract money like magnet. Why is that? Also does it matter whether the money comes from an illegal source or not? For example can we say that a drug dealer is using the law of attraction?

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Everybody is using the law of attraction but some are doing it consciously and others unconsciously - so yes even that drug dealer is using the law of attraction, but I doubt if he is using it consciously.

Those who attract more money usually have beliefs that do not focus on the lack of it, but do in fact expect money to flow into their experience so it does - and even that drug dealer can hold such beliefs. They have no resistance around the topic of money and hence, do not keep it from coming into their experience.


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Since we are all born equal, it is the same universal law for everyone everywhere! The drug dealer was once that young man/woman who came from either a professional family unit, or a dysfunctional family unit. He/she created their own reality to be in the business of being a drug dealer, (because each of them has a choice in life) but they are also human beings with the same rights like every other human being, except they are breaking the law, and if they are caught, they will of course have to: as the saying goes, if you do the crime, you will have to do the time!

It is always very frustrating when someone chooses the illegal way in life, but it always comes back to haunt them sooner, or later. But the universal LOA applies to all people regardless of their professions, and activities. Think back to the times of the Gangsters, and how wealthy they were in those times; and as the saying goes, money was no object to them. It was a case of easy come, easy go. Perhaps their technique and carefree attitude was their magic source to attract their great wealth.

So naturally, you have two classes of wealthy people the hard working, honest earned dollar, and the lazy working, the dishonest earned dollar, but they are both entitled to use the same magic power of the LOA to benefit from.


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This is your brain asking, not your soul. The LOA works at the soul level. Abandon all your questions, relax your mind and flow downstream. It is not dying. It is not dying. Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away. Thinking is tricking yourself.

The problem with attracting wealth is that most people concentrate on the concept of the wealth itself, or what would they spend it on, or on asking pseudo-logical questions like the one above, or thinking about their financial problems (thereby attracting them!). Instead relax and fall through space into state without any support where you feel careless, the wealth will follow.


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I really like your answer, however it leads me to another question: We attract what we think about, correct? So if you're thinking about creating wealthy (with confidence and a leisurely attitude about it)...wouldn't you attract more of it to yourself? Versus feeling careless about it?

(19 Oct '10, 16:45) figure8shape

@figure8shape - it's not really thinking about that matters, it's being it that's important. That said, perhaps you're right and "careless" is not the most precise word. How about "attracting the abundance by feeling the lack of financial pressure".

(19 Oct '10, 18:02) zvolkov

then again, I'm not really wealthy, I'm merely not-poor. Meaning I can afford two cars and a housewife and living in the best neighborhood. So maybe I should re-think my strategy and start focusing on the wealth more? Nah! -- too much effort :))

(19 Oct '10, 18:07) zvolkov
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or maybe reaping stored good karma;
and hopefully planting for future seeds of evolving


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