We all know many artists and business people who are very successful, and have (hopefully) managed to become successful by being good people (for the most part). Many of these people have accomplished great good in the world by using their wealth to finance philanthropic endeavors.

But we also know others who amassed great wealth, but (for one reason or another) have fallen from grace. Wealth, it seems, gives them too many choices.

There was a time when Anthony Robbins was quite influential, and he has a compelling life story. But does that story reflect the truth of his principles, or the efficacy of his business plan and his popularity among his followers?

How much can material success be attributed to being spiritually gifted or enlightened? Is wealth a conflict of interest on the spiritual path, or is it a measure of how well you are doing (provided you don't fall into wealth's traps)?

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The more wealth a person has, the more responsibility he has to society. Well known philanthropists recognize this responsibility. In giving they find love and joy.

When wealth becomes the sole reason to live, man deprives himself of true happiness and does not allow himself to move on to a higher level of consciousness. Simply put, when we are six feet below the ground, all the material possessions will fade. What matters is how we lived our life.

For God only ask one thing from us, and that is to love others the way he loves us.


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We are here to thrive and be successful, in whatever way we desire, and wealth is part of that. Being poor doesn't help the poor, just as being sick doesn't help the sick and we owe it to God to be prosperous and thrive, as we were intended to be. It can be considered a natural state of being. It is what we think about wealth and it's accumulation that is the thing that can be the problem.


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God made King Solomon very wealthy, Jesus said seek the kingdom of God first and all else will be added unto you. So these are not conflicting, it is what is the emphases on that matters, if it is purely on money and success at all cost, that person has already sold his soul for wealth. If his mind says if I sell these drugs or steal this I will be wealthy then there is a conflict. But if I stay centered in faith and God then my wealth is in line with my spirit.


answered 10 Oct '09, 06:36

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Wade Casaldi

Its not a sin to have money. Money is just a tool to help you achieve in life. Surely life is all about Love, kindness and service to others. Surely when you stop living your life according to these principles and stop seeing money as just tool, thats when, thats when money is bad


answered 11 Oct '09, 02:05

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martyn taylor

If you want abundance in your life (money, power and love) first you have to discover the real power within: This power is simple to discover: Believe in yourself, and come in harmony with yourself. How ? by believing in yourself, have faith in yourself….then all abundance will come to you…. But you ask….. how can people who amassed great wealth, but (for one reason or another) have fallen from grace ? Simple, they didn’t give back……whatever the universe give you in abundance, You have to give it back…Just keep what you need, and distribute the rest……And you will never NEVER be poor again……..furthermore you will be rewarded TWICE BY THE UNIVERSE. The equation is Simple What you ask will be giving + More (Excess) = Take You Need – Give all the rest

One last thing: Only say and preach what you believe, if you lecture what you don’t really believe, You may gain some abundance for a while, but You will create a fracture with your soul and then you “fall from GRACE”

  • Believe In Yourself – And say to yourself “ It is Possible” “ It is Simple”

answered 20 Oct '09, 23:13

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It is Possible

Great question ! .. I think there is no conflict. as both body and spirit are one being ( at least now ) there shouldn't be any conflict of interest. in fact, I think - from what science proved - spirit and matter ( or body ) are one and the same. they are different states of being for the same soul. if the spirit doesn't care about the body .. that would be a conflict. if energy doesn't express it's creative nature by taking material forms, it will cease to exist. and that's impossible. the real conflict in my opinion, is asking about how wealthy people ''should'' make the whole world a better place. in my opinion, allt hat they should do is making their own world a better place. sounds evil, right ? .. well, maybe not : the new born bird, would not learn how to fly by simply watching the mother flying. it must act, take the risk and jump in the air. for that, seeing mother bird flying would be the perfect motive. but the mother can't fly for her baby bird. it shouldn't simply carry it on her back and fly. and when she see him jump from the tree, it shouldn't let her love for him and fear for his life, allow her to stop him from experiencing what he was creaated to experience. what if the little bird choosen not to fly ? ..what I want to say is, it's wrong for millions of people to die from hunger, wars and deseases. but, it's also wrong for them to just watch the ones in control, the ones who can fly, and wait for mercy. it's their right to be wealthy .. healthy and in control of their own live. and if they have to jump froma tree or a mountain and risk their lives to experience it, then they should. ''fallen from grace'' ??? .. no. I don't think they have. they live in grace, they are happy , wealthy and healthy people. spiritually ? .. the same being, the same experience. they are not acting the way you believe they should. that's a totally different matter. they are not acting the way God ( the one you believe in ) says they should, again, totally different matter. in some opinions, they are evil ( fallen ) spirits. are they ? for those opinions , sure they are! .. and this is the only conflict. it's the conflict between those beliefs and reality. and because those beliefs are very strong and hard to change, those minds blame reality and act to change it. instead of changing their own minds. because for them, changing reality is what ''should'' happen. and changing reaality is the only option they have. chanaging their minds is not an option, it's not a choice any more. in my opinion, when I see a conflict between my mind and realily, I change my mind. because reality is always right. even if I don't like it. when I change my mind, I will be in tune with the divine, with life. at this point, all conflict - including the one you are talking about - will disappear.


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The difference between those who are wealthy and those who are not comes to a mindset. You can't be wealthy if you think wealthy people "have fallen from grace"- The reason those people are wealthy is because they didn't listen to mass-consciousness thinking and limited beliefs about money. There are alot of false limited beliefs about money in our society- usually wealthy people seek to avoid being plagued by those thoughts. For most wealthy people- making money is not difficult unless they believe it is or have shame around having money- but clearing the gunk of what has been programmed into us IS difficult- because that keeps us from pursuing action and keeps us complacent.


answered 19 Nov '12, 11:01

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In awareness there is no judging of wealth just the pleasure of freedom if the ego is not in charge. Giving, living and loving are the joys of being present in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.


answered 20 Nov '12, 23:29

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